Watch Dogs Legion – Plot, Recruitment Missions & More!

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13 Replies to “Watch Dogs Legion – Plot, Recruitment Missions & More!”

  1. TripleADigest says:

    Another five uploads this week! Two Watch Dogs Legion videos (Today & Wednesday) and three cyberpunk 2077 videos (Tomorrow, Thursday and Friday) Thanks for watching as always guys 🙂

  2. John McNamee says:

    Okay,so, my favorite feature in Watch Dogs Legion currently.. is the ability to choose anyone in the world ton ADD TO YOUR TEAM OF DEADSEC HACKERS and play as that character! I also love the fact that if you die as any of the characters playing this game.. THEIR DEAD FOREVER!! That's so realistic.. let's face it, people don't come back in real life and I like that this game is pushing for that kind of realism!

  3. The Alpha Wolf says:

    Every one pls tell me what edition you will be getting for watch dogs legion.(if you are getting the game)

  4. Norse Lavenza says:

    Since each character has its OWN relationships and stories. i wonder there will be romances? or are these romances already predetermined? and if so i wonder will you be able to talk to your boyfriend and or girlfriend by finding them in the game?

  5. DarkHpokinsn Gaming says:

    The game actually isn’t that political, the “post brexit” thing is more of a background setup.

  6. Dualitytones says:

    The idea sounds interesting enough but I‘m not sure if they can actually make it the game everyone wants it to be. I think they got ahead of themselves.

  7. Templar Knights says:

    I wanted Aiden Pearce to come back but instead I got a bad liberal game

  8. Elmaz Okicic says:

    Looks can be deceiving. Ubisoft =💩.

  9. Daniel Fitzgerald says:

    Playing as a granny all the way

  10. Shayan H says:

    I noticed the season pass does come with these characters and their introduction missions and I'm wondering if permadeath will apply to them, I mean if it does and they die then that would mean we just wasted our money.

  11. Laurence Meo-Sherwood says:

    i feel like the first games story was to dark and the second one had to many jokes and most of them were cringy so hopefully this new one is a good mix of both withought the cringy jokes

  12. Young Knight says:

    One things thats interesting is how they’re almost applying the nemesis system aspects and using it for the players roles rather than just npcs. This is seems ambitious and interesting but looks really challenging i want to know the tech behind this kind of stuff cause it seems more leaning towards emergent narrative rather than a reestablished narrative

  13. Will Aiden says:

    Do you think they’ll pull off the any character being a main character thing ? Cut scenes could be odd

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