What Are The BEST USED GPUs to BUY Right Now…!?

July 30, 2019 posted by


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  1. Matt Stone says:

    TRUMP 2020

  2. Adam Gregerson says:

    I just bought a xfs rx 580 8 gig for $135 usd.
    It’s on it’s way and will be here Monday! I’m really excited.

  3. surgedtwice says:

    Epic deals in Ebay right now and probably for the foreseeable future. $100 RX480/580 and gtx 1070's going for $250

  4. Wiley says:

    Been seeing some 1080s around $350-375 USD.

  5. Franco Bordon says:

    ASRock RX 570 8gb gamming x 😍

  6. zachparr2442 says:

    Can get R9 furys for 100$ right now little better then 1060 and close to the 1070 in most games worth it

  7. over hanger says:

    Why not the rx580?

  8. Andy 45 says:

    u should've mentioned the rx480

  9. Miłosz says:

    R9 270x is fine with BF V 🙂

  10. Stanislav Maystorov says:

    I OC my i7 3820 at 4.2 ghz and I am getting a cinebench score of 720.
    So do you guys think that putting a r9 390x with it is a good idea?

  11. John Party says:

    You show that bill from VN Star Computer again 🤣

  12. Acoolrocket says:

    Why not mention about the sub-$60 Gpus for budget 1080p and +$200 for 1440p gaming? For example the 750 ti/gtx 6xx/r7 270(x)/gtx 570/580/hd 7870/7950 to get someone with just $30-$50 into gaming. Or the gtx 980 ti/1070 for 1440p gaming.

  13. Max says:

    it's literally the worst time to build a new PC right now. intel released outdated shit and AMD is releasing their new stuff in 3-4 months. how is it a good time right now?!

  14. Daniel s says:

    1060 3 GB keyboard and screen for £100 I was happy with that deal.

  15. PGR says:

    Rip i got rx 580 4gb for 110 euro i feel scamed now

  16. Destinyfan says:

    Is a new rx 580 8gb for €225 a good deal?

  17. Eric Lewis says:

    980ti used. I picked one up for 200 American +shipping

  18. Chase says:

    Skip 780ti they are way too old, and they are soon out of electronic life 😀

  19. Trevor Mundee says:

    Gtx 970, hands down, I just got an evga 970 ssc from ebay for $120 and it runs so cool(never gone above 60) and plays almost anything at high settings 1080p and gets 60fps.

  20. Borja Toledo says:

    Been using an R9 390 by sapphire for a while and i wouldn't recommend it at all. It's too hot and noisy and even though it has more than decent amount of memory, it doesnt really perform that well

  21. Bagoes budianto says:

    Got rx 580 8GB for £50 2weeks ago from my friend

  22. Djordje Djordjevic says:

    Man, those are 5 perfect advice's right now, once again you hit the point…
    I really love your channel!

  23. Joseph Kaneaster says:

    msi motherboard bazooka is good

  24. Joseph Kaneaster says:

    plez get 580s

  25. Joseph Kaneaster says:

    SAPPHIRE AMD Radeon  RX 470 4gb Gddr5 GPU

  26. JustAn0therFace 1 says:

    aftermarket rx 580's on ebay can go for as little as $40 plus shipping

  27. Temporicide says:

    RX 580 8gb nitro+ SE for £145

    Temps are insane… idle 25 c load 55.c
    @ 1400/2125

    All games ultra settings (1080p) I don't need higher resolutions because my are 20/20

  28. chaleur says:

    got a gtx 680 for $40 and also 1070s for $210, 1070 tis for $310, vega 56 for $300 are common deals in my country

  29. Chris Butterfield says:

    I picked up a dell xps 8100,an asus am3+ board and a fx8300,8 gb hyperx fury 1866 ddr3,and various other processors and ddr3 today. Tried to do my best "tech yes hustle" and got it all for $12.50 usd

  30. Helios Flicefer says:

    r9 290 is the best choice for christmas.


