Wrap A Label Around A Bottle In Photoshop & Illustrator: DESIGN NINJA #11

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hey youtubers design ninja here have you ever tried to apply a label to a bottle in Photoshop and the results were just not great they're like a little bit off well today I'm going to show you a technique that I've developed where we're going to apply an illustrator file label to a bottle in Photoshop and the perspective and angle are going to be correct so it actually looks 3d no 3d software required I promise let's get started so here we are in Photoshop this is the cup that needs a label applied to it and if we go over to illustrator this is the actual illustrator artwork that will be printed on this cup however we don't have the real cups right now but we still need these images for marketing purposes head over to illustrator grab all of these files I'm gonna make a new document here and we're going to use it just as a temporary holding place right now and move this off to the side let's grab the ellipse tool and holding down shift to constrain proportions I'm going to make a circle and at this point we can't even color it if we want to keep track of where it is and that sort of thing we're gonna go up to effect and 3d and then over to extrude and bevel click preview so we can see what's going on okay so let's extrude that out and here in the properties we can rotate this okay and as you can see already it's beginning to take on a shape there click more options we can do for blending steps as bump this up I'm gonna click OK for right now command R brings up the rulers so I can drag out some guides basically what we're trying to do if we go over to photoshop we see that our cup is at a specific angle and perspective and what we're going to try to do in Illustrator is basically match this perspective I'm gonna grab a screenshot of this image so you can kind of see what I'm doing and go to file place that would've thrown that screenshot onto my desktop let's grab this screenshot we're gonna use this for reference make it about this size and just bump the transparency down so I can see both okay so we really just need this as a reference now hitting command – we'll lock the screen shot because we don't really need to manipulate it at this point I'm gonna select my circle again move it down alright so now what I'm going to try to do is match the same perspective that we see in that Cup so clicking again in the appearance palette click preview the first thing that we need to do is change the angle to be more like so I'm gonna hit command option 2 to unlock our screen shot and you know what I want to see this a little better so I'm just going to put that on multiply perhaps you notice that there's quite a bit of perspective distortion meaning that the bottom is rounded this way and the top is rounded this way and so we need to kind of try to do something to match that so again I'm going to lock this image I'm gonna select my ellipse click the 3d extrude and bevel clicking preview and now what we need to do is go to perspective this is what we need right here so let's bump perspective up quite a bit and as you can see that begins to change the perspective just a little bit move this down just a hair and as you can see you could end up making this crooked which is why I have the guides there to sort of help me eyeball this in the right direction so let's pump that perspective up just a little bit but we feel like it's about the same okay that's not bad alright let's bump this up in size and obviously right now we noticed that the shape is a little bit different but I don't really think that's going to be an issue at this point meaning that we have a perfect cylinder shape and illustrator and and the real Cup is actually tapered at the bottom but I don't really think that's going to be that big of an issue once we get to our final effect it's not the extrude up just a little bit and the perspective up now there is a little bit of a issue here that I want you to be aware of this right here is the actual artwork that's going to be printed so you would think that you could just apply this to the cylinder shape with no problems alright so let's go to the symbols palette what we're gonna do is make a symbol out of our label okay let's just call this label okay so now we have this right here has been converted to a symbol let's go back into the appearance palette and click preview and and down here at the bottom there's a button called map art if you don't see this make sure you click on more options and then I'm here in map art you want to click on map art and I'm going to click in visible geometry we don't really need the cylinder to show up click invisible geometry now up here what this does is allow us to apply a symbol to the surface so something you need to realize here is that there's different surfaces and so I wouldn't want to select my label that I just created right now I want to make sure I get to the right surface so I'm gonna click to next surface and when I click next you'll notice something that happened you see the the red outline here that's telling us which surface we're talking about so that's the first surface the second surface is the top and the third surface is actually the one that we want it's the cylinder shape okay so with that one selected click again on the symbol palette and click label notice this actually applies the label to the back side of our cylinder shape and if that happens to you it's basically saying that this shaded surface right here equals the back side and if we try to move it to the front and move it beyond this border here it actually cuts it off now the reason it does that is because that's the boundary that illustrator just sort of randomly chooses and wraps this grid around our shape but you may pull your hair out trying to figure out how to fix this what you need to do is go back so let's click OK go back here and in this window we can actually rotate our image and so that's what I'm going to do I'm gonna rotate it let's go back into map art move this image more where we want it I'm going to go ahead and scale this up actually holding shift to constrain the proportions okay and now let's turn this completely around so that the label is actually facing forward okay and I'm gonna rotate this just a hair make sure we're straight that doesn't look too bad let's go back to map art and we can tell this is probably just a little bit too large so I'm gonna scale this down okay that doesn't look too bad let's click OK and ok again now once we're in here we are using the vector label which is ideal however there are times when for whatever reason you go through all these steps you apply the artwork and something is distorted there is a workaround now once you get to this step whether it be right this one's the vector version this one is the raster version either one what you can do is select it hit command C for copy and now I'm going to go back over to photoshop and here's our actual image I'm simply going to press command V for paste and it will ask us whether we want to do pixels a path shape layer or smart object now I like to use a smart object and the reason is if I place this in here let's go ahead and scale it up if I place this in here and then realize that I need to make an adjustment to how the artwork is mapped then all I have to do is double-click on the vector artwork and I'm now I'm back into illustrator and I can edit the way that the artwork is mapped to the 3d image okay so now that I'm in here it's just a matter of scaling it however I need it hey thanks for watching this video hey do me a favor if you found this video helpful in any way please click like or subscribe leave a comment and if you have questions hey you feel free to ask until next time know


10 Replies to “Wrap A Label Around A Bottle In Photoshop & Illustrator: DESIGN NINJA #11”

  1. Jim Jimenez says:

    Appreciate it bro. I'm starting something real nice.. check me out man! @suNNNify on instagram

  2. Roberticovanlamoen says:

    Great video explaining this technique thanks :)!

  3. Garry Horsey says:

    Thanks. Can you please explain the rasterized part though? My design ends up looking rasterized, and looks weird when I add it onto my cup.

  4. khadija douja says:


  5. Tom Jacob says:

    That's Iluustrator. I hate people who confuse

  6. A Bunch of BS says:

    How do I Keep the part of the art that's wrapping around the cylinder from showing through the front of the art when I paste it in photoshop also there is lines showing through the art.

  7. Vicat Mauricio says:

    What 3 people in the world would give this video a "thumbs down"? Why?

  8. Vicat Mauricio says:

    That was awesome! That saved me from having to spend like an hour in Maya modeling and then projecting am image! Thanks!

  9. Zeya137 says:

    Whenever i try to move my brand logo to the symbols to convert it, it keeps saying that it cant contain a linked image. How can i fix that?

  10. Dana Eager says:

    This is a brilliant little trick. Thank you for sharing.

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