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You may not be familiar
with picture profiles. Picture profiles are preset looks that are recorded into the image, and there are several to choose
from when shooting video. The looks vary and are
designed to give you creative options when shooting video. You can select which picture
profile you would like to use depending on your environment
or the desired pictured style. There are several picture
profiles to consider. First, let’s begin with
the standard profiles. The standard picture profiles allow you to get the best image from the camera without the need for
extensive post-production. In many cases, getting the look you desire in camera is preferable. If you’re working on a
project with a tight deadline, you can dramatically
reduce the amount of time spent color grading by
choosing a picture profile that is as close as possible
to the intended final image. Let’s have a look at some
of the picture profiles available on the A7 Mark
III and the FS5 Mark II and the numbers they have been assigned in the picture profile menus. Off means no picture profile is assigned. Picture profile one is
the standard profile. Picture profile two is what
they call stills gamma. Picture profile three is
natural color tone like ITU 709. Picture profile four
is faithful to ITU 709. Picture profile five is CINE 1, and picture profile six is CINE 2. Now, let’s look at S-Log. S-Log is a setting that allows you to capture maximum dynamic
range from the image sensor. However, to do so, the images
appear as flat low contrast, and they look washed out on the surface, but, actually, they contain
a lot of information. In order to take full advantage of S-Log, you must engage in color
grading it in post-production. Think of color grading
like Photoshop for video. In the post-production
phase you will add back the contrast, the gamma, and the color and finally control the
look of the final image in a controlled
post-production environment. On both cameras, there are
three types of S-Log presets. Picture profile seven is S-Log 2. Picture profile eight is
S-Log 3 S-Gamut3. CINE. And picture profile nine
is S-Log 3 S-Gamut3. And picture profile 10 is a setting for shooting in Hybrid Log-Gamma. A LUT is an acronym for lookup table. If you record a scene in S-Log, the image is naturally
flat and low contrast. At the post-production stage you can adjust color on your own, but it’s easier to apply
a LUT to your footage for switching to different looks and then tweaking as necessary. There are several types of LUTs widely available in the market, so experiment with LUTs in
your own video creation.


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  1. FocusPulling (.com) says:

    The supposed fully-graded look at 02:01 is a terrible example. And the concluding solution proposed for LUTs, to "experiment," is completely opposite to the whole point of a Look Up Table (that's what it stands for). There's only one official Sony LUT for each of these profiles, and that's the precise conversion back to REC.709. Anything else is tweaking away from reality.

  2. Alex Cid says:

    I just wanted to see a comparison, slog graded vs standart pp🤗

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  4. DK Media says:

    Excuse me?

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