Why do I suck at YouTube || Do do I suck as an Artist Too?

September 14, 2019 posted by

I’m not I’m not a hundred percent sure
why I suck at YouTube but I think it’s probably consistency I think I haven’t
figured out who my audience is so I kind of want to figure that out I mean
there’s a there’s painters out therethere’s people that do portraits well
I’m actually yeah I’m just I’m thinking how many people on YouTube how many
people on YouTube paint with fire portraits yeah I don’t I haven’t seen
any so like I just don’t understand like is it that I really just suck it like no
putting out the consistent content so that people can find me or is it just
like how videos every once in a while well I’m gonna start and try and do it
every week so I think I want to do it every week once a week I don’t know what
they what they should I do I don’t know well like all I know is I
like to paint I like to create art I like to burn things play with fire
paint portraits and really it’s I paint the people that I respect or the people
that I am inspired by the coolest people on the internet right now I mean like I
think I’m gonna paint Bianca Andreescu just because she’s so dope and she’s
Canadian and she’s like she’s just won the US Open! how do you tubers do this
this is so weird it’s terrible but yeah they
literally do just they just literally talk to themselves in a camera yeah it
feels less awkward talking to you so that’s good it’s funny that you can feel
awkward with nobody around yeah totally but I don’t feel that awkward talking to
you so you should be like my youtube director James
just directors my name is James – but yeah everybody would just think it’s me
so like if you’re a viewer what would you want to know about my channel what I
want to know about your channel yeah like if this is like my my opening video
like the video on my channel so everybody comes to my channel oh so just
oh you just gonna be straight up with them and make it sound flavorful
yeah yes just be like honest and just make but make it sound good so my
YouTube channel is about spicy b-roll with fire burn art of famous people yeah
but then I’m also like a dad vlogger so I post like videos of my kids yeah
yeah definitely yeah but like seriously I paint
portraits I do landscapes as well but my technique is to use a blowtorch and fire
and all the darks and my paintings are usually a mixture of fire charcoal burn
and then acrylic paint or some other type of powdered pigments or something
like that so that’s that’s what I use this video that you’re gonna watch
b-roll of is the Mona Lisa and the reason I use the Mona Lisa is because
well first off hashtag most famous is the Mona Lisa it’s the number one
portrait of all time she’s inspirational because the Mona Lisa really wasn’t to
anyone that anybody remembers other than the painting that is now left it’s not
like she was a queen or a musician or an artist herself she was just like
probably some rich lady that that Leonardo da Vinci painted if you liked the video I hope you
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3 Replies to “Why do I suck at YouTube || Do do I suck as an Artist Too?”

  1. Matthew Alonzo says:

    post on Friday

  2. Sandy Mackenzie says:

    So excited I found your site. Love the fire painting, NO YOU DO NOT SUCK! I have been doing pyrography for years and now am ready to give torching and fire painting a go. Yes definitely paint Bianca, SHE THE NORTH

  3. Stacy Bourdeau says:

    You definitely don't suck.. I'm so amazed by your work !! Also post on Wednesdays or Fridays..

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