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we want to say thank you to all those that have helped support the Adams family over the past two and a half years for those of you that are new to our story on May 23rd 2014 Vernon Adams was struck while riding his scooter home to see his family Vernon was less than a block away from his loving wife Alison his 12 year old boy Maki and four-year-old daughter Justine Vernon suffered a severe traumatic brain injury as well as life-threatening physical injuries including the loss of both kidneys and after a two-and-a-half year battle he finally surrendered and passed away on August 24th 2016 now many of you know Vernon Adams as a father or a husband or maybe you followed the family's journey at sans but there are millions of other people around the world that know Vernon Adams through his prolific typography as a type designer he provided Libre or royalty free fonts to Google and his fonts comprise roughly 15% of the Google font catalog and they've been used hundreds of millions of times on websites and products unfortunately as a contractor for Libra fonts his family receives no continuing compensation and the immense task of caring for Vernon and the two kids has created a mountain of bills so now it's our chance to step into the story let's help support this family that lost their husband that hero and assault provider please take a minute to consider making a donation and please share this video to discover more about Vernon's family and the fonts he created go to sans / donate


3 Replies to “Vernon Adams Type Designer #sansoxygen #typography #typedesign”

  1. Derek hi says:

    I looked up "Oswald font" because I really love using the font and found this 😢

  2. Jen Hubbard says:

    Vernon Adams. We miss you already, friend. We'll be looking out for and loving your family. ✌️I pray everyone out there that loves Vern's fonts will join in too!

  3. David Dunak says:

    Until we all meet again ……

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