Wow the amazing graphics of Red Dead Redemption 2

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Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow huh… Wow Whoa What is that man doing? wha – ah ah don’t touch it sir! Wow Wow You see that subscribe button? You wanna see more stuff like that, then you should hit that button Wow


100 Replies to “Wow the amazing graphics of Red Dead Redemption 2”

  1. PineApple says:

    When the fuck did this guy become Owen Wilson?

  2. around Annebel says:

    This is you on Acid

  3. Edex.corp says:

    How has this guy got max dead eye but not max health??

  4. jeffrey xd says:


  5. Kuro Nikou says:


  6. Stillxxen says:

    Woooaaahh :o.

  7. Carlos Banderas says:

    The View in His eyes when he is being dressed Up. This Depression AFTER suicide.

  8. Gage Brewer says:

    Owen Wilson wants to know your location.

  9. Jezrael Ibarra says:


  10. Max says:

    Really expected Owen Wilson to show up at the end

  11. Jason Basant says:

    This is me in any open world game, I clocked in 178 hours in AC Odyssey and only about 60 of it was me doing quests

  12. erik ' says:

    So relatable

  13. P M says:


  14. Dave Crimson says:

    Falls down a cliff nearly killing himself "Wow!!" Gets bucked off his horse landing on the dirt as a dust cloud forms around him "Wow!!!!" Walks back to his horse as he approaches the horse, it kicks him in the groin. Making choking noises, he says "Wow!!!!" *Getting up from the ground a bear mauls him to death and just before he dies, his last words are: "Woooooow!!!"

  15. petermarsh says:


  16. Temper Thurman says:

    Maybe I have to play the game more to understand this (?) I bought it in January and so far I am as far as when you see the grizzly for the first time. The game is so fucking boring and dull that it has taken months to want to play it just to get that far.

  17. Josh Blair says:

    They should've gotten Owen Wilson for this one

  18. Pequeño Perezoso says:

    1:17 Roach, nice reference

  19. Rusty Nail says:

    Then two rifles magically appear on your back…

  20. توب ٥ says:

    ناز 😂

  21. Francisco Martinez says:

    Producer: how many times do you want to say wow
    Arthur: WOW

  22. Joanna B says:

    Does anyone know the name of the rdr2 track that's playing throughout the vid? I've been trying to search for its name but all I keep finding are songs, not instrumental background music tracks.

  23. Scarnie Parnie says:

    I don’t get it

  24. Downstroy99 says:


  25. Mr. Azorian says:


  26. Jacob L says:

    I mean they have a point.. Real life is 4k HD boys..

  27. Chris G says:


  28. Mr Pebbles says:


    And it didn't even earned the GOTY… such a shame.

  29. Rodrigo Araujo says:


  30. WebbNotic says:

    clears throat Wooooooow

  31. HaLuNkE ST0NER says:


  32. Mike L says:

    Hmm. Crash bandicoot has competition. WoAH

  33. VladimiR PutiN says:

    What is the "Logic" of this?? Am I suppose to be laughing or something

  34. Son says:

    Lmao i just got a ad and it as the uff from roblox in a wii sports music 😅😂😂😂

  35. Miro Black says:

    Melhor jogo que eu já joguei sem sombras de dúvidas 🤜🏾🤛🏻🇧🇷

  36. Flashygrrl says:

    Roach is always a girl!

  37. michael rhein says: 😂

  38. Thorngrave says:

    Obviously fondling horse privates is legal in Rdr2 since the witnesses just stood there

  39. Eva Braun says:


  40. Macaroni & Cheese says:

    Crash Bandicoot intesifies

  41. Steven Squire says:

    Good but I was hoping he’d get shot by bounty hunters

  42. Piotr Szczyrbak says:


  43. Nekminute says:

    looks at horsecock, wonders if it will fit…

  44. GamingBug says:


  45. PoLyBE says:


  46. knightpeanut says:

    Me watching this video

  47. Silverfish says:

    Every time he says woah I hear crash bandicoot

  48. chewy gad says:

    Me every time I see Britt.

