Which VERIZON logo is your favourite? Logo design process from start to finish.

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8 Replies to “Which VERIZON logo is your favourite? Logo design process from start to finish.”

  1. Turbo Taquito [Google] says:

    Option 1 is the best by far in my opinion. It's super clean and fits in the best with their current branding. I have mixed feelings with the gradient in the checkmark v but overall I think it works well overall and gives it more personality. The checkmark v is such a creative solution too, far better and more iconic than Verizon's current branding! Cheers!

  2. MelodiousMischief says:

    THANK YOU for doing this. As someone who uses Verizon, it upset me so much when they did their rebrand, their check mark definitely makes it so unoriginal. Option 1 was my favorite since you made it look more.. like part of a proper logo.

  3. SuperMustache555 says:

    Though they’re simple, each design works really well with the brand. As a customer of Verizon, I approve

  4. Ana C Silva says:

    Option 1 😃 it's another great concept to apply on the brand, instead of an update of it, like options 3. Have a good day you too! 😊 P.S. Do you want to talk about weather? Ahah 😋 In Portugal this summer it's very weird: one day is hot, another is raining, the heat in this time of the year don't last 🥴 but yeah i believe it's very unconfortable and i hope things get better there very soon 😉

  5. RSR says:

    Good video, keep going

  6. Tom Sims says:

    So I don't know a lot about the company (from England too 😂) so I don't know which is best in context, option 4 is lovely, nice and approachable but still professional, a hard balance to get. Option 5 looks super clean and a lot more technology related. P.S. I'm having a great day thx 😊

  7. Mubashir Rizvi says:

    Option 1 is cool #rebrandgang

  8. Aegir says:

    Rebrand gang 🙌🏻

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