Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Review & Test: FORGET ABOUT MACBOOK PRO!

July 31, 2019 posted by

Hey, whats up! This is Tech Brothers. I already finished review of new Xiaomi Mi
Notebook Pro, and I have to tell you some important things about this laptop. First of all, it is premium laptop with 15.6
inch display on Windows 10. I have a model with Intel Core I5 -8250U,
8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. Also, you can buy this laptop with Core i7
processor and 16GB of RAM. You can watch unboxing in my previous video,
the link is in description. So, let’s start with design of Xiaomi Mi
Notebook Pro. Design As I said, Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro has 15.6 inch display. So, it has following size: 36 by 24.40 by
1.5 cm. The weight of laptop is about 1.98 kg. The front side of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro has
a minimalist design. There is nothing at all. It has an all-metal body using matte process. On the left side is HDMI slot, two USB 3.0
ports, and 3.5 mm audio jack for headphones. On the right side you can find SD card reader,
and two USB Type-C ports. At the rear we can see a row of spaces for
ventilation and heat dissipation. Also, there is a sticker with different logo,
like HDMI, Dolby, NVIDIA and others. So, the Chinese manufacturer made a great
job. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro looks premium, and
it can complete with other flagship laptops, such as Apple Macbook, Asus Zenbook, and others. Keyboard keyboard has been improved, compared with
previous laptop. The keys have 1.5mm spacing, its rebound and
feedback is very good. On the right side of the keyboard there is
more function keys. The power button is integrated in the keyboard,
but it is located close to some very important buttons, such as “delete”, “home”
and “backspace”, so you can press power button by mistake. Also, the keyboard has white backlight with
a 3nit brightness. It means that you can use the laptop in dark
room. Display Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro comes with 15.6 inch Full HD display. It looks very nice with a very narrow frame,
and only MI logo at bottom of the screen. The thickness of bezels on both sides is only
6.52 mm. It has an 81.5% of the screen-to-body ratio. The viewing angles are amazing, just look
at it. The image almost does not change at different
angles. The screen quality is outstanding, and you
can feel the delicate color combination and high brightness. It means, that the screen reduces the reflection
which in turn, improves vision. You can use laptop outside, even in direct
sunlight. Specifications The laptop comes with Chinese version of Windows 10 Let’s see specifications of Xiaomi Mi Notebook
Pro. Aida 64 Exteme helps me with this. The laptop is powered by Intel Core i5-8250U
octa core processor wich clock speed 1.6 GHz, up to 3.4 GHz, with graphics NVIDIA GeForce
MX150. Also, there is 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD
memory. By the way, in description under the video
you can find links to the models of laptop with 16GB of RAM and Intel Core i7 processor. Let’s test the memory speed. I used crystal disk mark to find out the reading
and writing speed of SSD memory. As you can see, the memory has 1733 mb/s reading
speed, and 1275 mb/s writing speed. GeekBench is one of the most popular benchmark test for Android, iOS and Windows devices. I used it to show you performance of Xiaomi
Mi Notebook Pro. You can compare results with your computer
or laptop. As you can see, new laptop from Xiaomi has
about 4 thousand scores in single core test, and 13100 in multi-core test. It is almost twice fast, than Xiaomi Mi Air 13. By the way, soon we will publish review of
this laptop. Subscribe to our channel – Tech Brothers,
not to miss new videos. Now, let’s see results in PCMark. This benchmarks measure complete system performance using tests based on real-world apps and activities. Here we can see 4075 scores. It is better, than regular notebook, but not
to much. Also, it is far from the gaming computer. We use 3DMark’s Fire Strike mode to test the graphics card, and Xiaomi Mi Notebook
Pro graphics score of 3194. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro is equipped with MX150
graphics card. By the way, new 15.6 inch laptop performed
better, than Xiaomi Air 13 equipped with the same GPU. The performance increased by about 30%. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro maybe not be the best
gaming laptop, but 13% increase in the low-power version of GPU will definitely give gamers
some appeal for this laptop. Gaming Now, let’s play some games and see real performance. Also, I will check the temperature after each
game. As you can see, Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro allows
to play any games without problems. However, you need to set low or medium graphics
settings. Battery Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro comes with 8000 mAh battery. The manufacturer promises about 7-8 standby
time. I can say, that you can use laptop for about
7 hours of active using, such as games, video editing and so on. If you browsing, text editing, email, watching
videos with 50 percent brightness, and other light actions, then you can expect about 7
and half hours. I think it is pretty good result for this
laptop. By the way, the full charging time is only
around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Sound The speakers are located at the bottom of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro. I don’t like this solution, but it seems
there was no other option. The sound is really very loud. You have listened to music at maximum volume,
so the sound is not as good. However, if you reduce the volume by 60-70%,
the sound quality will be good. BIOS Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro has its own BIOS. Here you can find some information about laptop,
and change different settings, such as security, power, boot. What can I say about Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro. It is not gaming laptop, though it launches
all games with low graphics settings. Generally, it is a professional laptop with
excellent screen quality and sound. Also, I should say about excellent keyboard
and its very thin and premium design. If you look for everyday laptop, then Xiaomi
Mi Notebook Pro can be a good option. Thanks for watching! In description under the video you can find
links where to buy this laptop cheaper. Subscribe to our channel – Tech Brothers.


