Was RTX a big scam? – Performance & image quality analysis

July 30, 2019 posted by

We all know by now that the RTX launch suck hard retar cash gra tis es n veediea moust espansiv genurasion eavar


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  1. Linus Tech Tips says:

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  2. Rational Reality American says:

    What is an easy way to determine the Motherboard in my current system?

    I ask because I want to upgrade my current graphics card and most likely my power supply and I am attempting to avoid conflicts prior to making a purchase. With my limited knowledge I need your help.

  3. Thomas Boehnlein says:


  4. Peyton Peterson says:

    What a calming voice

  5. Rrok Daragjati says:

    You guys are are gonna get the poor man 🔥! Linus probably is super happy you guys all saying his voice is white noise

  6. Daniel Dassler says:

    vsync is not on lol

  7. Lucas Gawor says:

    I could fall asleep listening to this guy. So silky. Linus is good in the morning when I need to wake up for work.

  8. Tony Lawlor says:

    I could care less about the voice, it's all about the content for me. If a guy knows what he is talking about and can tell me stuff I had not known, well that's good enough for me and all the guys at Linus Tech Tips fall into this category, top notch.

  9. Elena says:

    ( • – •)
    / つ 🍕 want some pizza?

  10. Codie Crieg says:

    :3 Ty for advices :3

  11. Virus Of Cyrus says:

    So this channel has as big of a scamming LIAR as Linus Tech Tips?? FORGET ray tracing etc, I bought a 1080Ti on release and its the BEST performance increase Ive ever had in 20 years! Then not too long after (certainly not long enough) nVidia assholes release the RTX 2090Ti & i was VERY PISSED! I spent all that money just to see a MUCH better card released so quickly?!?! My mates get DOUBLE the FPS! So WITHOUT a doubt, the RTX series are AMAZING! & just go & look at benchmarks as its not by a small amount, these things make the 1080Ti look like its 10+ year old tech!!

  12. Virus Of Cyrus says:

    OK, I bought the BEST GPU ever, the 1080Ti on release & its the BEST performance increase Ive ever had in 20+ years! So I was Very PISSED that not long after they release the RTX 2080Ti!! & YES its WAY better, FACT! Dont listen to this guy or the LIAR Linus, go look at benchmarks Yourself!

  13. XStreams Studio says:

    I resubbed bc this dude is Zen Calm af

  14. XStreams Studio says:

    I henceforth, dub the, Darth Zen

  15. CapitalD D says:

    I'd say the first generation of rtx cards were a rip off yeah…. and Radeon pricing is following suit – and they don't even have rtx..wtf
    We're getting screwed by both….

  16. gabriel deleon says:

    This guy has down syndrome

  17. Bluekid says:

    Haters gonna hate

  18. Yusuf says:

    Anthony: gives flawless presentation
    Linus: tHe vOlTa xL

  19. Jarrod Klopper says:

    Anthony is awesome!! I enjoy his videos just as much as I do Linus videos!!

  20. iiXeno says:

    1080ti FOR LIFE…

  21. gustavo delfin says:

    pig man, i can smell the fat and all the carbs this huge freak has in his body

  22. gustavo delfin says:

    but i love this man

  23. Farendor says:

    Anthony you are the white Morgan Freeman

  24. Raihan Zahir says:

    No you faaat twattt.

  25. Phonestevey says:

    There is virtually no difference between rtx on and rtx off. At least not anything noticable in this video, except for the slight reflection in the window. Maybe in person on a 4k monitor you might be able to notice something if you're straining your eyes and explicitly looking out for any difference.

  26. LB says:

    Stop it. RTX = Gimmick. If and when raytracing becomes common place in games, it wont be on these rtx cards and it wont be an nvidia exclusive as literally everything runs on AMD hardware. physx all over again.

  27. That Guy says:

    I wonder if Anthony checks these comments. I hope he does. Dude’s a fantastic presenter.

  28. Ben Sekao says:

    this mans voice is like a cup of hot chocolate on christmas

  29. Neonmirrorblack says:

    Sorry, but I'll take 4K + HDR over 1080p + ray tracing until we have cards that can do both in a decade at this rate.

