Work between Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects | Dynamic Linking

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How's it going, everyone? Kellan Reck here
and today I've got a really really easy tutorial on dynamic linking from Adobe
Premiere to Adobe After Effects now in my last video on the lockdown
stabilization a lot of people who are used to Premiere weren't sure totally
how to get your edit from Premiere into After Effects how you get it back if you
had to export the full sequence if you had to build your edit in After Effects
and all of that well let me tell you the trick and this is one of the easiest
ways that I do a lot of my After Effects effects for lack of a better term and
basically all you have to do is dynamic link now this is a term that Adobe uses
for basically connecting a premiere project and an After Effects project so
we've got this full belt at sequence here and you can see this one yellow
clip this is the clip for example that I want to use the effect on and we'll just
say we're not gonna actually go through an effect in this but say we were going
to do the locked on stabilization effect that I did in my last tutorial well
since you can't do that effect within premiere we need to bring it into After
Effects so what you do you go to your clip just the selection just that one
clip that you want to apply the effect to and you right click your gonna go to
replace with After Effects composition now your computer's gonna open up After
Effects and it's gonna bring just that clip into a composition within After
Effects now not only will it do this but it'll create a linked nest in Premiere
now you can see After Effects is opening here it makes a new After Effects
project for you I usually just save it as the same name as my premiere project
and you can see well then after effects we have our clip within a composition
it's nested you can see we actually have the full clip here but it builds out the
nest just for the selection of the clip that you use in your premiere sequence
and if you go back into Premiere you can see that our clip that was once yellow
is now pink and that means that it's a linked composition so this is linked to
After Effects so if we go in After Effects and make any change it'll do
that back to Premiere so let's just throw a curves effect
this clip and just give it a drastic kind of color change here just something
crazy will make it pink if we go into premiere you'll see that that effect is
applied and you could do this with as many effects as you want so if we go to
let's just go to a chunk of this clip here I'll just take a small chunk we
don't need the full thing right click replace with After Effects comp we'll
get an entirely new composition here and I usually like to clean this up as I'm
going but you can see we've got linked comp 1 linked comp 2 and let's just
apply another curves effect to this will we'll give it a weird sort of greenish
look and if we jump back into Premiere you can see this clip is now green and
you can do anything you want so everything that you do in After Effects
will apply back to your clip and now I've done this a lot for various titling
effects if we want to add a title to this here hello test will make it white
we'll just have it sit right there we jump back into premiere you've got your
title there too and you can do animations and those will all carry over
so this is just a super quick tutorial I'm doing today just wanted you guys to
see exactly how to do it you can see these print compositions come right into
your premiere project over here and that's how I do it so anytime that I'm
doing working after-effects based off of a sequence in Premiere I'm doing the
full nonlin the nonlinear edit within Premiere I'm kicking it over to After
Effects saving that project and then they come right back in as a linked comp
within my premiere project here so that is how I do it I hope it helps you out
so thank you for watching if you enjoyed leave a like share the video if it
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thanks guys you


5 Replies to “Work between Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects | Dynamic Linking”

  1. ron sussman says:

    I HIGHLY recommend duplicating the clip you want to send to AE first because once you have dynamically linked it, you cant reference back to the original clip. I always duplicate the clip above itself and keep the original in the timeline

  2. Gaurav Malewar says:

    Thanks Bro, I didn't know bout this, I always choosed the longer path around.😆

  3. Mr. Trapezius says:

    Adobe is really just sucking your money. Making you pay for two applications when they could be merged into one.

  4. SAFADOVIC says:

    Great..many thanks 👍🏻

  5. Kellan Reck says:

    How many of you use Dynamic Linking?

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