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I made this vector art in under five
minutes easily and I do that by using custom illustrator brushes I will show
you how to make your very own custom brushes in Illustrator
in today’s illustrator tutorial what’s up people welcome back to satori
graphics home of graphic design content I had a great suggestion from subscriber
how to make and save custom brushes in illustrator there I’m slowly working
through subscribe and viewer suggestions so if I haven’t gotten to you yet
probably will do soon let’s jump right into this illustrator tutorial it is
very simple to make custom brushes in Illustrator and we’re going to be making
our brush first and then a pattern brush secondly start up by making a small
pattern of rectangles and lines on your canvas in a straight F this is something
you can play around with an experiment by using different layouts once you have
your pattern select every single shape and then go up to the brush tool bar at
the top if the arrow in the top right corner and
then the drop down menu select a new brush like I said we will start with an
eye brush and then after we’re going to make a pattern brush I would leave every
single setting here the same by default but change the tints and shades so you
can actually edit the color of your brush strokes you can see now here the brush has been
made and using the brush tool you can now Drew with it no knee of that but you
can make shapes into the straighter and then set it to a stroke and then add
your brush stroke to it like so this can be so cool to play around with and make
different beds art the next brush we’re going to be looking at is a pattern
brush I’m going to make a shape with a pen tool but I want to be recreated
multiple times of a pattern you guys to align your work so that the pattern will
be straight and aligned once you happy I’ll end the stroke of
your pattern like so leg before select your shape so then go to the brush
window add a new brush at this time a pattern brush keyboard the settings as
default apart from the tints and shades setting with the brush we can draw our
pattern as must be one you can see how much time this will save and your making
patterns inventor art or design we can make shapes like we did before and add
the pattern to the stroke you can really make some cool graphics
with this technique but just experiment with it have some fun so the you enjoy my tutorial on using
custom illustrator brushes to make corvex art lemon in the comment section
below and like and share this video if you found it useful it really helps my
channel to grow and I want to thank all of my viewers and subscribers who
engaged my content Ailee I really do appreciate it until next time design a
future today peace you


11 Replies to “USING CUSTOM ILLUSTRATOR BRUSHES TO MAKE COOL VECTOR ART – Satori Graphics Illustrator Tutorial”

  1. Satori Graphics says:

    Make some cool vector art and link me on Twitter or Instagram your designs 🙂

  2. Tharidu Madhusanka says:

    Another cool design idea.. Thanks for sharing

  3. Ratulrajbd says:

    Wow!! Brother, Lots of thanks… You make me so happy and gives me a new idea of work… Really you are a great instructor. ( I have sent you FaceBook friend request, Please accept it.)

    I have another request to you to see Tutorial on Water Color Brush work and how can we make it.

    Thanks a lot again….

  4. Bryan Greaves says:

    this was extremely helpful…thank you for sharing!

  5. CallMeZarkN says:

    Can do really great design with this, thanks my bro, and thanks to the one suggested this video!

  6. Juan Carlos Gutiérrez says:

    2:09 Now duplicate it in place and rotate it 90º.

  7. Dawn W says:

    Great thanks….more brush tuts plz!

  8. essennagerry says:

    I really enjoyed this, thank you!

  9. Sebastian Ghiță says:

    Very nice, thank you!

  10. Surya Krishna says:

    Cool !!!!

  11. Jussak García. says:

    Really useful , i was searching for some inspiration for a logo based in my culture, México; and this is great for me, thanks satori !

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