What is REALLY a Digital Marketing Strategy?

January 5, 2020 posted by

What is a digital marketing strategy?
It’s not just about marketing communications! It’s definitely not just
about Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Google AdWords, LinkedIn or YouTube. Before you
start to jump into these bandwagons of digital media, we have to caution you
about the scope of your digital marketing strategy. The issue is that
digital marketing strategy is often used loosely when talking about future plans.
But what exactly is it and what should be its scope? You may have your ideas but
others won’t always share them. So it’s worth briefly scoping it out to ensure
your vision is clear and agreed with colleagues in your organization. Okay!
Let’s do the textbook definitions… Digital marketing strategy defines a
digital communications strategy for a brand to meet its goals of engaging its
audience online using digital media data and technology integrated with the
flying channels. It should include current performance and capabilities
objectives vision tactics and actions to achieve goals and controls to measure
and report on performance. For us at Navigator Digital Academy, the key thing
to decide when creating a digital marketing strategy for your business is
whether it is limited to creating a plan for more effective digital marketing
communications or whether you broaden the scope to seem at potential new
business and revenue models. For example, modern businesses should consider each
of the 7Ps of the marketing mix such as products, pricing, place, and promotion to
see how they can best be refined.

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