15 Replies to “Vector Art – Vector Portrait- Cartoon Yourself – Adobe illustrator tutorials”

  1. sami ullah says:

    bhai yr jo keyboard pe Keys use krte ho wo b btaya kro boht confusion ho rhi ha

  2. Iqbal Hasan Atik says:

    How people learn from it?

  3. ohiaeri kennedy says:

    Why can't y'all just talk through the process😔

  4. Muhammad rehan Rehan says:

    hammad bai fantastic work ..
    kindly voice b add kare..

  5. Shreyas Kumar says:

    Better mention what keys u r using. Don't just show your skill

  6. Atif Talk says:

    Bhai aap Amazing work krty ho Great .

  7. Mr. Khan says:

    fantastic work, but can't get a fucking clue how to do it by myself

  8. Kenneth Carreon says:

    How to show image in outline.. Help me pls

  9. Oğuz Demir says:

    you annoyed me so badly by doing everything so fast. I'm watching the video by its 0.5 speed. still can't reach. Dislike

  10. Mohd Waseem says:

    Thank you very much

  11. Mileys Hernandez says:

    Amazing 🙂

  12. Jeremy Moore says:

    How did you crop down the iris in the eyes, to fit the shape of the outline? I've always had problems finding out how to do that.

  13. Kathryn J says:

    At about 2:40 how do you change the star to look like that before even making one first?

  14. Mohamed Nadeem says:

    Can you design my pic…for free plz.?

  15. SH CREATION says:

    Bro can you make my vector please

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