25 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Review & Test: FORGET ABOUT MACBOOK PRO!”

  1. Елена Водова says:

    Macbook Pro is more powerful, but it is also very expensive! I think Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro is the best 15.6 inch laptop in price-quality ratio.

  2. Dan Green says:

    Where can I buy model with Core i7 and 16GB RAM?

  3. Новости науки и техники Scitech News says:

    Informative review with a beautiful video production

  4. WOVOW Reviews says:

    Great review. I think it will be my future laptop!

  5. Tech Brothers says:

    Time Codes:
    00:00 – Intro
    00:40 – Design
    01:41 – Keyboard
    02:14 – Display
    03:30 – Specifications
    04:14 – SSD speed
    04:35 – GeekBench
    05:10 – PCMark
    05:35 – 3DMark
    06:20 – Gaming
    07:31 – Battery
    08:06 – Sound
    08:55 – BIOS
    09:18 – Final words

  6. VENOM M says:

    Keep going tech brothers…..

  7. Luc van Driel says:

    would this laptop be a good laptop for programs like: adobe photoshop, ilustrator, indesign, autocad and arcgis?

  8. khair Ullah says:

    nice video Sir

  9. Тест Звука says:

    Please name song?

  10. Dr Peter jones says:

    Lapbook competition chewy, jumper and huawei matebook. Positive points it may run linux, its a chineese version of windows, there is no support in many regions,its not spyware certified, UK owners will have to pay an extra 20% VAT and changes. Verdict …in development cycle,unknown brand in the UK, support not available in some regions, unknown durability, over priced product wait until prices drop.

  11. Andrew Dy says:

    Hi, great vid, I recently bought this great laptop, my current problem is the chinese windows its pre-installed with.

    My question are:
    1. What version of windows 10 english are you using now? PRO 64bit?
    2. How to access the chinese key? Can I still use the windows chinese key to activate to an english windows 10?
    3. What windows version iso file to download from MS website to be able to use my chinese key if possible? windows 10 home?
    4. Where can I download the right mi notebook pro drivers? are you required to install it or can the windows 10 OS download the drivers for you?
    5. Would you recommend to do a fresh install a windows 10 64bit pro?


  12. cat&mouse says:

    Can I use a type c headphone with this laptop?

  13. Leonardo Oliveira says:


  14. CliViearN says:

    Anyone have successfully activated the bitlocker for this laptop? I have installed Windows 10 pro but it cannot encrypt my drive c.

  15. Ajith Chandran R says:

    Loved it!

  16. Kazi Aftab says:

    350 nits is not enough to use in direct sunlight.

  17. Gandalf Earth says:

    If you buy this notebook with only 8 gb RAM, you can upgrade later to 16 Gb RAM? thanks!!!

  18. Ofek Luis Lewinsohn says:

    The review was well made, I would have liked however seeing it being used outside and you should work on your accent or ask somebody else to do the voice over. English subtitles could be fine as well.

  19. Neelesh Guptha says:

    Please send me link to convert Chinese to English

  20. the punisher says:

    I will buy mi notebook pro 15.6 i5 and I want to ask a question. Can we add samsung 960 evo 250gb 3200-1500mb/sn pcie nvme m.2 ssd ???

  21. Guy Thomas says:

    If only it ran OSX

  22. Mr. 90's says:

    Can this edit 4k video?

  23. pablo villar says:

    Hi, is it a good laptop for video edition?

  24. ttt pipetta says:

    Does anyone know the refresh rate of the screen ?

  25. Tech Brothers says:

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