WIN a RTX 2080 SUPER Graphics Card! [Worldwide Giveaway]

July 31, 2019 posted by

– What’s up, guys? A really quick video just
to let you know that I have once again teamed up with Nerd or Die to give away
an RTX 2080 SUPER! One of the latest and greatest graphics cards from Nvidia
which of course comes with the new NVENC encoder that takes all of the hard
work off of your CPU for streaming, so that you can have a really smooth and stable
livestream. I would love one of the Gaming Careers YouTube subscribers to
win it! All you have to do is visit the link down in the description to enter
the giveaway and the competition closes on Friday the 16th of August. Best of


63 Replies to “WIN a RTX 2080 SUPER Graphics Card! [Worldwide Giveaway]”

  1. D_KILLER says:

    I hope I win this

  2. Aplex says:

    Fingers crossed

  3. X crossy says:


  4. LAWuep says:




  6. Z3USKY says:

    It's a dream for me. 😎

  7. Abe Games says:

    I hope I win

  8. Adam says:

    Whos knows

  9. zeriul09 says:

    is the 2080 super better than a 2080ti ?

  10. Herobrine231 says:

    I just ordered a computer, this graphics card would perfect it, pleeease

  11. DOZYBE GAMER says:

    Dena to hai nahi to kiu khali khali time wasting karte ho sabka 😑😑😑

  12. Űmar1mam says:

    Its Boom

  13. Nicholas Runyon says:

    I've been looking for an upgrade for a while now. I was going to upgrade to an RTX too xd

  14. TamilGamingStudio says:

    please Give me GPU for me. I have no medium settings pc.

  15. Sai Sivakumar says:

    I enter all these giveaways, yet I never win…

  16. Sandy Sheikh says:

    I have been using a 1060 for 2 years. Desperately in need of Ray-tracing, this would be perfect!!

  17. Beau Shores says:

    Full of shit..

  18. Darren C says:

    Building a new pc for wow:classic, this would be perfectly overkill 🙂

  19. Vaughn Van Vuuren says:

    Literally got a pc the other day but did not get a graphics card. This would be so amazing to win good luck to everyone else..

  20. Sven Van Luijk says:

    I would love to have this card and finally stream❤❤

  21. Mr.NoStyle says:

    Well good luck everyone…….just so you guys know that NerdOrDie
    got some good stuff on his youtube channel btw.

  22. Cerberus icon says:

    Twitter follow isn't working

  23. daceta says:

    i wanna stream but have a rly bad graphichs card

    btw 33 entries for me

  24. Aidan YY says:

    I would love to have the graphics card it will help me with my channel and overall everything plz

  25. shivam Rai says:

    I like u r video please give me

  26. RC UK Scale Models says:

    great tutorials that you've done in the past help me hell of a lot appreciate it so much this would be perfect!!

  27. Vaslor says:

    53 entries here, i want to do more lol

  28. Marc Mc says:


  29. BraveToTheBone says:

    Never lucky but lets try 😀

  30. SlippingJimmys says:

    All we need to do is follow the link then follow your Twitter page and that's us entered yes?

  31. TyeMan says:

    That would fit nicely. 😂✌️

  32. iSpike says:

    B R I L L I A N T count me in mate. Thank you and the sponsor for this great prize/ (Everything is crossed here) Good luck everyone Cheers from West Australia

  33. NavTech YT says:

    the gleam is a retarded giveaway thing

  34. Repaid Raven says:

    I only have done 4 entries but I wanted to do more, but the only ones that are up are the Twitter ones. Whenever I follow someone on Twitter IT DOESNT WORK! And I cant even scroll down for other social entries in different apps. It's really bugging me off.

  35. Oscar Lewis says:

    Oh my goodness this would be absolutely perfect for me to win! Good luck to all of you guys aswell who want to win it

  36. ViN says:

    I wish everyone the worst luck possible so that my odds of winning go higher, that's how you win people!

  37. Adamethius says:

    I just started my streaming career… find me on Twitch, YT, and even Facebook 😀 That being said… I wish I'd win this. my machine is less than stellar. I can't even stream Apex smoothly… 🙁

  38. Praise Worship says:

    Thanks. I just entered the competition. How about competition for a complete gaming computer? I'm just curious, but does YouTube still allow Gleam or Rafflecopter giveaways?

  39. Nidhoggr says:

    Love your videos and thanks for doing this!

  40. Amanda Lynn says:

    I’ve been running with a Radeon r9 270 for so long and minecraft is the only thing I can stream, this would be perfect for r6 streams. This would be a dream!

  41. Vibrid says:

    Hey thanks for doing this 🙂

  42. Fir3Fox3 says:

    I really hope I get the graphics card Im going to try my best for it

  43. oNilly says:

    lemme win bro thanks! gl to everyone entering!!!

  44. Eddie Punched says:

    A very nice give away / 43 entries here. / Good luck to everyone. 🙂

  45. SOLId々Sayon Gaming says:

    i have a old pc i think that if u give it to me plzzzz sir entered all the giveaway process

  46. Spencer G says:

    Check out

  47. احمد جويلي says:

    I hope win this graphic card

  48. احمد جويلي says:

    Best of luck

  49. احمد جويلي says:

    I like this graphic card

  50. احمد جويلي says:

    It is working with ryzen5 2600?

  51. Chipmunk Studios says:

    I just built a new computer planning on buying a oculus rift s, so this would pair nicely (:

  52. Garry Collins says:

    i been streaming for some time but graphic card is affecting the whole experience i would truly appreciate the graphic card

  53. Green Line says:

    Bismillah :')

    Hope i win, cause i really want to be a youtuber :')
    Bismillah Ya Allah

  54. Kevin Dowermyr says:

    #hvitarna Im not going to spam please but I'M building a computer and I have everything but a cpu anf gpu ä. I dont want to spam you so thank you for having this giveaway from Kevin

  55. Sn0w87 says:

    i hope i win … just started to stream … and it will help alot on my pc. Thanks for all the help you are giving to us with you movies

  56. Christian Starrett says:

    I have a $50 graphics card and runs like a potato

  57. Ethan Breon says:

    I am a gamer I love playing minecraft and blackopps

  58. XVLNGHOST says:

    Oh this would be nice!

  59. Andy says:

    Just to let you know I showed a load of my streaming followers your channel when I was live to tell them to follow this great channel

  60. Anachronism says:

    teehee , this would be my first graphic card !, seriously tired of running on integrated graphics. Atb !

  61. Hack Tech Tips says:

    perfect this guy is so generous

  62. Fir3Fox3 says:

    Who has the highest points

  63. Zentryx - 3. Acc says:

    I just have my mobile, please ! If I win, you'll be my hero

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