Website Audit (SEO, Design / UX & Speed Analysis) #1

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hello internet people in this video I will ordered promotional pens Australia calm that EU now first ordered the design in UX then I'll do a quick speed test and then a quick SEO did and at the end I'll tell my three main tips for this website dr. H how's this video going to turn out punch alright to begin the audit I want to show you the websites homepage for 5 seconds ok that was quick of what do you think the website is about and what impression do you have and what can you do the here well actually you've just participated in the 5 second test a 5 second test is run by showing an image for just 5 seconds after which the participants answer questions based on their memory and this way you can see how your users perceive your website and what they like or dislike the first impression is freely important for any website Arni what's your first impression is a very sensitive so here are my thoughts after the test well clearly you can get the promotional pens in Australia probably with your own logo and things like that the website looks outdated to me this lowers the trust that I get out of this on the other hand the fact that you've been in business 29 years and you're promoting at your local that gives me trust especially if I would be in Australia but general impression I'm a bit skeptical to buy because of the website design but that's just my first impression so let's dig deeper and what I really like already from the start is that this is really I mean this website name already tells what they do actually I like the this whole block what's in it not how its represented how its shown it's a bit old-school but what's in it this is awesome so you have some things like Australian own and it's 25 years that that just builds confidence then you have some images of all kinds of products they sells having an numbered disp in Italy oh that's that's a big plus because this just builds trust and people see a number they can call so it's really nice so you might get calls like this I need some money immediately but we only sell promotional things I know I don't know how often people just go and immediately as for a cold maybe those that know already you sure all right yeah you actually do promotional pen with the custom logos that's great talk about the bit of the prices uh-huh and then oh this is great you already started with the different categories of pens what else you have – nice alright this section really nice they have testimonials one thing I want to mention it's a bit weird to have this text on this background it just makes it less readable which I was looking to that it's kind of long page for the homepage I can imagine you would want people to actually go into the pants themselves so let's take a look at one of the categories Arnie what's your favorite category only nice and quick to load I can see there's a small bug here you see it continues here but on the left it doesn't so that looks a bit strange I guess this image just follows everywhere which might be confusing when you're on corporate collections so you could just you know get rid of that the button is really all old school having gradients and stuff this is maybe even an image so here you have you can actually filter even more and how does it work I guess dislike the navigation and to be honest this is used usually always at the top so I would replace actually this block with this one because it's weird that it's here this is super useful for people that they can browse through but I kind of see why you want to have this and this is your main call to action but you could have this on top and then this one underneath it otherwise your users will feel a bit lost ok the structure seems to make sense you have different things ok so you start to have prices here which is obviously important for any person it's a bit strange that there's a it looks like it continues here another thing you have double scroll here that's a big no-no in the design world it feels like it's website in a website oh so it is you're using an iframe to display this so that's why you have these things not sure why that's done and it's a bit strange just keep in mind that Google cannot see anything that's in iframe so that means to Google there's no products on this page and if we look at it on mobile so mobile it really gets messy like this you have scrolled to the side the home page seems to work better on mobile so that this is fine but then the category pages are there just don't respond in the right way I guess and most people use their mobile phones to search for things so I would make sure that you always check that your mobile version works even if you don't use yourself the mobile just double-check they works properly so what happens if I go to an actually ask for the quote now you said 20 years here I would keep it consistent I would keep this one I do like this this in a statement um you really don't need the the submission all pages fast quote so you can call company name email address phone number if people don't fill in these optional fields so maybe you could just remove them and make it a bit more easier for people to sign up because I mean it's easier to just write your name email address the the form will look much smaller and shorter if you have only let's say the required fields here but again imagine for your business also there's a bit different requirements for each client but you could also hide these other options under a accordion or like a drop-down or whatever so that when you click on it it reveals all of this otherwise they might feel like you're asking too much like this I need you close your boots and your motorcycle if you liked the video so far I would appreciate if you can click on the like button that would help me a lot Thanks okay so let's take a look at the website speed so because this is such a simple website the speed looks awesome so 95 for page speed 91% for yslow score which is a bit more technical way to look at the speed I use GT metrics but on Google I can imagine you have pretty much the same so very good in terms of performance probably because you don't have that many images in it it really loads quickly so good job on that one not much I can say here so let's take a look at the SEO part so I've already ran this tool and it's built by new Patel and I'll leave the link in the description but basically this first one is the overview of your organic keywords so I can see that you don't get that many visits for organic traffic according to this it's only one or two visitors every month so maybe you don't use the website so much for getting new leads and I see that your ranking but pages 51 to a hundred or 11 to 50 so how you really need to work hard to get to the four and ten that's where all the traffic is so you need to get on the first page of Google no problemo so here you have a list of pages that link to your home page the more backlinks you have the better and also if they're coming from a domain that has a high score like this one that increases your domains Authority so that that's good and here's just a quick overview of your SEO keywords pens printed that's something you might want to look into maybe improve a page that talks about this more I mean it's not high volley word but still you're in position 15 if you can get that to let's say seven or eight you would start seeing at least some part of these people coming to your website and then let's take a look at more of a SEO audit this tool basically suggests all kinds of SEO improvement you got pretty good SEO score in general so it's 82 this is obviously more of a technical review so not so much about the content so let's take a look if there's big issues here you can click on this and then you'll see your critical errors biggest thing is that you have low word count on some of the pages so that if you click on this you can see more I would just go through them some of them don't make sense so fast quotes I can imagine you don't want to talk too much so I wouldn't worry about that I'll just check if you think that there's some of the pages should have more for example this pencil collections maybe you can add some some stuff there yeah I would just run this tool and take a look at something makes sense you can always click on these and it will explain more how to do and what to do so in general your SEO looks alright I think it's you need to start writing more maybe blog content about these things or you need to find out a way to drive more traffic to your website now I only can see what Casio traffic is coming so probably you just you have some sort of advertisements it's free it's free it's free but the biggest issue I see is the design itself because I went on and just look for promotional pens and open up the links on the first positions skipping the ads but these ones now if I look at these there's the sites look a bit more professional they look a bit more modern as you can see they kinda bring up similar points that you have in your site same thing on this page this is much more modern you can see there's a lot of white space and it looks nice and everything there's a sort of lifestyle images of the Pens sort of the titles are big and it's all clear and the last one here I think this is some sort of a pen builder so you can start building your pen just by landing on this page as a conclusion here are my three main tips for the website get a designer to design the website or if you are on a budget buy a wordpress theme there are hundreds of them and most of them use modern layout this will increase your trustworthiness second what I really like is that you stressed Australian owned years of operation and phone numbers so prominently I really think the content is top much just the way it's presented needs a bit of makeover and third if you want more SEO traffic check the SEO issues in the tool and look into on page SEO best practices you have a good chance to rank higher for your keywords but you would need engaging blog posts and you would need to move your product list or page from iframe to an actual page search engines cannot see what's inside an iframe so it means your product lister pages are almost empty to Google so guys this was my first audit video what else would you like to in a video like this just leave your thoughts in the comments below my name is Robert and if you're looking to master the digital world while getting entertained this is the channel for you so hit that subscribe button and find the bell icon so that you get notified about new videos


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    Thanks bro, you brought up some good points. Promotional pens is the main keyword then custom pens then printed pens. Thanks again. 🌠🌠🌠

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    I love your videos. Could you do a video explaining how to clean a web with virus? Please

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    nice tutorial bro

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