Wolfenstein The New Order/The Old Blood – How to Improve Performance and Reduce/Fix Lag

July 31, 2019 posted by

Get ready to mourn down robotic nazis, enjoy
the best graphics gaming industry has ever seen. Wait, who am I kidding? But hey its
19,99 on steam, so go get it right now, orrr simply wait for a sale, these are 75% off
every once in a while. B…but the robotic nazis thing is true, and these are kind of
games that you definitely should get on sale. What am I even talking about, ohh gosh. Anyway
I’m ragnos your host and I’m gonna go straight to the point of this video, and it is how
to improve the performance. Don’t worry, Low Specs Experience is here for you. It’s a free software boi, look at them framesss flyyy. So first of all what
you need to do is download Low Specs Experience from my website and then install it. After
you did that simply start it from your desktop and then press optimize right here, after
that select Wolfenstein The New order or Old Blood from this drop down menu. This rar installation
will load, now simply press browse and navigate to the destination where your game has been
installed, my game is installed right here, so now just press OK and press extract or
install depends on what it says here. This control center will pop up, now simply select
the method of optimization. I’ll go with ultra low specs optimizaiton just because, well
I CANNN. Now simply select which resolution you want to play your game on, I’ll select
1080 because as I SAID – I CANNNN. After that press optimize and start reswitch from your
desktop. Then start your game, yeah it’s as simple as it gets. Now I’ll let you enjoy
in what’s left of this gameplay footage, and as always do like and subscribe if you found
this useful, dislike if you feel the compleeete opposite and hate everyone and everything
about life. I’ll catch you in the next one, ragnos’ out bye bye.


23 Replies to “Wolfenstein The New Order/The Old Blood – How to Improve Performance and Reduce/Fix Lag”

  1. ShyLix says:

    I don't play this but nice.

  2. Booker says:

    can i play this with a4 6300 and hd 5570?

  3. cyber gaming says:

    counter strike global offensive please………

  4. RAGNOS1997 says:

    Enjoy these classic Wolfenstein games and kick assess of the robotic nazis, all on your low specs PC, only with Low Specs Experience.

  5. navaneeth krishna says:

    Why cant I optimize nfs rivals to ultra low

  6. O.K says:

    Imam jedno pitanje nevezano za ovo igru.Ovako uopsteno.Da li radi ovo na igrama koje se skinu sa neta?I kako funkcionise?Ja samo optimizujem igru i posle toga udjem u nju?

  7. cyber gaming says:

    can i use your paladins patch for the latest version of the game??

  8. Kasyful Haq says:

    just cause 3 please

  9. palode harikrishnan says:

    mahn…cant get mortal kombat x to ultra low

  10. Oktay Muhammed Karali says:

    CS:GO Ragnos1997 PLZ

  11. TryLeqso says:

    how to download ragnos benchmark toll??????????

  12. Patates Savar says:

    Can you do this for astroneer ?

  13. ricegrain says:

    How do you uninstall the software after you're done with it? I don't need it anymore lol

  14. BroFistZ says:

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive??

    Thumbs up for votes!

  15. Dooley011 says:

    Pretty please do dishonored 2

  16. Mr.Collection says:

    Ragnos is true hero.

  17. MrAndroid25 says:

    Has got virus?

  18. Jorge Villanueva Arellanes says:

    we must download the game of steam??

  19. Nemanja Ristanovic says:

    can i play it on 3GB RAMN, processor AMD Athlone II X2 240 2.8GHz and AMD Radeon HD 5450 1021mb grapich card

  20. RomireTV says:

    Sorry, but i cant download this due to it continuely rediecting me to spam pages -.-

  21. AegwynnBG says:

    it doesn't create reswitch file for me on my desktop 🙁

  22. Bulgarian says:

    bro this thing shut down my computer like i cant even move my mouse and wolfenstein the new order is fucked the screen is glitched …………….

  23. Bradley Masangkay says:

    dude how to fix start up black screen crashed

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