  31. Gosby Bakk says:

    hi Bryan i'm from Thailand (sorry for my bad English skill)
    I have a lot of VGA card (about 100+vga) from mining crypto and stop mine them already
    (for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0R-RJEdWgU )
    this is my list and price that i sell in Thailand
    rx 460 2gb= 1200 bath (divide 32 for USD)
    rx 460 4gb=1500
    rx 560 4gb= 1700
    gtx 1050 = 1800
    gtx 1050ti = 2200
    rx 470 4gb 1fan/2fan= 2400-2600
    gtx 1060 3gb 1fan/2fan = 2700-3000
    rx 480 4gb = 2800
    gtx 1060 6gb = 3500
    gtx 1070 = 7000-7500
    gtx 1080 = 9000
    gtx 1080ti = 13000

  32. Crown Productions-RBLX says:

    Hey guys, I need some help, I have a t3500 with the following specs:

    CPU: XEON W3530
    GPU: GTX 560 TI 1GB
    RAM: 8GB DDR3

    I want to upgrade it so I can play all modern titles for the next 4-5 years on atleast low settings 720p 30 fps, any advice on what to upgrade?

  33. renu mihai says:

    any gpu that is not from mineing

  34. Cao Minh says:

    1:05 thats vietnamese lol

    Never knew a foreigner wouls purchase gpus from here

  35. Tomoya says:

    Just recently Sniped a r9 290x(power color reference) for 70€ in Germany and its acutally Flooding around 120-200€

    The Hustle :3
    Learned from you

  36. miskaa L says:

    I have rx460. Should i ubgrade?

  37. Spork Master says:

    Some fury nitros selling for 100 USD, it will be my backup plan in case I can't afford the 1070 which goes for 225.

  38. travis rose says:

    The 700 series will lose support in 2019

  39. Amiga Wolf says:

    Yeah but the 3GB version is also a little bit slower then the 6GB version.

    The 3GB version have 1152 cores, and the 6GB version has 1280 cores, also a reason to go for the 6GB version, and more future proof if you want to do a long time with your video card.

  40. chilledgamer1985 says:

    been useing a r9 290x 8gb for the last year been the best £120 gbp i spent in years plays all the newer games at 1440p fine on high settings tho needs a good psu to do the 300w on the 12vote rail

  41. naiasonod says:

    The 1080ti trades punches with the RTX 2080, so I don't see the 1080ti coming down in price anytime soon.

  42. Welcome To Compton says:

    1070, 1070ti 1080 1080ti 1060

  43. Andrew Bedford says:

    Just got a vega56 for £210 on ebay!!!!!

  44. eco says:

    Picked up a 980ti for £170 on gumtree

  45. djmandrick says:

    Ran a 970 and a R9 290 in 2 machines. The difference between them (all similar specs elsewhere) was virtually none. Price wise R9 290 would be my choice for 1080p. Consumes more power than the 970 (never seen a great deal on one yet really) but sits right between a 480 and 580 (so within 5% either way) for a lot less. Bro has no issues with his 290X @1440p/60hz and FX8350 @ 4.4

  46. Tausty Z says:

    I got an r9 270 for $50 and it can play most games at high or ultra settings 45-55fps. I also over clocked it and have 60fps high settings in Fallout 4

  47. Mr. Jesus says:

    None, unless you want a shizz mining card…..even 980 and 980ti were used for mining when the mining craze was at its peak…

  48. deepukrishnan1978 says:

    hi… why dont you test some used quadros too… some of them can game quite well

  49. refuseresist85 says:

    In Europe you can also find some nice deals. I have bought my Zotac 1070 for 900PLN it's 236$/210€.

  50. Adrian ' says:

    I wish rx 470's were that cheap here in the UK. Although i could get the rx 480 4gb for £160 new which isnt too bad

  51. Pizzerizgud says:

    iTs a GReAt tiMe To BUILD A USED PC

  52. kyle jesus leroy beehler says:

    hey men.. love your videos. Can you do a video of the old 200 series for a retro build (260,275,280's). These cards are very sentimental for me.

  53. Zombie Rofl says:

    I am sorry but the 780TI does not give similar performance to the 1060. AND:

    GTX 1060 vs GTX 980:

    -similar performance

    -half the price of a GTX 980

    -extra 2GB VRam

    -lower energy consumption

  54. wrmusic says:

    Finding many used GTX 1080Ti from good brands (MSI/EVGA/Gigabyte) for about $500 locally, probably gonna pick up one.

