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if you feel your website isn't helping your business organization growth there are a few things about Web Design you should keep in mind I'm Paul Halligan owner of Halligan design and we help businesses and organizations build effective websites to connect to their target audience and reach their goal number one your website needs to be quickly found in the search being on page one is important to do this your website must follow the rules of good SEO number two tell your clients exactly what you do a clear message will help you connect to the right audience number three contact information should be easy to find if you have a business that people visit or call the phone number and location are two big reasons people will return to your website number four have a clear call to action that engages your visitors pop-up offer for example can help you build your email list and reconnect to your visitors number five keep it fresh give people a reason to return to your website a blog with consistent posts is a great way to build your authority as a business or organization and finally number six give your visitors a great experience with well-designed website good photos and a well-written story we would like to schedule a free consultation with me at Halligan design click on the link below video or call 203 six eight nine three four five three Thanks

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