Video/Graphics card troubleshooting

July 30, 2019 posted by

This GPU isn’t working , let’s check for any short bad component one leg of the capacitor should be connected to ground and the other should not if they are both connected to ground it means that capacitor is bad i found a faulty one , let’s mark it to remember were it was something is missing there This N-channel Mosfet measures bad This capacitor is shorted I think the problem is only the capacitor because it is in series with the Mosfet transistor and that’s why the transistor measures bad let’s remove the capacitor and hope this Mosfet is ok thank you for watching 😀


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  1. saarike says:

    Nice video! Mosfet or capacitor?

  2. RASFIAN Channel says:

    How to know my capasitor is short if my multitester doesn't have beep?

  3. Long Nguyen says:

    Why i click to this video is to see the result, but you didnt include it 🙁

  4. orange11squares says:

    very good job…

  5. Alexander Hemp says:

    good Job, but bad mosfet causes overvoltage and this Card is absolutly dead.

  6. doobrila says:

    How do you know that mofset transistor measuring bad?

  7. Bruh allRounda says:

    Capacitor is showing shorted bcoz of coil

  8. palme olive says:

    why you did not lift a cap leg ? just to see if short was gone ? waist of time my friend !

  9. Bobby Nicholson says:

    IsDeno24 fill in some text and explain whats going on and if u got it fixed

  10. Frog - Tech - Tips says:

    and always check all cooler as well to not get problem like me

  11. Paublus Americanus AMERICANUS says:

    I followed your whole diagnostic. I see the bad cap. I see the other small unit on the back. 2 units maybe, until cap is changed then maybe mosfet? I would suppose then a whole unit test? For picture? If no, then the missing #60? Or?

  12. Ansari master gamer ansari7601 says:

    same gpu and vertical colurd line on screen plz fix for me

  13. Frog - Tech - Tips says:

    Ye so nice and if happen this and card still working is cool

  14. Paublus Americanus says:

    not sure, but the first resister you ;put an arrow to may not have been bad. The large cap was bad, but I never saw you reverse the leads on the mosfet, you were saying was bad. It would be a diode in that direction, and would show continuity, but reversed it would not. Probably bad but may work with just the large cap replaced.

  15. S.P Unati -The Channel says:

    Hello sir i have a request for your suggestions because i am using windows 7 ultimate 32 bits pc and every driver is working fine but when i instale my VGA Drivers which i have using since last few yrs Now it gives me message display drivers stoped responding i have updated it and also changes regedit value but still my pc mouse courser and pc stops when i starts it so please suggest me what to do dear sir

  16. S.P Unati -The Channel says:

    i have changed the similar processor of 2.66 mhz but still same message coming but when i unstalled VGA DRIVERS no problems then working fine so how to solve this problem is it a motherbord problem sir

  17. George George says:

    If checking a graphics card with multimeter then talking about a nice troubleshooting.99,8% there is a reballing reflowing matter of issues.

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