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– Today, I wanna tell you about a bunch of really useful free tools that are part of my design process. (upbeat music) This video right here is another in my Tech for Designers series. I’ve already made videos
about the hardware that I use and about the design softwares, subscriptions that I use
as part of my process but today I wanna tell you about a bunch of really
cool little free things that maybe you might find useful to add to your process as well. The first one is a little
app called Paparazzi. This is used for taking full
page screenshots of websites. As part of my process, when
I’m working with a developer on a site being built, when I wanna give feedback, I
like to take a full screenshot using Paparazzi of the
site in its build mode and then I upload it to InVision and click in places to leave comments and feedback for the developer. It’s a really useful way of doing it and Paparazzi is how I
take those screenshots. All you have to do is put a link in and it’ll take the image for you and you can change the size of it as well. So this is how I get images
of what the site looks like on mobile, on tablet and on a desktop. Next up is a little tool
that lives in my top bar. It’s a color picker and it’s called Sip. The purpose of this tool
is that you can click anywhere on your screen and
it’ll give you a color code for whatever you clicked on. So it’s really useful
if you see a nice color used on a website and
you don’t wanna bother going into the dev tools
to figure out what it was. Sip can help you out with that. When you click on a color as well, it automatically saves the Hex code or whatever you’ve set as the default to your clipboard as well making it really easy to go ahead and use that color in your own design. Next is a Chrome extension that I find myself using
when I really like a font that I’ve seen used on another
website and that is WhatFont. When you have this extension selected, you just have to click on a
piece of text on a website and it’ll load this little window telling you all the details about what font you’re looking at, what size it is, what color it is. It’s really useful. You could find out all
this information of course by going into the Developer Tools but it’s much easier
to just do it this way. Next up, two tools
you’ll already know about if you watched my last video
about exporting assets for web but they deserve a mention in here too. These are two tools
for compressing images. The first one is an
app called Image Optim. This is really handy because
you just have to drag an image file into it and it’ll
compress the heck out of it. It’ll then just save
over your original file with one that is a lot smaller
but still good quality. And the next one you could
use for this is TinyPNG. Now, like I said in my last video, I end up not using this
one so much anymore but this is a really handy website that you can just drag an image up to it and it’s gonna compress it a lot for you then you can download it and
use that asset in your website. I prefer Image Optim because it does the whole saving over the original thing whereas with this one, you
have to download the image and then find it in your
Downloads folder again but still, it’s a really useful tool. The next one is Toggl and this
is an app for time tracking. I quite like tracking my time
because it gives me a view of how long I’m spending on each project and time tracking is especially important for client projects
’cause you wanna make sure even if you’re not building by the hour that you’re aware of how
long the project is taking so that maybe you can learn for next time if you haven’t quite scoped it out right. There’s many time tracking tools out there but Toggl is my favorite
because I like how it’s designed and I like its option to have categories and add clients, et cetera. The next one is also related to time. It’s an app called Focus Keeper. Now, I debated whether
or not to include this because it does actually cost one pound 49 in the UK app store so it’s
probably 99 cents in the US one but it’s so cheap that it’s almost free so I thought that it
could fit into this video. I really love using this to
focus my time hence its name. I use something called
the Pomodoro technique when I really wanna find
some focus on a project. It’s basically a technique of working where you work solidly for 25
minutes with no interruptions and then you have a five minute break to deal with all that checking Twitter and making a cup of tea that you wanted to do
during those 25 minutes so it’s a really good way of working. It works out well for me and Focus Keeper is a
really nicely designed app that helps you keep a timer on this and if you are opposed
to paying for an app that will do that then
you can use the website, TomatoTimer to do the same thing but I just prefer the way Focus Keeper keeps track of how many you’ve
done in a day, et cetera and I like its notifications. This last one is gonna be
really handy if you’re like me and find yourself
constantly running out of hard drive space. It’s called Omnidisk Sweeper and it’s an app that
sweeps your hard drive and then arranges your
files in order of size. I find it really handy for figuring out which folders files are in that are sucking up a lot of
gigabytes on my hard drive so I can go in and delete them or move them to a backup if necessary. Those are all the tools that
I have to tell you about today but I hope there’s something in there that you might find useful to
add into your design process and if you’ve got anything like this that you think I might like
or find useful to know about then leave that down below in the comments ’cause this can go both ways. Thank you for watching this video. Please give it a thumbs
up if you enjoyed it. The best way to support my channel because I don’t run ads on these videos is to go ahead and check
out my online store and pick yourself up a t-shirt
or a notebook or a print. I design them all myself and
in the case of the t-shirts, I print them myself too so
I’m really proud of them and I think you’ll like them. Thanks again for watching
and I will see you in my next video. Bye.


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  4. Sajan Shrestha says:

    thank you, nice tools… I frequently use "Microsoft Picture Manager" to compress size of single or multiple images by exporting them.

  5. Lauren Fairweather says:

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  6. King Jones says:

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  7. Lucas says:

    I really like the video series! I heard that Tymne is a really good tool for time tracking, but maybe its too overloaded with features and its definitely not that simply like TOGGL (and it isn't free).

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  11. psiops277 says:

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  12. Katie Steckly says:

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  14. Derek Lieu says:

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    Similar to paparazzi app, fireshot works on windows machines in the exact same way! Look for it the Chrome store, or just search on Google.

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    Thanks for sharing! I would like to add vectr ( – which is a great free substitute for sketch on Windows. It is not as comprehensive as sketch but it has a very small learning curve and helps complete most of the basic design works quickly. They also have apps for all platforms and sync your projects between devices.

  29. HannaCreative says:

    This will absolutely change my life! Thank you so much! The full site screenshot is gonna come in SO HANDY! And the color pick and disk sweeper too. So many good recommendations! Thank you, Charli 🙂
    If you ever find yourself wanting to check twitter etc and getting side tracked, "SelfControl" is an app for Mac where u can add sites to a blacklist and block them for the amount of time that you set. Gonna use that now to work on my script :'D haha
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  32. Josh Kumar says:

    Color zilla lucrative tool for designers

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    I'm moving to a mac from pc so its all new ground for me, do you have any videos on how to structure your file system for clients? e.g design files, documentation, assets etc.

    Another cool app I saw was Bear Writer, its a beautiful app for taking notes and uses gorgeous typography.

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    I was also quite pleased to see what toggle can do, but I am not a fan of signing up for a free app, so I have to keep looking.


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