What's the BEST VALUE Graphics Card for your Money? (2016)

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  1. Tyso Piccaso says:

    Gtx 780

  2. Canucker says:

    RX 480 for 200 ? what planet ?

  3. Goofness says:

    Rx480 now selling for 600 dollars I hate bitcoin 😡😭

  4. Ben Goodyear says:

    So for YouTube MSI GTX 1060?

  5. KingLizard says:


  6. KingLizard says:

    Is this a good comp.

  7. Adithya Krishnan says:

    GTX 1060 3gb or 6gb?

  8. PharoOne says:

    If i were to get a r7240, will it be able to work on my intel pentium CPU?

  9. cool beans says:

    yea i agree with this listed but amd drivers suck ballz. i dont want the headachs with an amd gpu, forced to spend and extra 50 for 1060

  10. Ihsan Aditama says:

    Can i pair the x4 860k w/ gtx 1050 ti?

  11. Wolpha Gamez says:

    I personally like Intel HD graphics 😂😂😂

  12. Penguinmad4 says:

    I have an i3 6100, what's the best graphics card around $200. BTW I live in Canada

  13. Scotty Martin says:

    can the rx 460 play Csgo on like 80-120 frames

  14. Gowtham Gaming says:

    Sapphire r7 250x 2gb ddr5.. how is it???

  15. Vozdovacki Gamer says:

    my old pc has atg port for gups

  16. Two Legged Cat33 says:

    what processor

  17. Bret Douchet says:

    i hate amd fanboys 1080 for the win

  18. Kaiser Wilhelm II says:

    No links

  19. Berget Vistamista says:

    i didnt know faze adapt had a 2nd gaming channel

  20. Swagachu says:

    1050ti canada gtx 1060 us

  21. James Jones says:

    If I use Linux and thus don't care about DirectX, which card would you recommend?

  22. Zlin says:

    Is NVIDIA GTX 1060 Better than AMD RX 480?

  23. Wild Music says:

    Can i put a rx 460 or rx 480 in my laptop?
    My laptop has a i5 and a intel HD 3000

  24. jakub gregorica says:

    and where is a radeon pro duo?

  25. Lukas Lampe says:

    Guys what is the whole name of the nvidia GTX 1060?

  26. Bosz Ambush says:

    hi guys just want to ask what video card is the best for my build

    MSI B150A Pro Gaming

    Intel Core i5 – 6500 socket 1151

    video card:

    G. Skill Ripjaw V series 8gb (2x4gb) DDR4 2400 mhz

    power supply:
    Corsair VS650 watts

    hard disk:
    W.D caviar blue 1TB

    cooling device:
    Cryorig H7 cpu air cooler

  27. migs migsss says:

    watching this made me more excited to get rx 480 for my first pc. im planning to get the sapphire nitro+oc 4gb 😀

  28. T S says:

    In the netherlands the 1060 is cheaper than the rx 480 so ill have to go with the 1060

  29. GAY Wizard says:

    whispers Budget….

  30. Some random dude on the internet says:

    What card is in the thumbnail? just curious

  31. Ganooli says:

    the gtx 1060 3gb is better than the rx 480

  32. Limitless says:

    460 performance is the same as the 750ti sometimes the 750 ti out performs the radeon :/ next gpu i'm getting is either 1060 or 1070

  33. Iza215 says:

    Vulkan api is moving along strong… It might take down dx12 😕😕😕

  34. ಹರಿ ಸರ್ವೋತ್ತಮ ವಾಯು ಜೇವೋತ್ತಮ says:

    gtx 950 ti just 130$

  35. Daevster 666 says:

    200$ rx 480…. where?

  36. Gates2Aion says:

    the GEFORCE GTX 1060 here in Eng;and is £275

  37. Cristian Amaya says:

    Hello, can anyone recommend the best Graphic card for the following:
    ASRock H61M-VG4
    Intel i7 3770
    16GB RAM DDR3
    750W PSU
    please 😀😀
    I don't know if a GTX 9** or 10**, and what version SC, SSC, FTW or something like that. I just want 1920×1200 60 fps, no 1440p, no 4k, also what is better/cheaper/more options EVGA, GIGABYTE, MSI, ZOTAC, other?
    and, 2GB GDDR5 or maybe 4GB? pleaseeeeeeeeeeee, thank you so much!!

  38. Masky tech says:


  39. Dab Nae Nae says:

    Please reply to this comment

  40. Foshay says:

    The AMD RX 480 is $230 not $200

  41. Voulty says:

    this guy has a very punchable face

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