  49. Truth Seeker says:

    Da da da don’t touch it sir!!! 😂😂😂

  50. Veøsity says:

    Last word before dieing: WOW

  51. Nick Ray says:

    Yo I swear this was me when I first played high AF lol

  52. E S says:

    Even the graphics outside of the map are good

  53. ZQUISITOR says:


  54. Josie says:

    I played the game for a whole week and when I was done I went outside and was like “WOW” “PEOPLE” “CARS”…

  55. Darth Desec says:


  56. Beavis and Butthead says:

    Picks up his own dead mother shot by the O'Driscolls: WWWOOOOOWWW

  57. mateo1726 says:

    So true

  58. JellyandJam says:

    I did this every few seconds lol

  59. Brady Jensen says:

    Impressive. They got Owen Wilson on VLD.

  60. Eagle1 says:

    Not sure if you're aware but Rockstar turned down the excellent graphics a couple months back. The quality is noticeably worse than it was. Quite disappointing.

  61. david ross says:

    Honestly, I dont know why people are so obsessed with top graphics. I got a kickass gaming computer that handles Skyrim at ultra, I literally turn on every last setting to max, and I cant even tell the difference…

  62. Benjamin Holladay says:


  63. Andrew Johnston says:

    Wow 😂 lumbago

  64. Emanouche says:

    I find it amazing they took the time to make shrinking horse balls, but if you shoot them, nothing happens. :/

  65. Jhemp12 says:

    This is me when I play a game with gorgeous graphics lmao. Thats why it takes me so long to beat them.

  66. Rikynovantuno says:


  67. Mr Diamønd says:

    If only Owen Wilson played Arthur…

  68. Joseph Corry says:

    See's rattlesnake….. wow

  69. David Rodriguez Reyes says:

    Sois los mejores, saludos desde Gran Canaria
    PD: You are the best, greetings from Gran Canaria

  70. bagbunny says:

    This is me during witcher 3(minus the horse penis). Probably freak out even more when I do purchase RDR 2.

  71. Austriancake says:

    Me when I played it the first time.

  72. Brock Snyder says:

    This was pretty dumb. Usually these are good. RIP.

  73. Jan JS says:

    0:32 Touches tree too long

    That’s harassment, I saw that

  74. Literally Hitler says:

    I like the part when he said wow

  75. •MY_video丂 says:


  76. HITMAN PLAYER 47 says:

    Will there be a video about Arthur Morgan's obsession with money?

  77. B00sh says:


  78. Ромирос Player says:


  79. Eric Garcia says:

    Littlery me for hours everytime I get a new gen console!!

  80. SAMMY says:

    horse poop looks so real.

  81. Bing bong Ding dong says:




  83. Caleb M. F says:

    So true.

  84. Madeleine Dixon says:

    In 5 years we'll be looking back at this laughing at how impressive it was back in the old days

  85. Bern y says:

    1:49 what you mean I want to watch you saying WOW to a horse's d**k?🙄

  86. EvanYT Gray says:

    I think this is pretty cool, my dads friends brother was is the lead artist for this game. Props to him.

  87. Furqan Khan says:


  88. محمد السبيعي says:

    كل زق

  89. GRS〤 eren says:

    sikine baki

  90. Explosive Head says:

    The graphics look good from a distance, just not up close.

  91. • MaPa • says:


  92. Farrellion Studio says:

    1:23 Minecraft Villagers

  93. GutTheCat says:

    A guy gets paid to say “Wow” 1:55 straight

  94. SS-Obergruppenführer says:

    Everytime when I go outside

  95. Ahmet Emre YILMAZ says:

    1:18 sees 8 bit horse p*nis: WOW 😂
    Loved your videos 👍

  96. T- O says:

    Hey, WOOOW did you espect

  97. Jj Johnson says:

    wow graphic shitty game play!

  98. OzDoWnUnDER says:

    Owen Wilson be like…

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