  30. Gary Daniels says:

    Best review I heard from this channel. Was stuck between a used 1080ti mini for $560. A new 2070 mini for $480 and a new 2060 super mini for $400. But think it is smarter to get the rtx for future ray tracing? Question is the 2060 super mini or 2070 mini

  31. Joey 9725 says:

    They are just doing the same thing they always do with new products sell it on gimmics

  32. ManicAfterShock says:

    This guy is good. I like this guy.

  33. HawQ says:

    Anthony > Linus

  34. flawlessvic says:

    I just want to hang out with this dude on the weekend.

  35. Crimsonwolf says:

    8k yah who needs it when you can play at 1080p 30 fps

  36. mark collard says:


  37. Jeffrey Storm says:

    Great video, thank you for easing my concerns…

  38. Dustin Darwin says:

    totally a sham…. 2 1080's run rtx pretty well… so rtx 2080 should perform as it does… but its not worth the extra cost. unless you have money to blow.

  39. Novem music says:

    Too bad your review was based on games only. Maybe should have said so in the title. Because, believe it or not, some people do use graphic cards for other things too, like rendering, for example. And for rendering purposes, RTX 2080ti is a monster, a fantastic card – worth every penny. Gives me possibilities I could have only dream of a few years ago, like almost real-time renders

  40. Connor Loves strategy says:

    Anthony is so likeable, I’m a complete novice to PC building but he makes it so enjoyable. Thanks Anthony! 🙂

  41. loxfake1032 says:

    Its quality content because anthonys in it

  42. McBain WoW says:

    Love this guy 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🙌🏻

  43. ben raj says:

    Linus dont feel bad but this dude easier to understand lol

  44. horseboyhunglow says:

    This guys voice is smooth AF, great hire.

  45. grindcorey says:

    Who is this guy? I like this guy.

  46. Thomas Foster says:

    TL;DR yes, yes it is.

  47. Nete says:

    Rtx 4 🌿

  48. Chillypuwn says:


  49. Riceee Balls says:

    Anthony is a MF sexual tyrannosaurus. Great video

  50. David Jones says:

    Fantastic video Anthony, thanks for the information. Looks like I'll have to get one of those GTX 2080 Ti's or is it a GTX 2080 super LOL!

  51. TylerK says:

    Idc about ray tracing the 2070 runs my games good as fuck

  52. Dennis Xu says:


  53. busywl69 says:

    VIdeo card business is just one big giant scam period. Would love to upgrade my 970 but I can wait till pricing becomes sensible. PC building used to be fun, and easy to draw other people into. Now its a luxury thing because who wants to match a console when consoles will run you as much as a futureproof video card will.

    If this guy starts his own channel I will subscribe like really really super fast.

  54. Michael Belesky says:

    Holy crap, listening to that sweet.. sweet voice and awesome content at work.. then all of a sudden Linus rocks in at volume 100.. "THHHEEE VOOOLLLTTTAAA".. geez the whole call center might have heard that :)!!

  55. roevtomte says:

    Damn! This video was amazing, great host, informative and clear. Love it! You HAVE to do more 😀

  56. Mikey Robinson says:

    Love the canadian ar pronunciation graphics cerd, benchmerks

  57. Qwerty says:

    We've come to a point where I don't even care anymore because I have astigmatism anyway

  58. Delimon007 says:

    I mean, some people call it a cash grab because the RTX is useless, but when you look at the power output and compare that to the prices on the market, it's not that bad and their more available than the older cards. They have their perks and downsides cough the cost but they're more or less just okay mostly because of their price.

  59. Dainis Spainis says:

    This guy is good! But now he must fight his diabetes!

  60. Mitchell Pasztor says:

    Anthony is an AMAZING edition go the channel. But bro, accept your genes, go shaven

  61. Sponsi says:

    This raytracing shit is the most subtle money-sucker ever made in the world of GPUs. OMFG…

  62. flyhunterz says:


    Try using it

  63. Skull Fucker says:

    if you upgraded from previous gen then yes a scam if you bought it because ur titan black broke then no i got a gtx 2070 for less than a 1070ti during close to release

  64. ShadowOfLabel says:

    If I give you my slimfast can I have an RTX card?

