Why is No One Playing The PTS? | PUBG Xbox/PS4

July 31, 2019 posted by

what’s going on everybody I’m blitz5
and in today’s video we got to talk about the public test server which is
available right now for pub G on the Xbox one and PlayStation 4 and the
reason why we got to talk about the pts is because nobody is playing this at
least on the Xbox one so I definitely want to hear from anyone that’s playing
on PlayStation how’s it going over there but on the Xbox one I’ve been struggling
to find a game with over 30 people and I think I might have found one with 40 but
this goes for solos and for squad’s it’s been very very slow I had to wait like
10 minutes to get into a solo game I just left my xbox on and did some stuff
in my room while I loaded yeah but I’m just shocked here because there’s so
much stuff in this update there’s so much room for activities here Desert
Eagle coming into the game BRDM ledge grabbing gas cans exploitable gas cans
that is so there’s so much stuff to test out here but there’s nobody playing it
so to me this is kind of a fail and this is not a good sign for this to go to the
live servers because really if no one’s that antsy to play it now I don’t know
if it’s really gonna make that big of a difference and I really thought that the
BRDM and ledge grabbing was gonna bring a lot of people to play this but maybe
some of the issues are keeping people away because right now there are ton of
issues on the pts with connecting to the server connecting to the players a lot
of people suffering from desync and really bad packet loss and high ping
bouncing up and down which now people can analyze a little bit more now that
the network debug statistics are available on console so maybe that’s
keeping people away but personally in my experience I haven’t really been
suffering from that I mean I have pretty strong internet I’m close to the pub G
server here on the East Coast so I think that my experience is a lot different
from everybody else’s I have the SSD so on and so forth so I really haven’t had
any issues the games been playing pretty well for me it’s just there’s nobody to
test this update against I can’t find a flare gun I haven’t been able to get the
BRDM I’ve seen one but it’s hard to test it when there’s nobody playing and
there’s not that much going on and gets a little boring so really I’m just
interested in what’s going on here and the future of plug G on console and
where people think it’s at I think this is a big update I think pub G’s making a
huge comeback right now this summer but I’m a little concerned with the console
community we’ll see where this goes and as far as just my experience overall we
could just recap or end the video with this is that the desert eagle
very strong pistols gonna be the strongest pistol in the game or it is
the strongest pistol in the game but still isn’t that worth it compared to
you know having an AR or a regular primary weapon if you have a desert
eagle and you run into somebody with the AKM they’re obviously going to be at a
huge advantage over you I couldn’t even get a kill with the gun yet but it does
shoot pretty nice not that fast I’ll show an image here on the screen this is
me shooting as fast as possible the BRDM like I said I didn’t use but every time
I saw it in the game it had so much attention around it was hilarious
everybody was following the BRDM so it seems like it’s just one of those things
that when someone sees it everyone’s gonna drive towards it or chase down
that team so it’s kind of like shooting a flare now you’re definitely gonna
attract some players towards you when you have the BRDM ledge grabbing is fun
and easy and awesome way better than I thought it was going to be I don’t think
this is going to affect the game negatively I think it’s going to be a
great positive for the game just like vaulting and I think when people get to
use it more or you know when it’s in the game longer people will start to use it
more and then we’ll see it in its full potential but until then it’s kind of
just practice and trying it out you see a lot of people just often distance like
jumping over things and right now it’s Auto Ledge grabbing which they it’s not
purposeful but it’s really not that bad in my opinion it’s fine but they want
you to actually DoubleTap a when you want to use the ledge grab so that’s
fine in the explodable gas cans really hard to test I mean you can just shoot
them for fun but really hard to try to booby-trap an area when there’s only 30
people in around and there’s nobody near you so didn’t get to do anything fun
with that but I’m sure on the live server in full games people will be
doing some funny stuff with that and then finally the thing that bothered me
the most is this radio message system so to me this thing is brutal right now
I get the point of it and I think in some kind of corrected version or in the
future this is going to be huge for console because it’s really nice that
you can say I need ammo you can spot a player out the ping system of this is
really nice like if you see someone 100 meters away it will actually say enemy
100 meters away right where you marked so it’s really nice but this kind of
negates the original quick marker system because when you double or when you
click down on r3 which is the right thumbstick this radio message system
pops up instead of quick marking and you have to double click which has a lot of
issues and like errors when you’re trying to do it so it’s really hard to
just get a regular quick markdown and then when you accidentally click right
click on the thumbstick or you go to just do a quick marker
the radio message system completely you know blocks our screen you can’t shoot
you can’t turn your character and I found myself hitting this so much when I
was playing that was really disturbing my play and it that alone just this
small thing made me want to go back to the live server because it was pissing
me off so much and I feel like it shouldn’t be that button but again maybe
this is one of those things that you just need to get used to before you you
know you got to get used to it before you really get the hang of it and it
doesn’t affect your gameplay anymore but anytime they change a button here that’s
crucial to your game like I’m constantly quick marking when I’m playing in squads
this was really messing me up and I hope they can fix this but to be honest as we
know in the past pub G doesn’t really make major updates before they bring
this to the live server it’s probably just gonna go to live the way it is and
then people will complain and then they’ll eventually make the changes down
the line which are gonna take a while from now and that’s really disappointing
to me because what’s the point of having this on the test server if you really
have no faith that they’re not gonna change anything especially one of these
things here this is an issue that was on PC a really long time ago and ands are
key the fence didn’t line up with the steel and here and I get that they’re
just porting this over from PC to console but it’s just weird that they
can’t fix something like this when they’ve known about this issue for
months and months and months now on PC it’s just strange to me that they can’t
fix that when they’re in the process of porting it to consoles so definitely we
know what you guys think down in the comments below I’m excited this become a
live server and hopefully the playerbase and community picks up a little bit when
it does so so as always thank you all for watching I’m both 5 and peace out


