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[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] we have sex and Gumby [Applause] [Applause] frickin wrong kingslayer the architect undeniably one of the best superstars WWE has seen this generation we in [Applause] Seth Rollins has made a career out of taking risks and seizing opportunities these two superstars are set to lock up for their respective teams as this six-man tag gets underway six superstars two teams left face facts she can see anything happen here sit back and enjoy guys it's not every day you get to see six big-time names like this in the same match [Applause] so once slang [Applause] even though a jig style Steve himself the channel that runs the camp to annoy John Cena he really has thrived as a leader of various fashions and team tests I've led the club back before the WWE Draft separated an iconic faction but he also led one of the most dominant groups in Japanese wrestling history that's right graves that Japanese faction was good but because the leader of dumb dummy is what matters Survivor Series and during that match Styles own teammate Dean Ambrose ended up our bombing AJ and aiding into the elimination but in the end Smackdown 1 which means that captain style what AJ Styles looking a little out of his element don't see he looks to be a little surprised right now thanks to my general manager Kurt in 2017 the WWE Universe saw a dream team come together when the Hardy Boys joined forces with the lunatic fringe in air the exciting trailer took on Sheamus Cesaro and 50 total thought Miz blended in with their impromptu taxi partners biron we always make a point to talk about continuity amongst team members in this six-man match routine ambrose teamed with the parties against the man counter here AJ Styles beginning to look a little unfamiliar sight he's not careful this can snowball out of control for him in our hurry well he's clearly not used to competing in a match like this and it's starting to show [Applause] over time there have been various types of six-man teams that have been successful there are family channels like the Chimera Von Erichs they're good members of factions who've also produced tremendous six-man teams like the fabulous Freebirds the floor horsemen the NWO and deeds and erasing acts Byron you mentioned some families and groups that created incredible six-man teams plugging more about factions don't forget about the likes of the Hart Foundation evolution the Wyatt family the shield in the new day these are only some of the trios who had matches against a variety of adversaries we're talking a great job escaping trying to turn this thing around [Applause] it wasn't even eight months in AJ Styles WWE career when he defeated Dean Ambrose in the main event of backlash to become WWE Champion it was a big end of the first smackdown live exclusive pay-per-view I personally thought the ages [Applause] is tuned up here we go have a Sweet Chin Music that has gotta be it Zacks been you fool backlash match was great his shoulders are down any static it [Applause] look out he's almost there their hands the tag has been made oh he needed that in the worst way Michael he's got the shoulders down [Applause] I don't think his opponent was expecting that attitude behind it [Applause] [Applause] it's not looking good for Shawn Michaels here and II know all three of the superstars he's up against won't back down at any contested right now that it's almost impossible to pick a winner I guess they just like to settle in when Carl Anderson catches you in the magic killer it's not a matter of if you're going down you stand out what's he got in mind he's left wide open air I don't think he even realizes it he looks dazed it might be as bad this is what makes him one of the best in the business the first time the magic killer was witnessed on Monday Night Raw it was realized that it's a maneuver that can not only change the course of the match but change the course of a career regardless of what someone's thoughts are about Carl antigen as a human being the magical can't be debated the magic killer will take you out beautiful triple H makes the tag water strike in 2016 a new day found themselves in the middle of a sick and twisted rivalry with the Wyatt family point where bray wyatt invited the new day to do battle at the Wyatt family compound new day accepted but what followed was something no one expected [Applause] whore who talked about six-man tag matches and earlier you talked about one that caught the attention of the entire sports entertainment world for survival amongst the darkness of the Wyatt family compound in a battle cinder blocks were used as weapons in reuses battering-rams new day was the your traditional six-man attack but it's showed with the issues between facts Wow I thought he was a goner Karl Anderson and partner Luke Gallows reached the pinnacle tag team competition when they beat Cesaro and Sheamus for the raw [Applause] what's he gonna do now now Triple H needs to capitalize this opportunity when Anderson and galas to visit [Applause] definitely looks off his game here tonight cheered this match I think you may be right in WWE at ringside shop Fortin things to remember is knowing when to tag out and get the fresh member of your team in the ring we talked about continuity many times on this program and he tags his Parker in well that to master is shipped in here like [Applause] God's key verses it one of superstars in six-man action the way [Applause] with the tag is set Rollins what a reversal [Applause] my risk over the choice when gallows and Anderson deform Sheamus to win the wall championship-winning those titles was the main reason Anderson Windom is part of [Applause] he's in the driver's seat now your whole body hurts after a move like that Seth Rollins when a quick kick-out oh wow gal is an Anderson when the tag-team titles for raw they became just the third duo in sports entertainment history to hold the IWGP Tag Team Champion and WWE tag team gold no one would ever suggest that gallows Manderson are not an elite tag team and cabbage if I guess tasted some people's mouths [Applause] [Applause] they're instances when a Pawnee makes the tag that was a game-changer right there Michael that's gonna leave a mark yeah he's a superstar the switch and get happening [Applause] drop down leapfrog and I don't think AJ stopped like that [Applause] what needs and when members of a six-man team [Applause] just when you thought he had nothing left Luke Gallows and some trouble here to see him on receiving in here and you know what my goddamn – this is one of Sweet Chin Music AJ there [Applause] yeah there's no reversal he's a superstar to come Ajay's in big trouble now if it doesn't end the match this time it might be time for a new finishing [Applause] the shark was gay you never count AJ Styles out but his few losses of no.2 coming from bigger opponents he countered styles do the beats me a strong move barely escaped their rivalry but he got two big wins with some well time [Applause] mr. WrestleMania Sweet Chin Music agent dear quake glory – to adjustment into a second AAA – in their classic match at the Alamodome and you can't forget AJ's match against Broadway and even more luck tip lights gets the tag [Applause] even though Styles didn't debut at WWE until 2016 a piece fighting back here I expected nothing less call here comes up 101 yeah but it's all about sustaining them this is strike Wallace is in position Saxton that WCW wow I'm just as surprised as you guys are but does Rollins have the wherewithal to capitalize he better [Applause] great job escaping trying to turn this thing around a style with a burst of [Applause] AJ Styles is so dangerous he can use a new finishing maneuver anytime he chooses bottom line is when AJ flattens an opponent with the Styles Clash referee can count to a hundred [Applause] yeah he's a super team breaker that's what he was looking for Michael [Applause] wouldn't be wise Freddie gray kid is tuning up the bad boy here we go how about a little sorry some agility here's well as maintenance that portable [Applause] a second time people have always underestimated a Ajay's did big trouble Nephi goes to the cover and he got a nearfall out of it Wow [Applause] we have seen him here before [Applause] big shovel the six-man tag match [Applause] catapult the team to victory when he brings in to ha [Applause] simply amazing how well these three work together you



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    Which Team Is Better DX OR The New OC ?

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    Good match bro I love this match

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    i hope that wwe 2k20 have the second coming entrance theme with the burn it down entrance theme for wwe 2k20 this year in 2019

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    0:23 pryo missing

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    how do you make oc on wwe2k19

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    Play wwe 2k19 online plz

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    Awesome Match Bro Keep it up….! And Team Aj Styles Is My Favourite team

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    Nice one dude👍🏼👍🏼

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    Nice Attries

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    7 views and 10 likes youtube is high again

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    I think wwe should book this match! 🔥

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    Raw Reunion Was Amazing

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    Great Match

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