  55. Tonin says:

    I have a challenge to you: Build an used PC from Brazil stores (like Mercado Livre) for less than 500usd

  56. Patrik Miskovic says:

    470,570 and 580

  57. Kevin Y. says:

    Got 2 Strix 1080Tis for $300 apiece

  58. Jimster480 says:

    GTX 980 = RX480/580?
    Why is $200 a good value for it?

  59. viper blah says:

    bro…. SAPPHIRE NITRO FURY $130 us shipped on eBay

  60. William Limmer says:

    Brian 🙂 Looking forward to the unknown brand rx470/570 as I would be interested in picking one up!

  61. Koidakis Manolis says:

    Estimated prices too low imop


    An ACER TC-220 Tower computer with a DAA78L motherboard and A10-7800k and 16GB of DDR3 2660MHZ RAM and builtin WIFI nothing else needed not even a graphics card as that is built into the A10-7800k as you can use a LCD television set as a monitor, you will need a keyboard and mouse with extra long cables so you can be well away from the monitor.

  63. Piske San says:

    prices in Europe are like crazy. My deal is quite the opposite. Due to mining disaster, i will put on my rig a shappire RX 580 8gb Nitro+ that has been mining for some months (with a bit of Tech Yes City), and sell my almost brand new Gigabyte GTX 1060 6gb Windforce OC which i think has more demand.

    If i were to chose , i would get a gtx 980ti. You can get them for around 250€ if a bit lucky.

  64. Mark Andar says:

    Picked up a asus rog Strix rx 570 for £105 off eBay! Hopefully a nice upgrade from my r9 270x

  65. wohuw says:

    Man, I wish used hardware were that cheap where I live. Most stuff worth buying here is sold at essentially retail price and often even above. RX470s can be found anywhere from €150 to €170 (USD 170 to 195) , while a new RX570 costs €175 (USD 200). Shit's ridiculous. And to top it off, my R9 270 is about to give up the ghost.

  66. Ishmam Naveel says:

    1070?? I got one for $225 on eBay

  67. tomas o sullivan says:

    a brand new 1060 6gb here in ireland is 300 .i can buy a 1070 from ebay for the same price ..is it worth taking the risk buying second hand from ebay ??????????

  68. Gay Ninja says:

    Got a 1060 6 gb for 240$

  69. 10/10 Spellling says:

    I just got a gtx 750 ti for $50 USD and I paired it with an i5-2400 and its handling 1080p gaming just fine.

  70. Amer Huba says:

    Until you live in a village called Finland and RX cards are double the price you show here, and others more expensive too.

  71. Nadz Addiction says:

    Got my msi gtx 970 4gb for 80$ its a beast

  72. Dorkseid says:

    Here in the states, I actually just picked up a matching pair of 980 TIs for 100 each. I've already got an 850w EVGA PSU for the pair, so I expect to have a good time when they get here on my Korean 4k panel.

  73. Third Coast Crypto says:

    Sold my r9 200/300 series cards a while back. It's amazing how well AMD's Hawaii architecture has aged with how well they still perform.

  74. BuckBuck says:

    Got an R9 290x for $70 AUD. Pretty good deal, I gotta say.

  75. Karl Manson says:

    if i want to play at max setting including all AA at 1366 x 768 what vga should i buy for the latest game ? i got i5 3570, 60 fps is not a must, if it can run latest game at 35 fps as minimum, and the average around 45-50+ im good. thank you.

  76. sheppardpat47 says:

    The R9 290x is really good for the price actually, but holy shit the fan is so fucking loud even my hair dryer is more silent

  77. Je Suis Toto says:

    In France,the lowest GTX 1060 you can find on ebay is 150 euros,that's twice the price of retail price in your country,lol

  78. Eric Babtista says:

    I have a lot of green screens with r9 cards. After new Radeon updates.. Also the r9 series eats power. Just pick up a gtx 1060 or rx 470/480

  79. Brandon Phillips says:

    Anyone know if the GALAX brand is any good? Gonna be in Bangkok in 2 weeks, seeing alot of Galax GTX 1060 3GB for like 90USD .. probable used for mining but eh thats a good deal. Could be good for a while still

  80. italian316 says:

    I was having a 8 years old PC only upgrade memory and video card from (2010) GTX 275 to (2013) GTX 770 but in ( 2015) got from evga warranty a 970 but my motherboard die in (2017) have a semi full PC upgrade keeping only the GTX 970 but this Xmas gift myself a EVGA 2080ti black edition now only need a monitor but have this inner battles of going PG27UQ 4k 144hz which never gonna be able to hit 144hz with this card only but maybe at most 80hz in some games or PG35VQ 1440p 200Hz = something similar if this monitor ever come out (^_-) and have no worry of running ultra highframe game for years to comes

  81. Preston Mathis says:

    Picked up a gtx 1060 6gb for 138 on eBay last week.

