Workflow: Visual Studio Code

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  1. RyonicFire says:

    Why did you switch from ATOM to Visual Studio Code?

  2. Kobra Axt says:

    9:25 This is why u wanna use pewdiepie?

  3. raj shekhar says:

    How to create extension of generate folder with file

  4. thomas starzynski says:

    8:55 lol "command hooker QR beautify" not found

  5. DIYBenjamin says:

    I'm on windows and not mac and a lot of this does make sense but i can't do some of it cause I'm on Windows. Any help?

  6. yolo mein says:

    It looks kinda dull compared to sublime

  7. Red Pill says:

    You are amazing ! 馃檪

  8. Yousuf Azad says:

    love this guy!

  9. 袩袨袛小袨袥袧校啸 PRO says:


  10. Tanbir Sohail says:

    馃槖 vs code is the best ide.

  11. Gol D. Roger says:

    I use Prettier, JSLint | TSLint and GitLens.

  12. SeamusHarper1234 says:

    I love it when apple nerds get excited about stuff like the shell… Uh, that is so neat and productive, we should have had this earlier! 馃榾

  13. Marionaise says:

    And when you're coding, you can use this little addon to read your twitch chat in VSCode, rly neat! 馃檪

  14. Yin Weiting says:

    Atom => VS code => Emacs

  15. jonatan souza says:

    I love your videos!! Keep this awesome work!!

  16. mikej747 says:

    Why would someone make a tutorial video about something they have never used and don't have the first clue how to use it? I've used sublime, atom, notepad, and a few others and VSCode is the nicest, and easiest I've ever used and will not switch back to any other. This nutcase is taking 10 steps to do a 1 step process. Whatever it is you DO KNOW, stick to that cause this ain't it. I think there is some kind of hospital looking for you somewhere.

  17. Derp Marine says:

    Eslint 2 tabs no semicolons. Aka standardjs

  18. Aravind M says:

    03:15 blow peoples minds with 3 space tabs.

  19. Jes煤s Torrej贸n says:

    I'm gonna use 3 spaces tab for made ppl mad.

  20. Leo Rdgz. says:

    Sorry, but can't continuing watching. When you decide make a serious video instead of being an idiot, I may watching again.

  21. Yury Schkatula says:

    Mac people do not open a window full-screen, they increase font size instead 馃檪

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