Visual Calculus: Derivative of sin(θ) is cos(θ)

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23 Replies to “Visual Calculus: Derivative of sin(θ) is cos(θ)”

  1. Hongyu zhang says:

    excellent video, but it would be better if there is a nicer font

  2. Anon E. Moose says:

    It's sad that math isn't being taught like this everywhere

  3. Prashant Kumar says:

    Sir make more videos about differential

  4. Funky Sagan Cat says:

    Beautiful proof, thank you very much

  5. Suhas .Tupsamudre says:

    Requires payment to download the video, wtf

  6. Think Twice says:

    More like… think once every three months. Got’em

  7. Toni Brasil says:

    I never understood that way before….thanks a lot , from Brazil 🙏

  8. David Cotand says:

    Ted-Ed has used your double pendulum video without giving you credits in their turbulence video. at 1:47 and 5:14.

  9. Joseph Cooper says:

    This video made me want to cry, it’s so eligantly beautiful. It makes me see why so many have pursued mathematics with the passion that they have. It truly is the pathway to hope and reason.

  10. Drake Danos says:

    Neat. Well explained.

  11. Fahmi Amin says:

    Fuckin maths … why allowing teaching it in schools while there is in this black world. … shoe, piss … exc … I suggest to close all colleges … better for children

  12. Dave Hall says:

    Where do people with dyslexia that don't understand calculus stand in this equation?

  13. Alvin the Chipmunk says:

    at 2:03 the third equality holds because the ratio is equal to x/1 as theta varies, thus the limit must also be x and the last equality holds because of Pythagorean thm.

    Good work

  14. Ksatya Sirisha says:

    Why don't you explain

  15. Georg Wilde says:

    Well, you have to prove that alpha + sigma = 90 degrees

  16. Benjamin Karazi says:

    The deception on your school system starts at the time 1:38, and that is the real universe physic. Perception is Okay, where all the Earthy people comprehend only deceptive-perception.

  17. Bush Ninja says:

    Theta + alpha = 90 degrees. So the second alpha plus theta is tangent to the radius. This video is bullshit and you all are retards.

  18. Chris So says:

    Wait I dont understand why does it become a straight line as delta titre approach zero? 0:53

  19. Arthur Brito Medeiros says:

    Why does dY/dtheta = X/1? 1:47

  20. peuhlbrito says:


  21. Nicolás Gómez Giménez says:

    is beatiful @€@

  22. Michel SLAGMULDER says:

    For me this demonstration proves nothing. It considers that the arc is a approximation of the circle when the angle is little. this is equivalent saying sin' = cos.

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