Upgrading Your Laptop – CPU / Graphics / RAM / Disk

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Hey guys, Jarrod here and today we’re going
to discuss laptop upgrades while I upgrade my own laptop. Different models of laptop have different
upgrade options, some may only allow you to upgrade the disk for example, while others
may also allow you to upgrade the RAM and graphics too. Basically it all depends on
the particular laptop that you have, so before buying new hardware you should check the manufacturer’s
website to see what’s possible and supported. If you know what you’re doing, by all means
go ahead and open up your laptop and take a look around. In the laptop that I’ve got here, a Clevo
P650RE, it’s got an Intel 6700HQ CPU. The HQ series of CPUs are soldered to the board,
so I’m not able to upgrade the CPU with this laptop. While you may be able to remove
your CPU, you should first check what other CPUs are supported by the motherboard, as
it may not have been designed to support a wide range. Some laptops may also allow you to upgrade
the graphics card as well, it’s usually more likely than a CPU upgrade, but still
fairly uncommon, again it depends completely on your particular model of laptop. If this
is something that you’d want to consider, I’d suggest looking for a laptop that has
a graphics upgrade kit as an option so that you have the ability to do it in the future.
Again in my case just like the CPU, the GPU isn’t upgradeable. In general upgrading the RAM is a pretty common
upgrade path for a laptop, some models may have the RAM soldered to the board too, but
from most that I’ve seen you can take it out and replace it with larger modules as
long as the board supports them. In the laptop that I’ve got here, only 2 of the 4 slots
are populated, so I can easily put in two more sticks to expand my memory easily. In
Windows you can easily check how many RAM slots are in use through task manager by selecting
memory, that way you don’t even have to open the laptop up. I’m upgrading from 16GB
to 32GB here, as day to day almost all of my RAM is in use with virtual machines, once
the new RAM is in the operating system should automatically detect it, so it’s a very
simple upgrade. Another common upgrade path is upgrading the
drive, you can either swap out whatever disk is currently in the laptop with one of larger
size, or if you have spare drive bays or slots available you can simply add an additional
drive in. In this laptop, I’m using one 2.5” drive bay already, but have a second
one available as well as a spare M.2 slot, so I’ve got a couple of upgrade options. I’ve bought a 500GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD
which I can put straight into the free slot. All that’s left to do is boot into Windows,
select Computer Management, Disk Management and partition the disk for use. If you’re
swapping out the primary disk running your operating system, you’ll either need to
first copy the data over to the new disk, or install a fresh operating system. I’m
just using the disk to run virtual machines off of, so it’s all ready for me now. As we’ve seen it all depends on your specific
laptop with regards to which components can be upgraded, if you’re unsure check with
your manufacturer or consult the manual. In my case I’ve easily been able to add in
a new SSD and double my RAM with minimal effort, allowing me to get better performance and
more life out of my 2 year old laptop, so upgradeability is definitely worth considering
if you’re looking to buy a new laptop. So what laptop upgrades have you guys done?
Let me know down in the comments, and leave a like on the video if you found the information
useful. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe for future tech videos like this


100 Replies to “Upgrading Your Laptop – CPU / Graphics / RAM / Disk”

  1. Zolexius says:

    Underrated YouTuber

  2. Wated Gamer says:

    Can i upgrade my amd Radeon graphics to something else in my laptop? Like gt 610 or some other

  3. Syaheed Aziz says:

    Im using asus k53tk. Can i upgrade ram up to 16gb?

  4. Bojan Vasic says:

    Are the processors for laptops and PCs same??? Or there are CPUs especially for PCs and especially for laptops? Is there any difference?

  5. Commandos says:

    I upgraded my toshiba c855-s5241 laptop from a pentium b970 cpu to an i7-3540m. Ram went from 4gb to 16gb. I put a crucial mx 100 SSD in it too. Unfortunately the gpu isn't upgradeable

  6. Blackstar 2833 says:

    I’m upgrading a 8 yr old laptop that has a single core amd an a ati 4500 graphics mobile
    I put in 8gb of ddr 3 1600 I’m getting a 500gb ssd an I can upgrade the single core to a phenom 2 that is a 4 core I’m just waiting for it to come in

