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Meet the X470 GAMING PRO CARBON It’s designed for AMD’s 2nd-generation RYZEN processors, supporting 8 cores and 16 threads and up of raw CPU power. The X470 GAMING PRO CARBON is built by using high quality military class components. It features Core Boost, which is the
best CPU power design with more power phases, specifically for RYZEN 2nd generation and dual 8-pin CPU power connectors to make sure you can enjoy the full power of the new RYZEN processors. Even though this platform is built for Gaming, you can unlock even more performance by overclocking. We’ve also worked tirelessly with all major memory suppliers to ensure maximum compatibility and speed using MSI DDR4 Boost This unique AM4-based motherboard
features a full black PCB design with enhanced heatsinks and RGB LEDs infused into the heatsinks. Making sure it stays just as cool as it looks. The RGB LEDs can be controlled using the MSI Mystic Light software So you can personalize the system completely by choosing from millions of colors and multiple predefined LED effects. You can even synchronize other RGB components from third-party vendors. Audio Boost 4 uses high quality components on a completely isolated PCB for the purest Hi-Fi sound. Combined with Nahimic 3 software this enhances the surround sound experience for the most immersive gameplay. You won’t be suffering from any lag with the MSI Gaming LAN, which is powered by Intel. It’s optimized to provide the lowest latency while gaming online. With smart bandwidth management through the MSI Gaming LAN Manager, you can prioritize your gaming traffic over any other traffic. The GAMING PRO CARBON AC has a built-in AC wireless antenna which allows you to connect to wireless
networks if you don’t have a cable available. This board supports fast NVMe based SSDs through Turbo M.2 One of them comes with an M.2 Shield, which is a dedicated M.2 heatsink which minimizes throttling and maximizes your SSD performance. With 8 SATA ports and 6 of the latest USB 3.1 Gen2, this board offers plenty of fast connections for storage devices and peripherals. The X470 GAMING PRO CARBON series has strengthened Steel Armor PCI slots for the most powerful graphics cards and
supports both SLI and Crossfire configurations. So if you’re looking into upgrading to a RYZEN based Gaming rig with a personal touch, be sure to check out the X470 GAMING PRO CARBON motherboard. Happy Gaming!


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  1. Kartikey Yadav says:


  2. 3vilshadows says:

    know someone if it is necessary to clear the CMOS after Bios updating? (MSI Z370 Krait Gaming)

  3. Raj Gupta says:


  4. Hadex says:

    https://www.amazon.com/MSI-Infinite-VR8RF-008US-Enthusiast-i7-8700K/dp/B077BBX522/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1522077075&sr=8-2&keywords=msi%2Binfinite%2Bx&th=1 bring this back dammit i wanted to buy it

  5. game on ps4,laptop even mobile says:

    If you have bad laptop (that can't handle fortnite) like me you are rip

  6. Kenney Raghu says:

    Gaming Lan from Intel tho, i love the Killer more.

  7. Archie says:

    Does it support 1 St gen ryzen cpu and ryzen apu.

  8. James Batchelor says:

    All I need to know is that it's hella out of my budget

  9. Vandoeun Long says:

    i'm sad that msi removed the soundchip cover from the x470 gaming ac

  10. KannX says:

    Is it possible to run Windows 7 with new Ryzen 2000 series?

  11. Dan says:

    Doesn't M.2 Shield caused M.2 SSD get too hot due to airflow impedance?

  12. Chemy Torres says:

    And looks gorgeous!

  13. tigerbalm says:

    fyi: iF THEY SAY "8+X" PHASES…IT'S 4+X. "6+X" = 3+X….It's misleading wut they say and frankly dishonest cuz they KNOW they are misleading consumers. Only a few high end mobos has actual phases stated!

  14. amar Bakour says:


  15. Matthew Lawrence says:

    waiting for x470 titanium!

  16. Bisayan_Tek says:


  17. Tomáš Bouzek says:

    Fix problems with BIOS +DDR4 memories….especialy high latency.

  18. David Duarte says:

    Only idiots buy Ryzen for gaming.

  19. Drug Abuse says:

    MSI best boards ever , never to fail me yet.. will always recommend

  20. The5GIO5 says:

    Pls never stop with carbon I love it so so much

  21. catonpillow says:

    Stay away from GPP if you want to sell your mobos.

  22. basshead says:

    I'm still rocking with my MSI 945GCM5-F V2 rev 4.2 (FSB 1333) motherboard. I have had it 10 years now and still going strong. I have my studio tour and gaming setup video on my channel.

  23. N3OXITY says:

    I like my b350 gaming carbon pro better it looks way more beautiful.

  24. Aditya Bayu_P says:

    2×8 cpu power??

    well i need 1000w psu

  25. straya_ au says:

    is there another msi board like this but intel

  26. zon tarr says:

    So is it GAMING or not ? I can not tell, I am so confused with so much transparency….I always been an MSI customer: motherboards, graphic cards mainly. but recently I feel betrayed, as I recommend you to some of my friends. With this GPP bullshit I don't care whatever you produce I will not buy. The same for Asus or Gigabyte or other Nvidia minions.

