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January 4, 2020 posted by

I have a very special guest today and she and I are going to talk about body image! So stay tuned. There we go. So, like I said, today I’m going to talk about body image and I have an amazing special guest! Her name is Ashley Mardell. Hey there! And if you haven’t checked out her channel, I will put links in the description below, so make sure you go. And this is part of a collaboration, so at the end I’ll link it to the next video. Hey, it’s a twofer! But today we’re going to talk about body image, like I said. And my first question for Ashley is Ashley, what does body image mean to you? A: Personally, I think body image means one’s sense of their own body. It’s the thoughts and the feelings that they experience when they look at their body in the mirror, or they picture their body in their mind. And I think you can have a really positive body image, in which you accept your flaws and you celebrate the things that make your body unique. Or you could also have a negative body image where you feel self conscious and awkward and maybe ashamed of your body. K: Isn’t she great? She is so good at, like, conceptualizing things and then putting it together in a really nice package and I’m like, “I totally agree!” That’s why I love her channel so much, so thanks so much Ashley. And my second question for you is “How do you think social media affects the way that we feel, like affects our body image? A: Personally, I think it depends on the kinds of content and people that you surround yourself with in social media. I know there are definitely pockets of the internet that really objectify women, or have unrealistically high expectations of what people should look like, and what sexy is. But! There are also platforms and people and virtual spaces on the internet that celebrate many different kinds of bodies and really focus on body positivity. Personally, I spend most of my time in these kinds of virtual spaces and I actually feel like it’s had a really positive effect on my body image. K: And that’s what I’m trying to do, right? We’re trying to create positive things out there because there’s so many negatives. I always talk about how we have to make sure we’re feeding ourselves the right things, right? We can feed ourselves, not only physically feeding with food, but we’re also feeding with positive information or negative information, so I totally agree. And my last question for you is, for all of my viewers out there and for anybody who’s struggling with their body image, what are some things that you do to help your own body image? A: Surround yourself with people and websites and literature and media that find many different kinds of bodies beautiful. The moment that I started putting down magazines that only found one kind of body beautiful and the moment that I found people and places that found curves sexy and intelligence really sexy, that’s when I figured out that there are many different kinds of beauties and it’s not always skin deep. K: Thank you so much Ashley for taking the time to put this video together with me and sharing your wonderful insights. And if anybody wants to check out our next collaboration video, you can click here. And also, like I said, don’t forget to check out Ashley’s channel, it’ll be in the description below. And in the comments, you guys, let me know what things you’re doing, or you have done to help build your own body image. And then we can share what works, right? And we can help one another because we’re in this together as we work towards a healthy mind and a healthy body. Bam! Pew! Some days you know, you’re like ‘damn! I’m feeling good!” and then other days you’re like “womp, womp…” and it just depends, right? Bam! And you can pick whichever one you like! Exactly! Yay! This is going to be cute, I’m really excited. You the best. Subtitles by the Amara.org community


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  1. leavejade says:

    This helps.

  2. jessica kaulitz says:

    I love her! And you as well Kati! Love the video!! 🙂

  3. Savanah Gilbert says:

    #katifaq Hi Kati, I have a friend who opened up to me about her bulimia in September. One of her other friends made the decision to tell her parents because it had been going on for six months already. She ( the friend with bulimia) told me that her parents didn't understand and thought she was doing it for attention or something and didn't get it was an addiction. It's been about nine months and I recently talked with her about how she was doing/ if she was trying it get better and she isn't. She won't go to a therapist and a treatment center seems to be out of the question for her personally. I really don't think she has any desire to get better but I know she knows the affects of bulimia. What can I do to help her try and stop? Is there anything I can tell her that might motivate her to stop? I'm concerned and really do want her to get better. Also, I don't think her parents really took any actions after the day her friend told them. I know they asked if she wanted a therapist and stuff but she said no and I feel like they don't ever address the issue or maybe they don't know she's still dealing with it. I asked her if she wanted me to talk to her parents and help explain that its a serious issue and she really needs help but she said no and she'd rather not deal with her parents. I don't want to make her upset but I also feel like her parents need to know she's still dealing with it.

  4. Megan Kelly says:

    Your eyes are BEAUTIFUL! I love your videos, they help me a lot! Thanks!

  5. P00perd00pers says:

    I like to buy clothes that I think look good on me, I have a few body positive FB pages liked, and my BF tells me I'm beautiful every day even though I don't see myself that way.

  6. Lauren Maree says:

    Yay!!! So happy you made a video with Ashley. She's awesome, you're awesome, this video was just full of awesome!!! 🙂 

  7. Eleven By Five says:

    Something that helps me a little sometimes is when i look in a mirror to try to see throufh the eyes of an artist or photographer. In paintings and photos (esp b&w for some reason), our ideas of beauty are so different from those we use to judge celebrity shots. Art and photos show us the beauty in what is often dismissed as mundane or even ugly – gnarled old people, decrepit buildings, trashy streets, unusual faces, unusual bodies. In fact the less those things conform to the popular standards of pretty, often the more profoundly beautiful the art/photo is. That helps me sometimes.

