Use The Illustrator Rotate Tool To Make DOPE GRAPHICS – Illustrator Tutorial

July 30, 2019 posted by

today I will show you how to use the illustrator rotate tool to make dope graphics for many different uses welcome back to the satori graphics home of graphic design content today using the rotate tool in illustrator remember on this channel I like to upload a wide range of graphic the line content from technical tutorials videos on graphic design is a career R&C tutorials are much much more to explain different topics from day to day on this channel and if you find a video helpful or enjoyable drop a like and let me know for this first design made with illustrator rotate tool I’m going to open up the swatches window as the design is kind of floral I’m going to open up the flower swatches under the natural selection you can use whatever suits your design best use the ellipse tool by holding down shift to create a perfect circle hold down alt and you see this icon appear and then click and drag to duplicate it the edge of the new circle should cross the center of the original one like so go ahead and open up the Pathfinder window then select both circles and use this option in the past behind the window if this shape is going to make up our graphic using the rotate tool select the color you want and lower the opacity to something around 20% now for the main character in our tutorials a day they rotate tool direct this blue icon down to the lowest point as you were going to rotate everything around this point here click once and then hold down alt or the option key and click again until this icon appears this window should pop up as our 360 degrees in the circle rotating at 36 degrees will give you 10 rotations click the copy option and once you’ve done it hit command D or control D on the PC to repeat the last operation until you have your shape you can select each individual shape and the pointer color if you want more segments select all of the shapes and then with the rotate tool hold down alt or the option key and pick the center use 18 of the rotational degrees and click copy as before you can edit the color of each shapes like so you can then use this tip graphic on whatever you want remember to use it on the print project it does have a little adversity you can experiment other shapes using the illustrator rotate tool and see what you can make with a square you can rotate it using the same method as before and even flicking the shape over to a stroke rather than the fill lay around with it and see what you can make the mock-ups I showed you in the first design I went on graphic and they have many different PSD mock-ups I’m not sponsored by the way it’s just a great website I hope you enjoy today’s Illustrator tutorial tomorrow is going to be the last graphic design video of this week next week I hope to have more hacks Illustrator more in-depth tutorials another content to like share and subscribe you haven’t already until next time as any future today peace you


8 Replies to “Use The Illustrator Rotate Tool To Make DOPE GRAPHICS – Illustrator Tutorial”

  1. Satori Graphics says:

    How often do you use the rotate tool in Illustrator?

  2. SuperLuigi150942 says:

    Ah thanks for this I was having trouble with the commands in my graphics class but this tutorial cleared it nicely 😀

  3. Don Melendez says:

    Awesome! love how you teach Brother! thank you! I actually just started using this tool yesterday trying to properly make all the details for wheels on a car I'm designing. I'm looking forward to your next tut.

  4. Usman Ismailjee says:

    what is the best way to export from illustrator to photoshop?

  5. Mr. Mel says:

    THanks Satori!!!

  6. CallMeZarkN says:

    Yes! Thanks as always 😀

  7. elonna229 says:

    Omg that is amazing as always. One of my projects next year actually is to brand myself so i can start taking steps into getting a design career. Would you mind if i take inspiration from your Flower Logo? Originally i planned on doing something to do with moroccan tiled patterns but that flower one has make me think again.

  8. Md GOLAM Rabbani says:

    bro how can i download AI cs6 free

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