  27. JoeG Cards says:

    why no white motherboards or brown ones eheh black boring



  29. Don Barron says:

    What MOSFETS does this board use?

  30. ZYS says:

    Wait, is this the AC one? Cause only the AC variation has Wireless Wlan, doesnt it?

  31. Sneak peak says:

    why Mobo manufacturer these days doesn't include at least dvi or vga port on the high end motherboards…we even wana pair with igpu cpu's without a dgpu…plz include…plz include!!!…

  32. Zet0s says:

    You get your own wifi with this?

  33. Sin Stalker says:

    This vs m7?

  34. Эрвин Роммель says:

    how much temp vrm during render or stress test?

  35. Friendly Druggo says:

    Does this have Bluetooth?

  36. Lewis Pandit says:

    Hey bro I have a case with SD card slots on the front panel is this motherboard OK to use if you can can you look at the case the case I have is called aerocool p7-c1 can you tell me thank you

  37. FabityFabRenz Taylor says:

    MSI X470 GAMING PRO AM4 AMD X470 Motherboard
    G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3466 (PC4 27700) RAM
    AMD RYZEN 7 2700X 8-Core 3.7 GHz CPU
    can this ram work in this combination?

  38. Oziriz says:

    The gaming branding on all these are terrible. Going with the PRIME one.

  39. Cliff Bartram says:

    Bought mine today, what a beautiful looking board, and damn it is heavy I couldn't believe how much weight is in this board! Cant wait to build it thanks MSI 🙂

  40. Jotty H says:

    Why 2 8 pin cpu connectors? The VRM can't even use that much power??

  41. TuxNewsit! says:

    If this is an 11 phases im a turtle. Pls, be honest and write 4+2 phases on gaming pro and gaming plus and 6+2 or 8+0 (cant remember now) for this one. And remove that useless dual cpu power connector.

  42. DerpyDiamond _ says:

    Plz someone tell me if its compatible with i7

  43. AK_BRAD_907 says:

    Plz someone tell me if my 1x8pin cpu power connection will work?

  44. BARF Gameplay says:

    This is a bit unrelated and might be a weird question, but you sound Dutch. I thought MSI was a Taiwanese company but is the marketing team in the Netherlands? Just interested as i'm a huge fan of MSI products, especially the aesthetics (black and red is my favorite colour scheme since i was a little kid).

  45. Mr Chicago says:

    Am I good to use Ryzen 5 2600X with this MOBO?

  46. MussesMaffia says:

    To control you rgb from yor phone you need Wi-fi on your computer. BUT IT DONT COME WITH WI-FI????????????

  47. Orome says:

    Which ram slots do I use with 2 ram modules?

  48. antikiller92 says:

    Could you tell me which ram is the best for this mobo plus a 2700x processor? I was planning on buying a F4-3200C16D-16GTZR but read that it may not be able to reach that speed of 3200 mhz. Any other recommendations? RGB?

  49. JA Bognini says:

    do I need to connect the 2 cpu 8-pins connector for my 2700X or just one 8-pin connector will do?

  50. -gravef1ghter- says:

    Quick question. If I have an Asrock TPM 2.0 module can I use it on this motherboard?

  51. Willy Wang says:

    when first instalation, could using HDMI cable to monitor ? or must be use display port ?

  52. EveryMinuteCounts Eric McDade says:

    What are some good compatible graphic cards for this MB?

  53. JayVee C says:

    how do you download the gaming lan manager??

  54. Cuba G says:

    Does the intel core i5 9400 fit on it?

  55. BJ Hutton says:

    X470 Gaming Pro Carbon / AC
    Supports AMD® Ryzen 1st and 2nd Generation/ Ryzen™ with Radeon™ Vega Graphics/ Athlon™ with Radeon™ Vega Graphics and A-series / Athlon™ X4 Processors for Socket AM4.

    Therefore, 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs also work on X470 and B450 motherboards.

  56. Evan Morgan says:

    @1:33 it shows compatibility w/ Cooler Master products, but thus far I have been unable to figure out how to control the RGB fans (3 of them) in my Cooler Master MB500 TUF case. The fans are on, and the LED's are lit, but they're only one color, and I am unable to change the colors, either with the included controller, or through the mobo . . . help?

  57. MSori086 says:

    Hi, this mobo will be compatible with next gen Ryzen?. Support Addressable RGB?, and 3600 ram?

  58. Тайным фейком об тейбл says:

    Very potancevalnaja mother. One touch – GREAT BOObST.

  59. Some Random Guy says:

    It’s work with 3rd gen Ryzen btw

  60. Cliffy N Jovelyn says:

    STUTTERING AND FREEZING ISSUE: Since no one has figured this out DO NOT USE the RGB headers on this board to connect any lights etc, I tried everything including tearing my hair out swapping parts out etc and win10 settings, voltages you name it! Unplugged the rgb lights from the board and like magic all the stuttering went away. This is a similar problem to some asrock and gigabyte boards so makes sense. MSI should really fix this issue though or warn customers that not all rgb lights play nice with the onboard headers!!!

  61. Catalin csw says:

    Guys i was looking on internet but i didn't see manny details could somebody tell me what psu you use or which one is good for this motherboard ?

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