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video, you will learn how to sign up
for an appointment, as well as what
to do if you need to cancel that appointment. To view the appointment options
you have available to you, open your calendar and navigate
to the Scheduler button. Click on an
appointment group that says you can sign up for this. Select the time that
works best for you, click the Reserve button. You have now taken
that appointment and you will see this
reflected in the Scheduler, as well as the Month,
and the Week view. If you need to cancel or
reschedule your appointment, click on your reservation in
the Scheduler, find your time, and click Unreserve. You will be prompted to
delete and add a message to the organizer if you wish. Now select a new
time from the list. The new appointment time is
now reflected in the Scheduler. Thanks for viewing this video. If you need help or
have questions for us, you can contact the TLC office
at [email protected] between 8:30 AM and 5:30
PM Monday through Friday, or go to our website You can also find us on the HLS
website under the Library tab, and choose teaching, learning,
and curriculum solutions.

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