46 Replies to “Video Games के Graphics का Evolution : 1962-2019”

  1. lalit kumar says:

    Bhai need for speed mw khal plz

  2. Dipson ko bidhyalaya says:

    Where is gta v

  3. Sandeep Singh says:

    2003 igi

  4. Delta gamer says:

    Where is igi

  5. Divy Patel says:

    Hetman 2 ko Q nahi liya


    Best graphics is of pubg pc

  7. Gaming With Yash says:

    Bhai God Of War jo game h n vo 2018 me nahi usse se pehele aachuki thi

  8. Itx game lover says:

    8: 48
    You 2017
    But it is 13

  9. Jannatul Ferdous says:

    Where the hell is spiderman ps4 and the legend super Mario

  10. Shivam rathore says:

    bullet train chla rha h kya

  11. trial xtream says:

    Bhai sabse mahaan game to reh gaya.

    PUB G

  12. demon says:

    When you ran out of content😂😂

  13. Saad Abdullah says:


  14. Prince RB says:

    I wait for gta 6

  15. Prince RB says:


  16. Prince RB says:

    Boht Hard bro

  17. Hardik Thakur says:

    BHAI game ka naam bolna nhi ata

  18. tapan kumar gorai says:

    0:06 mahatma gandhi

  19. MJisCrazy YT says:

    Pubg kaha gya ?

  20. Awesome Mewtwo says:

    Pokemon let's go Pikachu graphics is Superb…😄

  21. Awesome Mewtwo says:

    Mario is gameing king 😃

  22. NP Production says:

    Noobs fav game= COC
    Pro fav game =pubg/free fire
    Legend fav game =MARIO

  23. Gaming Expert Kartik says:

    Bro i am also a youtuber and i do a really hard work for editing my videos. It takes me like 3 hours for editing my videos. But still i am not gaining subscribers. I have already uploaded 65 videos on my channel. Please tell me a way so that i can gain subscribers


    PUBG MOBILE kaha gaya

  25. Shivam Singh says:


  26. ADHIRAJ YOYO says:

    At 8:46 the game is of 2013 and he says 2017!!! Mind your words
    A big fan also😅😜😜🤣

  27. Guru Pubg says:

    Pubg khaa hai bhai

  28. Mehak veg Punjab says:

    GTA – missing

    I am go to dislike this video because my best game is missing

  29. Xsqad Gamer says:

    Gta 6 nhi dikhaega graphics Cyberpunk 2077 dikhaega


    Yes i play virtua cop 2

  31. tanmay tech says:

    Boshdike dusre ki video chura ke apni video Bata Raha hai

  32. Jawad Alii Gaming says:

    Good video Keep it up

  33. Clemet Tappo says:

    I like Horizon Zero Dawn

  34. Adarsh verma says:

    Isme pubg Nahi tha

  35. Kartik Kalal says:

    Then aaya guyzz mera cmnt

  36. RD BLOCKS says:

    Muh me gutka bhara hai kya
    Racing ko raishing
    Amazing ko amashing

  37. ayush singh says:

    Bhai gta v kyo nahi batya

  38. sahil preet says:

    Far cry 5 to Sala he ne vo to 2019 ko aaya ha uska graphics too gta 5 say aasa hay

  39. Krishna Prasad says:

    Well asphalt ne bhi aacha kaam kiya tha

  40. Krishna Prasad says:

    Wha bhai kaha se kaha aa gaye keep it up

  41. Pabitra Hazra v9.0 says:


  42. Aaaa Hhhh says:

    Witcher 3

  43. Aaaa Hhhh says:

    GTA v nehihe vai

  44. Ghost Moran says:

    You saw only one assassian creed games

  45. Ayush says:

    Who Played V.CUP 2
    Like here

  46. MD. REHAN says:

    It's god of war 4

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