  7. Alen Vukoje says:

    I have Acer Aspire V15 (V5-591G-79GL) and I want to upgrade RAM (from 8gb to 16gb or more) and I want to upgrade my GPU but I don't know can I upgrade it (now I have NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M with 2gb). Help me.. haha

  8. Dilshan says:

    Nice one

  9. Martini Fernando says:

    Fake title

  10. Bezbol says:

    what can i upgrade on this laptop asus x540sc im looking to upgrade a processor if that possible right now i have intel celeron n3050 something like that

  11. Baked Potatoes says:

    Hey Jarrod, I think I have the same Metabox Laptop as you. My laptop is really loud with pretty much any game. What's wrong?
    I have a Metabox N850HJ, with a
    – Nvidia Gefore GTX 1050
    – 16GB of RAM
    – Intel Core i7-7700HQ, 2.80GHz
    – Windows 10

  12. Chen Kuan says:

    I upgraded my ASUS K55VM (bought in 2012, came with Core i5-3210M, 8GB DDR3-1333, nVIDIA GT630M, and 750GB 7200RPM HDD) to i7-3630QM (4 core, 8 threads), 16GB DDR3-1600, and put Intel 520 SSD to the original drive bay, remove DVD drive bay to put the old HDD instead.
    Couldn't upgrade the GT630M due to the size limit even though the card is swapable.
    Thought upgrading from i5 to i7 would need to change to better power adapter, but it actually worked well with the original one.
    (Someone upgraded from i5 to i7 has issue because it doesn't have enough power to handle i7)
    I guess if I add an external graphics card, it would become a decent gaming laptop again.

  13. Sander Solberg says:

    So i've got an old Packard Bell (Easynote TH36) It's currently got a Celeron 900 single core. Would something like a Core 2 duo work? (CPU is removable, and the Celeron and Core 2 duo share the same socket PGA 478)

  14. Roy Tollenaar says:

    ì upgrade my ram form 8GB to 12GB

  15. Prince Kid says:

    Does adding a additionally 2.5 hdd affect battery life by alot?

  16. ıllıllı קåȋη-åкåтsυкι ıllıllı ı says:

    Slots used 1 of 4 wtf

  17. Bert Nijhof says:

    I have upgraded my CPU from Athlon X2 TK55 at 1.8Ghz to a Turion X2 TL66 at 2.3GHz and I swapped the 320GB HDD from an USB enclosure with the 160GB laptop disk. One month later June 2017 the motherboard of my 2008 Dell Inspiron 1521 died.
    In my refurbished 2012 HP Elitebook 8460p laptop I replaced the 320GB HDD with a 1TB SSHD.
    I now use the two 320GB laptop HDDs in Raid-0 in my desktop, they store my Virtual Machines both Windows and Linux. Together their sequential read speed is 150MB/s. The VMs Win XP and Win 7 boot in 40-50 seconds. On the SSHD they boot in 30-40 seconds.

  18. John Brugge says:

    1:33 14.9 gb RAM in use????

  19. Kuri0 says:

    You could upgrade to CPU in almost any laptop (ones with M cpus etc) until 2013 / 14

  20. Fy5238 says:

    Can i upgrade my asus k40ae gpu?

  21. Augusto Avila says:

    what laptop is ?

  22. El Chapo Guzmán says:

    Please you should give me a response ,I had like a YouTube channel to educate me about this ,I'm using an AMD A6310 with Radeon R4 Graphics notebook Pc . My graphic card is fine but I have a very bad processor speed 1.8 , I plan to change my processor but I read a lot on the internet and most say it could heat up my machine , or damage my system board , please what processor will be good for my A6 ,I want to upgrade it ? Please reply

  23. Ishtiaque Ahmed says:

    My lenovo U530 task manager says 1 out of 4 ram slots used. I have only 1 ram slot WTF

  24. iamdxpe says:

    i upgraded my e5510 from 2 to 8gb ram and from 5400 2010 drive to 7200 2016 drive ,

  25. Dominic Saga says:

    I x have 2nd slot to put ram evnthre its said slot 2..idk y..

