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today we’re going to learn how to make a
vector vintage tattoo style design in Adobe Illustrator but if you want to
skip the intro move to the timestamp in the corner what is that people welcome back to
Satori graphics the home of graph design content right here on YouTube today I’m
going to show you techniques and tricks for designing a kind of vector style
vintage tattoo design in Illustrator however first if you have Instagram and
you want to follow me on there my handle is satori underscore graphics I post
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do use Instagram in a new document in the straighter hit command R on a Mac or
ctrl R on a PC to open up your rulers we need one guide vertically and one guide
horizontally we will use the horizontal guide to make sure the pen tool path
does not go above it as we need to duplicate the path and join it later
I wanted to remain flat across the top make a path like mine here with the pen
tool which is going to be half of a shield once you’ve made it right-click the
canvas and then hide guides hold down the option key to duplicate
the path like so and then reflect the line we then need to perfectly align them and
hit command or control J to join them together we now have the shield shape
for a vector vintage tattoo style design right click the background to show the
guides and then unlock them and make guides similar to mine here we’ll use
the same process as we did before with the shield to make half a ribbon I’m
going to go around or back to design you can also go back with the direct
selection tool and edit the path at any points but make sure the path finishes
along the same vertical guide because we need to join together later hide your guides and then resize and
duplicate a path and then reflect and join it as we did before
with command or control J now I open up the appearance panel so
you can add multiple strokes to a ribbon design add a wafer then add a black stroke but
remember to drag the stroke below the fill layer we’re going to add some
moisture oaks later in the tutorial show you guys in Illustrator and unlock
them if they’re locked we want a guy running down the center of a ribbon
using the pen to make a line like mine and edit here with the direct selection
tool this is going to be part of the detail
and our better design today so increase the stroke weight and they’re not the
same stroke style is mine here a great tip for designing things in this
nature is to design half of them and then duplicate them to save time this
works with symmetrical designs so go ahead and duplicate a detail line
and reflect over the other side using the align window we’re going to
make sure they’re both level with the ribbon selected you can open the
appearance panel and add some more strokes if that’s what you want to do in
your design remember though to drag the strokes below the fill layer and then
change the weight and the color you can duplicate a detail line and move
it above you can then edit able to direct selection tool and change the
stroke weights once you’ve done this multiple times you
can take the width tool to really have full control over the stroke weights
along the entire line this is going to act like shading on the vector tattoo
design once happy with your shading select the
ribbon and in the two lower lines and then lock them and yep you guessed it we’re going to be
duplicating the shading lines and then reflecting them on the other side take
your time to reposition them in place properly so now unlock everything on
your canvas in Illustrator and in select the entire ribbon section of the design
then hold down shift and click the ribbon itself to essentially deselect it we can then go ahead and outline the
stroke of the detail lines this will make sure that when we resize a design
The Strokes were going to remain proportional you can also change your
stroke settings to scale proportionally duplicate the shield shape and then
resize it behind the ribbon with the pen tool click one side of the
shield and hold down shift to make a straight line until you reach the other
side curve the line with the Bezier curves and then continue the path like
so we’re the new shape selected hold down shift to select the shield as well
and then open up the pathfinder window use this option here to leave the lower
part of the shield remaining using the pencil have added the section here to
represent more shadow and as before duplicate it and then reflect it over to
the other side make sure that you position it perfectly in place and then
use a direct selection tool to edit the pattern EB as you can see here I’m using direct
selection tool to adjust my paths on my better design to simulate shading in
this area to design use a pen to a make lines we’ve done previously adding the
same strokes towers before using the pencil add in any details to
your vintage tattoo style design and then as before select them all and then
duplicate them over the other side the width tool is always there if you need
it also so here’s my design so far you can go
ahead and open up and unlock the guides as we might need them for a central
guide down the middle duplicate the shield on the right hand side and use
the Pathfinder tool process to cut pieces out of it before flip the shape from a fill to a stroke
and increase the stroke weight the news in the scissors tool cuts out
two sections in the top I then use a direct selection tool to select and
delete the top anchor points at this stage you can outline the stroke
of this line here and then adjust the corners of the line so it looks
professional the top edge here I’ve added some simple curved lines
with the pen tool and then I hold down shift to select every line at the same
time and increase this trackway and add the same stroke style as I’m using here as before you can use the direct
selection tool to adjust the lines and do this for the other side as well to
simulate highlights on the shield or the better design the shield in the fire needs to be
behind all other layers and then move into place I’ve cut the shield into two parts so we
can raise them independently in case there isn’t enough room on the top of
the design duplicate the shield once you have in place and then flip the fill a
bitter white stroke you can hold down shift and the
alt/option key at the very same time to resize in place as we did a bottom of a
shield add more lines at the top to simulate light bouncing of the vintage
vector tattoo design the tanks have added in here in the
middle uses the font tower and for a vinyl touch in the design we can make an
egg shape using the pen tool like so copy and reflect the line and then align
them the font I’m using for this pie is Trajan probe make sure to outline the stroke and
outline the type before you edit the color and the place of your design and there you have it one vintage vector
tattoo style design in Illustrator this was quite a lengthy tutorial so I
hope you guys followed along and you found it useful remember to like and
share my content if you do enjoy it and subscribe for three weekly graphic
design uploads here at Satori graphics so until next time this on your future
today peace



  1. Sai Swayam Shree says:

    U r really awesome

  2. Satori Graphics says:

    Back again for 3 more uploads this week, so hope you enjoy this one!
    I am trying to get through requests for videos, and I cannot always make people's requests as they are either too specific, I've done it already, or another reason. But feel free to suggest video ideas any time.

  3. Satori Graphics says:

    Remember to give me a follow on Instagram if you use it

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  5. Gustavo Andreazzi says:

    Hello, Tom!

    Wow, so nice to see a video of yours so early in the morning (at least for me!).
    I would like to thank you! I never thought about using appearance panel to add a second stroke! I always used offset.
    It looks great, but I feel sort of empty. This definitely looks like something a biker's badge, so I miss a couple screwdrivers or tires, a motor part… i don't know. But hey, you gave inspiration, the imagination is with us.

    Nice week!

  6. Burning Clipz says:

    love it XD

  7. Kobe says:

    Wow .. such a good video! you my man have a very nice taste for detail 😉

  8. CallMeZarkN says:

    hey man thanks for this and have a great week 🙂

  9. David Hodges says:

    Thanks Tom for your excellent video. How about a video on Illustrator's new features. The puppet warp features looks cool.

  10. John Valatos says:

    Awesome, thanks.

  11. Hotel Valentino BD says:

    Shining effect in Black & White! Really Cool.

  12. Bryce Warren says:

    Really nice tutorial, man! thanks for sharing.

  13. Muku Mia says:

    excellent design

  14. mustapha binoubine says:

    excellent design thank you

  15. Tarek Larine says:

    Can't we use the blend tool for those lines?

  16. Jack Gipson says:

    Very cool. Thanks!

  17. Jack Gipson says:

    Very well done. Thanks!

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