38 Replies to “Why is No One Playing The PTS? | PUBG Xbox/PS4”

  1. sithlord012 Pacer T says:

    It took me almost a hour for a game the other day

  2. Slick ll Rick says:

    Hi Blitz, I had my first match with the BRDM2 just now on the PTS and ran out of gas 😢 Have you got the Deagle reload sound bug?

  3. Dr Buffed says:

    It’s so bad I got into one game with 33 people in miramar

  4. iamNandoh GG says:

    Im not playing it full time because i want to reach lvl 70 on the season pass plus i want to get as high as possible on the survivor rewards too


    Cause I got banned! Lol. But I wasnt playing it either . You get absolutely nothing from it. No weapon upgrades or challenges. Waiting it to drop live.


    Pay me and I'll test it, all day everyday.

  7. charlie castro says:

    Yes why I can't get to mach

  8. The Knight Fox says:

    I definitely think the issues are holding people back. We should definitely report this to pubg.

  9. Sethro Miller says:

    People are working towards there progression on the live more than being a tester

  10. Mr Head Glitch says:

    I just don't play bc is dead. We don't have enough players to split the community n I freaking hate the ping system

  11. Nitty TheGod34 says:

    I just play squads with randoms to get full games highest player count was 84. I think they should make the ping system on a different button like the down directional pad and use up to scroll thru heals/boost.

  12. Terrence Holmes says:

    Cause they suck

  13. jess camara says:

    Brdm ledge grabbing. Is. Just gonna make people hide even harder

  14. DragonLord92178 says:

    It take me like 1min-5min to get into a match

  15. AnEvilCan OfWD40 says:

    My thoughts are as follows: dang you’re a handsome devil. You should make more content 😉 ❤️

  16. BRANDO831 says:

    Runs like crap,lost connection and crashing is worse that live servers.there are instances of missing footsteps of enemies,and some other sounds are missing once in a while.i hope they push the update release back a little and really allow more time to fix everything

  17. Tujay 2jz says:

    they should add a fps challenge because pll never play it

  18. Saint105X says:

    Ye and there isn't even a EU server so I cant even test it anyway why pubg?! This was gonna bring me back as it can change my game style

  19. Fat Bastard says:

    I'll be on the PTS tonight!! If I catch you sleepin' I'll introduce you to my M24!

  20. soulja4life504 says:

    no one is playing on PS4 as well at least you can get into a match we just sit at the main menu and queue up

  21. DARK EMPIRE says:

    It's Glitchy anyways so…

  22. Arthur Flot says:

    You hit many points… But money on with that Ping Lol! It is screwing me up!!

  23. Maxisamust says:

    Everyone converted to the ps4

  24. red army 09 says:

    I'm interested in all the new content but I can wait to play it on regular servers with less bugs

  25. SurDrums says:

    Great vid. They need to change the name from PTS to POS.

  26. Adam Small says:

    It's also hard to find a game on ps4 and there are only NA SERVERS plus a lot of people deleted the pts and cbf re download it just to wait 20mins for a game to start and it only has 3 players I think they should shut down the normal servers and force people to play the pts and maybe if we had CROSSPLAY with xbox and ps4 a lot of these issues wouldn't happen GIVE US CROSSPLAY AND KILL CAM

  27. michael wright says:

    Currently on that 11 minute mark lol still waiting

  28. Adam Small says:


  29. frank shephard says:

    Getting sick of crashes, lost connection to host. Really like the additions to the game but sick of the bugs

  30. Adam Small says:

    Also people are just to lazy to download and install it most people deleted the pts because they don't have room on there shitty 500gig hard drive to install or download also the player base on console is way to small that's why we need CROSSPLAY

  31. ed Reich says:

    Don't like the new ping system, takes too long

  32. TheDewaltBoy says:

    Crazy no one is playing this, haven't committed in a while, I haven't had much time lately. My daughter got really sick recently but she is looking better these days. We are praying for remission soon! Glad to see you are still posting regularly! Super bummed I missed the last two tournaments but I hope to be back playing soon!

  33. John G'sta says:

    Same, Only 30 people in games, I'm on xbox one x and got kicked out,but got back in. So we just made our way back to the live servers

  34. Thomas Cokewell says:

    my shit works kinda haha

  35. 7srebels says:

    I’m good on the pub g mobile I’m just trying To get good at it on ps4

  36. Angrybuck82 says:

    I did my 3 hours to get the bp on it and jumped back to normal because everything you did on pts didn’t count towards the pass on normal game and I think that’s why no one was playing the pts

  37. Philippe Lanteigne says:

    They're going to do the same thing as they did to us on pc and launch the patch to the live server with all the bug reported during the testing period. Kind a make "Test Server" pointless in my opinion. Also a lot a poeple is try to get as far as they can on the pass.

  38. m says:

    Before the update: ping enemy 1 to 2 seconds. After update between 2 to 5 seconds.

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