  26. 陈北宗 says:

    For me I had kind of a crazy upgrade on my Dell Latitude D620: CPU from Core Duo T2300 32-bit 1.66GHz to Core 2 Duo T7600 64-bit 2.33GHz, RAM from 512MB to 3GB, 80GB HDD to a 240GB Kingston V300 SSD, OS from Windows XP Home SP2 to Windows 10 Pro amd64, Broadcom 802.11b/g Wi-Fi adapter to an Intel 7260 802.11a/b/g/n/ac dual band + Bluetooth 4.0 adapter, added an Ericsson 3G HSPA+ adapter (couldn't find one with 4G LTE though – I might be able to create one myself though using some existing 4G LTE module,) upgraded the LCD panel from 1280×800 to 1440×900 resolution, replaced the main battery, the clogged fan, and replaced the failing optical drive with a second battery. Now I need to fix the display artifact issue (likely a logic board replacement) and I have a 2018-ready machine made in 2004.

  27. Harryw007 says:

    I upgraded my cpu from a celeron b830 to an i5 2520m (WAAAAAAY better)

  28. Games For Cykits says:

    I can barely find videos on the laptop I have, Jesus this laptop must be hated it’s an asus gaming notebook laptop

  29. Harsh Chaudhary says:

    Can we upgrade our gpu

  30. Brian Greve says:

    You rule! Great stuff, i am about to change my graphic card, but where do i buy a laptop graphic card, i got a pci-e 16x port in it, and i am going to change my cpu to a quad-core (already bought that). My problem is where to find decent graphics card for laptops? Can you help please?…. Thanks for the video, i will subscribe right now!

  31. Mitchell Putukara says:

    I have a GTX 670M in my laptop (Toshiba Qosmio x870 ) that requires 75W power on the GPU and i wish to upgrade it with a GTX 980M requires 100W. Will my laptop support?

  32. PIXEL POOTIS says:

    should be sponsored by metabox

  33. Tho mas says:

    I have got a MSI laptop with a…
    Intel core i3 and a gtx 310m and 6gb DDR3 and 17 inch.

    Can i upgrade these laptop? So yes? I will upgrade him in 8gb DDR3 and a gtx 1050ti

  34. ALPHAPLAYZZ says:

    Is there a way to upgrade the motherboard in an acer aspire one a114-31-c4hh?

  35. Paolo Dominguez says:

    Is it possible to updrage my laptop from pentium to i7…?

  36. Eliaz McNaught says:

    Got my moms (relatively old) toshiba satelite l775 and added 4gb ram to the 4gb preinstalled and added a crucial 120 gb ssd and its already 20x better, but i'm also thinking of replacing (I think and hope its possible) the stock intel I3 380m to an i5 560m, but do you think its worth the risk (paying 25$ for something that might not be compatible or even worse breaking my computer during the cpu install)?

  37. Laptop gaming channel says:

    Can I change laptop GPU I have amd430

  38. PCfighter says:

    Can i upgrade my geforce940mx card to any other stronger card pls help and i will subscribe on you :))

  39. minisprinter says:

    I only need graphic card and i have 16 gb ram

  40. nafi mohammed says:

    I do not know why my vram has decreased to 256mb
    when i bought my pc my dedicated memory was 512mb but after i found it 256mb
    i would like to have an answer please
    my system information
    "8GB RAM DDR3"
    Graphics Chipset
    "AMD Radeon HD 8200 / R3 Series"
    CPU Type
    "AMD E1-6015 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics"
    Windows Version
    "Windows 8.1 (64 bit)"

  41. Weird Person In The Internet says:

    and people say laptops cant br modified lol

  42. wrath goodwin says:

    Nice video bro,but to really find a upgradable graphic card it hard ,only the RAM ,CPU, battery can be increase and sometime it increase the temperature that affect the system So it's a hit or miss.

  43. Man of Culture says:

    I upgraded my Dell Inspiron 5559 from 4 to 8GB of RAM so far. 😀

  44. Zoived says:

    i cant install a ram on slot 2, i pushed it harder but it didnt install 🙁

  45. hamodka .android says:

    Upgrade the ram from 512MB to 4GB

  46. Pineapqles says:

    I am stuck with a 43 watt PSU LOL
    And a potato CPU which is i3 4030U.
    And with a stupid 4 GB RAM.

  47. Sanz Master says:

    What loptop did you use?

