World of Warcraft: Legion Intel HD 520 Integrated Graphics Performance

July 31, 2019 posted by

Good day to you and welcome, I’m Backerization and today I’m going to show you how World of Wacraft Legion actually runs on
integrated graphics in my case it’s on the processor which is i5-6200U
and the integrated graphics are known as HD 520. Now, if you have different type of
processor from Intel of this generation
which is the 6th, also known as Skylake You might have different integrated
graphics. they all share the number 500, however, there are differences between
them, yet the power is more or less 10% up to15% higher and lower and therefore
this test is actually suitable for the majority of them. At least in the cases
of i-5s and i-3s as well So, let’s get into it. How does it run? Let’s show the combat.
Now we have a little spike down to 23, as you can see. I’m really not focusing on the game 30, stable 30 and near. Once more
and more effects appear this happens. So, it actually ranges somewhere
between 20 to 30. Let’s show you the settings right now. Now, the system we can see, running on
1600×900. That’s because i really like the looks of it at 1600 at 720p, which actually makes it a lot more playable, it is a kind of nasty and while
I don’t want to look at the game like that in 2016. So, the rest of the
graphics are really low. As you can see, Legion on the lowest
settings actually looks very similar to old World of Warcraft Vanilla, TBC
and actually even Wrath of Lich King. Well, maybe Wrath of Lich King on lower
settings but as a Vanilla and TBC on the highest settings. So, that’s some
achievement I have to say. And let’s take a look at the Hardware Monitor. So, Hardware monitor. You can see the CPU is packed at 100 and that happens a lot of times. Don’t forget that Ii’m recording right
now now, therefore I am not really opting for the best performance I can as the
recording itself lowers the FPS just by 3 up to 4 FPS, so the
average is around 24 up to 30 and as you can see it’s just clocked at hundred every single time. When I was not recording i actually tried to work a bit with setting priorities in what’s the name of
that. You know when you press control… Is it CTRL + Shift + Esc? Yeah, it’s CTRL + Shift + Esc and you go in
windows 10 into what’s that I can recall the names. Then you can actually
set priorities and so you can, let’s say, into real-time, higher than average, average,
and these things. So you begin, everything’s on average, however, I’ve find
out that if you set it on high, not real-time, please, don’t ever try real-time. It will make your mouse stutter because all the other systems microsoft also working and this is
including mouse support, so, it doesn’t stop working, but it really works badly.
Go up too high and at that point it actually bought me like 5-6 FPS,
because the rest of the system was tremendously slow. Once you Alt+Tab out
of the game you won’t be able to do anything, because the game actually takes
the majority of the power even pressing stuff like your windows button will take
long long time afterwards. However, the game will go a lot smoother, lot more smoother. So, for some people it might be the safe bet they are looking for. I hope that this helps a bit, I think that the game is playable. I haven’t tried it actually
in raids, because there are no raids right now, so it’s kind of hard to
say how it will run on integrated graphics when there are 40 people
around you, 60 people around you and you know you’re just a lot of
effects around you might have to change to 720p for those. However, as the game works a right now looks right now with these 900p, I think this is acceptable in
this time and if you are just leveling you really don’t need more than 22 FPS.
You can see it stays around 25 and as i said i’m recording which
lowers it a bit so, yeah, just take that into consideration please. And I hope,
really hope, that this helps you decide whether to get Legion or not and I think you can, If you weren’t sure whether you can run it well, you probably can. On the
lowest settings. So, thanks for watching, I hope thath you enjoyed this. That this helps you. Once again, thanks for watching and see you next time.


7 Replies to “World of Warcraft: Legion Intel HD 520 Integrated Graphics Performance”

  1. Tony Le says:

    Would you be able to raid without lagging at those settings?

  2. Mioz says:

    Čech? 🙂

  3. TheRaivoX says:

    dude, on my lenovo 300, with hd 520, 4 gb ram and i5 6200. My fps is 40+, in high setting, you have somethig wrong with your machine.

  4. Randy Hulsebos says:

    Looks like i'm going for a used laptop, 350 euro is my budget and the only one i can find brand new has a Intel Celeron 3855U and a Intel HD 510, Dell Vostro 3568-9P5XR.

  5. Zig gZ says:

    i have a Intel (R) HD graphic and I have 40fps in bg and 50 stormwind 150 in pexing and 20 un the new dalaran :'(

  6. Assalayes says:

    I dont understand ppl who said you cant play Legion on an old laptop. I know it's not the meaning of your vid but I got a Vaio Vpcf11M1e with i5 520m, 4Go DDR3L (1600) and an Nvidia Gt330m.
    It runs Wow Legion. To improve FPS i just play with DirectX 9.0 unless of 11.0. Try this. And I play with medium setting, I got 40+ fps. I can even raid.

  7. Traps are gay and so am I says:

    I got by playing legion on a 1.0 AMD processor until the laptop died, I can easily deal with this.

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