  8. papondahoops says:

    The book Fat!So? by Marilyn Wann was a life changing read for me. It beaks down fat hate zine-style and supports positive self image for all.

  9. singinwithceline says:

    Yay! Two of my favorite people together!

  10. ThrivingHuman says:

    really important subject yet again 🙂

  11. embracingthefuture says:

    #Katifaq Hey Kati! Could you do a video on burning out from overworking? Thanks ^^

  12. Olivia Crookes says:

    Greeeaaattt video!!! When I'm having terrible body image I like to think of flamingoes. They're all unique and different like us – but is any one of them more beautiful/ugly? HECK NO! They all rock! So do we! Even when our feathers are all a-fluffle. Sometimes those are the days when we are the cutest <3 xoxo

  13. Crystal9CA says:

    Think like a proton and stay positive 🙂

  14. Aria Marie says:

    Gosh I love you both <3 _ <3

  15. thelonelydirector says:

    I can't believe I didn't know about this channel!!!! SO EXCITED!

  16. Eli Jay says:

    Hey kati this video is amazing, ashley is also amazing great super amazing!!!

  17. ondinedancer says:

    great collab! I love both channels!!

  18. EleanorRealOne says:

    I completely agree about surrounding yourself with positive people and avoiding certain areas of the web. But I really feel you have the wrong angle here – we need to explore what holds people back from the positive body image. Essentially to turn the question on its head- "why do you have bad body image?" I feel otherwise its analogous to telling people to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more – we wouldn't have an obesity crisis if this worked. I mean this comment in a constructive, contributory way, not to criticise. 🙂

  19. Hannah Jones says:

    Hey there Ashley! Haha this is cool

  20. Ash Hardell says:

    THIS is fantastic, turned out SO well. I am the happiest that we collabed 🙂

    I am off to share this around and re-watch it a zillion times! You rock 🙂

  21. justagirl1516 says:

    Kati's hyper…. 😀 So this could have a negative reaction for some people and I don't recommend doing this all the time BUT some days I will simply only use a mirror from the shoulders up. That way I am going by how I think my clothes fit and my image doesn't get the chance to be distorted because I won't look. I don't think that needs to be done daily and to completely avoid my body but on day I know no matter what I do I am not going to feel okay looking at myself, I just don't. Also I use tumblr to search curvy images or healthy images…ect to kind of boost myself since I know I am naturally a  curvy person and its something ed hates so thats how I use it against him. 😛 

  22. Lindsey F says:

    I agree with this video on body image. I've had to recently quit my gym and sign up at a planet fitness where the environment feels so much less judgmental. It makes a difference and it's unfortunate that I feel uncomfortable in my own skin even when working out.

  23. Lindsey F says:

    I'm new to this and not sure how to maneuver my way around that great yet. I posted a video and not sure if I can tag you?

  24. Ali L says:

    I can't believe this is real *000* I love you both so much!!

  25. Farah D says:

    It's a bit silly, but what reeeeeeally helped me with my body image is creating art with it? I'm a huge fan of dancing and beautiful choregraphies (eveeeen if I'm not one tiny bit flexible, although you can improve that with time). I just tune in my absolute favorite songs/beats, try to zone out, dim my bedroom lights, turn on a fan, and get moving!

  26. Alexis White says:

    i know this thought is completely random but you have a despicable me shirt with mignions and that is awesome. so yah good video that is all. 

  27. DOYLERULES69X says:

    Ashley should have a really great body image. In my opinion she is the most beautiful woman on youtube. She's so cute, and she's a really awesome person.  So is Kati Morton for that matter.

  28. Rachel Writes says:

    Oh two of my favorite people in a video together!  Yay!  

  29. Shelby Kirk says:

    I have the same shirt as Ashley


    i just noticed my body image in like 5th grade used to be really bad i say like i would see myself as ugly but now in 6th grade when i imagine myself i see me as awesome looking handsome and just good

  31. sofie wild says:

    Literally, Kati is so adorable.

  32. David Jimenez says:

    More about how no matter what you do, society will always say your body is not perfect:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWTRwj9t-vU

  33. Linksgrün Versifft says:

    When two of the most amazing people on youtube, no, the whole world(!) collaborate with another…

  34. Queen Bombus says:

    I'm an adult now but I didn't realized how what my dad said to me about my body as a growing young lady would effect me the way that is has. The shaming and embarrassing he projected onto me as I was starting puberty was horrible. Taking negatively about my breast growing and talking about my bum and me growing into a young lady. It was very hurtful and that is something I still have an issue with. How in the world does a father do that to their child? It made me reject everything about being a woman including my own emotions and I feel like I'm stuck 🙁 I hate feeling like that… Thanks for the video 🙂

  35. Darren Wulfen says:

    When I look at myself in the mirror, I think “a woman doesn’t probably realize I’m this fat around the middle as i see I am. They will be disappointed and probably turned off” am I alone on this? 🤔

  36. Kimberley Downing says:

    Great video.

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