Wolfenstein Youngblood | Switch VS PC LOW | Graphics Comparison

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39 Replies to “Wolfenstein Youngblood | Switch VS PC LOW | Graphics Comparison”

  1. ContraNetwork says:

    More info: https://wp.me/p7fUSP-1jU

  2. Chaika Gaz says:

    Looks perfect for the switch. Everyone likes retro pixel 8 bit era

  3. Exvalos says:

    But its portable!!!!

  4. Wing Lim Yong says:

    Nintendo characters so suck haha

  5. Oscar Maqueda García says:

    Fake video comparation

  6. Jaimesteban3 says:

    Wait, Wait Wait. The switch version run with the day one patch?

  7. KrGsMrNKusinagi0 says:

    Why I don't buy these games on the switch.. plenty of other games that look really good on the switch for what it is.. gimped ports aren't ones im interested in

  8. Gizelbelcoot says:

    1:12 , 1:29 them faces , damn switch is poop
    Wait 2:20, nightmare fuel

  9. Juan David Castaño 99 says:

    Better I'm going to buy the PC

  10. Adrian Castillo says:


  11. Pablo says:

    Before the patch

  12. Spectat0re 0 says:

    Hopefully DOOM eternal does not look anything remotely close to this lol now im worried

  13. Musou Tensei says:

    Wasn't this done by the people who ported Doom over so well?

  14. DannyStark says:

    Eso es en portatil y lo sabes, puta gentuza. Te deberias de llamar PS4PROPAGANDANETWORK

  15. Moon Sarito says:

    To imagine that a game that requires an i7 with 8 or 16 GB of RAM (with 4 GB dedicated for video only) and 40 GB of free space can run into something as small as Nintendo Switch Lite is simply amazing.

    I know the downgrades are very visible, but it's amazing to see a large game running on such a small console. (
    which costs only $199, may be expensive for someone, but it's much cheaper than an iPhone X for example. )

  16. Volker Vielhaber says:

    When you Look at Doom and Wolfenstein 2 Switch Versions, even unpatched, Youngblodd looks like Shit and would be unplayable for me. Hope Panic Button will optimize it

  17. tony cruise says:

    horrible worst port for switch, shit

  18. tony cruise says:

    panic buton shit on this game

  19. # says:

    Damn switch looks worst than i thought its running at ultra low if doom eternal releases on switch its gonna look like a n64 game

  20. Kyle Emergency Epic McCrory says:

    Was gonna get this, not anymore lol.

  21. Antiform says:


  22. Bubsy the Bobcat says:

    That's the very first time ever that I say the Switch really is weak holy shit

  23. The-Sega-KiD says:

    Sometimes it looks good and then other times it looks like a ps2 game

  24. eDwIN Zero says:

    Wow it looks really bad on the Switch. And it costs the same than on other platforms, but people will still buy it happily

  25. Nicky IBelieve says:

    More than bad Like this, it is so clear

  26. Fredrik Jansson says:

    What a pity…It appears that they needed a bit more time but had to rush on the porting to be able to release it on same day as other consoles….
    It definitely looks waaay worser than Wolfenstein 2 on Switch!
    Even Warframe when it were released on Switch in nov-18 looks lightyear better than this mess!
    Have a feeling that Panic Button is a quite small team, yet they takes a bit too many porting jobs at same time, so the quality may wary a bit on certain games then.

  27. BacKLasH_' SoR says:



  28. Ryuhei64 says:

    What happened? Those faces and textures are much worse than even 360 launch games in 2005.
    Switch is capable of much more, and this studio has showed it in their previous games. This port seems done with very low budget, personnel and/or time.

  29. Baddy187 says:

    Even the subtitles seem "foggy"

    This port looks like shit I am sorry to say

  30. Shoo Neyt says:

    Hey calm down, do you know why is it that disgusting? It's because Panic Button only had almost 3 weeks to port the game. They could start porting only when the game dev was finished. And this explains why there is no cartridge, because if you wanna make a physical edition, you have to finish the game almost three weeks before the release.

  31. G. P. says:

    And Panic Button says, the game on Switch is a "technical marvel".


  32. poder says:

    Y Esperen que todavía falta el the witcher 3

  33. TutuVlog says:

    Face 🤭

  34. Simon Pedrikof says:

    Per le cutscene potevano fare come hanno fatto in new colossus che erano praticante dei video così erano più godibili da vedere

  35. LUTXOR ALBA says:

    Si no tenían ganas de hacerlo mejor lo hubieran dejado asi, lo hicieron a la mala.l

  36. Ms. Velvet Crowe says:

    DAMN all these shit ass haters bitching and moaning ohhh boo hoo the graphics are shit if you want graphics stay at home and play PS4 or XBOX ONE I don't care about PC because it's full of hackers and no life having modders with nothing better to do as for me I'll take my wolfenstein on the go thanks fuck all y'all switch haters I own all 3 and I'm loving my switch astral chain will shut all y'all the fuck up

  37. Shaqazooloo0 says:

    Aside from the faces is doesn't look bad imo

  38. Johnny500 says:

    lol… resolution and shadows are really bad now, I'll wait untill all the propper patches are out 😉

  39. Snatcher Hunter says:

    They accidentally received the N64 API.

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