  65. deach pitch says:

    I like the way he explains but he Thicc

  66. Amanda says:

    rtx is good if you play in dark levels. I´d rather buy a gtx 1080 ti for now, and did! 😀 450€ new!


    Who is this guy with Sexy Hair and Soothing Lamp.

    Bye Linus.

  68. garett otis says:

    Linus straight killed the vine Anthony had laid out

  69. resistance1207 says:

    It's funny, because SOTTR uses the least RTX features, yet performance wise is the most notable impact.

  70. The Organic Matrix says:

    We're getting closer and closer to creating… … … …

    Soon, a new Universe will emerge.
    Another step further away from the Source.

  71. Jardz says:

    Good dude

  72. Jardz says:

    RTX is a 1500 dollar tech demo.

  73. DrinkinTea says:

    I love this guy 😀

  74. Benjamin Youngblood says:


  75. NUFCMVFC says:

    Still on my GTX 1060 6GB…no point in upgrading at all especially given the excessive pricing. Should so a video about whether the 1650 etc series was a scam as well…

  76. PC Gaming Championship Group says:

    Why do you want people to believe that the graphics card adds more than the game codes issue? I know your audience is a bunch of turd kids brought up on lies and half facts. But you are really trying to get people to believe things that are not factually true. Ray Tracing is just a gimmick for ignorant people trying to feel smart. Ray Tracing is a artifact in the game to enhance detail. Pointless even talking about it to people without a engineering degree. Come on Jabba.

  77. Xerox runner says:

    Love Anthony

  78. antIm4tt3r says:

    Metro Exodus on 1080p ULTRA w/ Ray Tracing on GTX 1660Ti = 16fps all the way down from 96fps w/ same settings but RTX off.
    HOLY SHIT!!!

  79. Daniel Burgos says:

    This guy should make more videos.

  80. HellGod67 says:

    The moment when you see that RTX 2060 has the same fps as GTX 1080 for 50% price of the gtx

  81. Jake Gregos says:

    you didnt notice that half of the reflections in BFV are still using screenspace?

  82. alvarg says:

    such a pleasant sounding reviewer

  83. Extrident says:

    Well do we even have an option here? I wanted to upgrade from my 1070ti to a 1080ti, but you can never find the 1080ti when it's in stock. When it is, it gets sold out in minutes.

  84. B O U Y B O Y says:

    Goddam this guy is good at his job

  85. Variety Inc says:

    This website (http://optitopt.com/3y8u) just stated that an rtx 2060 would be a better investment than a gtx 1660ti. Are they correct in stating that?

  86. Rolando Loeb says:

    damn didnt know microsoft "invented rtx"

  87. Jeremy Stephan says:

    Get this guy a Gsync screen. Too much screen tearing

  88. David Schwartz says:

    I have no intention of buying anything nvidia. I'm just watching this for Anthony. LISTEN LINUS

  89. fabricetraub says:

    Jabba made a new Video!

  90. Carl Bernroth says:

    I feel like ray-tracing is in the same boat as 4K was a few years ago (and arguably still today), it provides a significant improvement in image quality and fidelity but hardware simply isn't up to the task yet. That Battlefield rifle scope comparison was night and day between RTX on and off, but as far as I know you need a ludicrously expensive rig to get acceptable performance and it's just not worth it. Yet…

  91. Bryan Garcia says:

    Doesn't Hitman 2 also perform RTX? Why do people always fail to put it in their list?

  92. Paul Yoder says:

    looks like the chicken and the egg cenerio, they have to start somewhere. people shouldnt bash a company for getting it started..

  93. JustPeachyRL says:

    Great video as always! I just got my MSI RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio card and I am super excited to see it perform!

  94. Gediminas Jesinas says:

    Man looks unhealthy, time to loose weight

  95. Stephen says:

    Man Linus really let himself go

  96. Gary Laws says:

    Anthony is like heroin for my ears.

  97. brian smith says:

    Any possibility of offloading Ray Tracing to a secondary GPU like what can be done with PhysX?

  98. GIGGI' says:

    TAlk about FUCKING FULL PATHTRACED QUAKE 2 instead of spreading bad informations about rtx graphic cards. AAH sorry u just cant cuz you boycott nvidia…

  99. Freezing Moon94 says:

    Anthony tech tips?

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