  82. Cooper Gates says:

    Remember that 1/10 of the cores are shaved off from a 1060 6 GB to make the 3 GB model.
    There even appears to be a FIVE Gb GTX 1060, problem is its memory bus is cut down to 160 bits.

  83. Taunter Atwill says:

    Show some frame rates with 'real' games in 4K like gta5, battlefield 1 or 5 to convince people.

  84. Creppers400 says:

    what site is it? for used components?

  85. Saintbow says:

    Have a question and really don't know which one of your videos to ask it on, but since it deals with video cards. Figured I would ask it here. Now currently I have a GTX 1080 (blower) gpu and we know the blower style runs hotter. Before everyone screams at me for buying this one, i did not buy it. It was a work write off from my boss. He asked mewhat GPU I had, I told him, he laughed at me, three days later I was ordered to go to Bestbuy to pick up my package and there it was. Now this card as of late has been running hot. I have cleaned it out every month, I have enough fans in my pc to make a small hurricane (typhoon) and yet this sucker is pushing 75-80C. I even had to make a external cooling tower the feeds cool air from the outside of my case into the the case and feed it into the area of the gpu, allowing it to get it's own supply of fresh air. I have gone as far as running my own separate AC unit for the room and keep it at 65F controlled temp. I am now considering replacing the thermal pads and replacing the thermal paste to see if that would work. Other than that, a overhaul of the cooling system would be the logical step. It's the only thing i can think of. Do you have any suggestions? Additionally, I was surfing only and nabbed a Inno3d Nvidia GTX 970 Ichill OC edition and can only find one other for sale on ebay. Are these rare or never used, even heard of? I know the reviews it was given said the cooling power of them were out of this world, but I just never heard of this version. Might as well ask the guy who knows everything! Anyways, thanks for the videos!

  86. Toni Valentin says:

    i have tthe 1060 3 gb and for league and other online games is a very decent card i like it alot 😀

  87. john says:

    just got me an rx 570 4gb for £85 and 12 months warranty

  88. SogySeal says:

    I just upgraded from dual r9 280x's to a gtx 1070 that I got for $211 on Ebay. Talk about a deal and an upgrade. The difference in performance is incredible.

  89. Tman says:

    It's getting old but I'll always love my r9 290

  90. pedro henrique Carvalho says:

    Hi , i have a ryzen 3 2200g which gpu of this list would be better to play PUBG ?

  91. Kenny Lender says:

    I built a i3 8100 with 12gb ram 1tb mech 256gb nvme with a gigabyte gtx 970 gaming 1 for 250 usd im shocked you didn't include the gtx 970 you can pick those up rn for 80-125 usd

  92. EarthPotato says:

    I ended up buying RX 470 after watching this video.
    I haven't upgraded my PC for more than 6 years due to the light gaming I am.
    Thank you for uploading this video, it helps me decide to upgrade my PC even though I'm on a low budget.
    I'm still waiting for the new AMD 3000 CPU, so I can upgrade my CPU which is currently I'm using i5-2400.

  93. Ha feliratkozol örökké szeretni foglak says:

    Happy with my rx 580 😉

  94. ano nymous says:

    I'm looking for a used gpu to do machine learning with. Would love to see a video on that topic.

  95. NoodlesTBograt says:

    So is the gtx 1060 $110 $140 or $200

  96. Flighted says:

    got a gtx 1060 6 gb model for $130 usd

  97. Kalyle houser says:

    just got a gtx 1070 for 225$

  98. brent collingwood says:

    GTX 970👍🏻

  99. Nokibul Islam says:

    Should i buy gtx 970 or rx 570? Can you please tell me?

  100. Peep ASMR says:

    got a 1060 6gb for 120$ get over 144 fps on some games and 240 on fortnite!

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