  48. andy law says:

    2GB RAM to 4GB RAM.. that it.. Pentium processor

  49. Chitu Basumatary says:

    Bro help to upgrade dell inspiron 3420 new cpu ram and ssd

  50. initialJDM says:

    I have a laptop that is already a upgrade with 8gb of ram, a Intel core i7 Sandy bridge 2670qm 2.4ghz max 3.2ghz with a AMD Radeon 6700m series 1GB of video memory and Intel HD 3000 as integrated

  51. Can Kocabıyık says:

    I upgraded my motherboard with Gpu and Cpu soldered to it.

  52. LonelyAlex says:

    what laptop do you have?? ( before upgrading)
    any links to the pc would be wonderful

  53. Prajjwal Patel says:

    i have hp pavalion dv6 3270ca with intel hd 3000 graphics, will i be able to upgrade my graphics

  54. its hadii says:

    hi my laptop says it has 4 slots but i cant seem to find the other 2 slots

  55. F Azar says:

    so imagine I've opened the laptop, now how can i know if I can add a graphics card? what connection should I look for?

  56. Raul Sebastian says:

    Hello i have an Acer Aspire E15 ( E5-573G-55MH ) with i5-5200U 4gb ram ddr3 and Nvidia GeForce 920M and i would like to upgrade my ram from 4gb ddr3 to 12gb ddr3 and i am not sure how much it will help me in gaming.Should i go for a new grapghic card instead of adding more ram? Let me know

  57. the stray cat says:

    ok i give up on research please help me these are my laptop specs
    Computer model TOSHIBA Satellite L875D notebook
    Processor AMD A6-4400M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics
    Memory Capacity 8.0GB
    Video card 1, Realtek Wifi Display VGA Adapter
    2, AMD Radeon HD 7520G
    Hard disk TOSHIBA MK6475GSX (640GB)
    Motherboard plcsc8
    Adapter 1, Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC
    2, Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller
    Audio 1, Realtek High Definition Audio
    2, AMD High Definition Audio Device
    Monitor Compaq WF1907 Resolution:1440×900
    Current OS Windows 7 64 bit [6.1.7601]

  58. FIetch2002 says:

    I upgraded my 2013 Toshiba Satellite laptop from 4gbs of ram to 16gbs of ddr3l ram (maximum) and then I upgraded the slow 1tb hdd to a 250gb gigabyte branded ssd, but I also bought a dock so I could make use of the 1tb hdd. Finally I upgraded the cpu from a i3 3110m to a i5 3210m (not a lot of different but it has a turbo boost feature and I wanted to play it safe not making my laptop get too hot) I plan to upgrade the screen for a glossy one and get a bigger battery and a new keyboard in the future.

  59. Hayden H says:

    1:28 Windows lies. It said 1 of 2 slots used. There is only one slot. The other one wasn’t installed.

  60. The Gamer's Eye says:

    I saw that one of my slots weren't used, but when I opened up my laptop, it only had one slot and my keyboard isn't able to open, what happened?

  61. abdul shaikh says:

    If ram soldered to motherboard can we desolder and upgrade ram

  62. Alter says:

    I upgraded e1-570g from 1TB HDD, 4gb ddr3 to 1tb SSD, 8gb (dual) ddr3. It's an old laptop. I don't think I can go any further on this one.

  63. Gunasamss YT says:

    I upgraded Ram 4GB to 16GB and HDD 500GB to SDD 250GB !

  64. lunar1412 says:

    If Im going to partition my storage , how much should I give for OS 's Drive?

  65. liagi takha says:

    Bro can I change my processor which is i5 1.7ghz. HP ro14tx

  66. Tom Lin says:

    I upgraded my Vaio from i5 2410m to i7 2820qm, I was planning to use i7 2960xm on it, but I afraid the heating it can't affrod 🙂

  67. Fawz Sharam says:

    Which one better for doing 1st ? Upgrade ram ddr4 or ssd ? my laptop asus x541uv with already soldier 4Gb ram. And i used it for design graphic also web.

  68. Khairul Hamzi says:

    laptop can upgrade ?

  69. Trent Lewis says:

    I bought a $350 laptop that was insanely bottlenecked by the storage since it only had a HDD. I installed a $40 128 gb nvme m.2 and moved the OS onto it. Now it is an insanely fast “relative to what I paid for it” laptop.

  70. Gautam Diwan says:

    You didn't mention WiFi cards

  71. Teh Cookie says:

    I upgraded from i3 8100 to a calculator processor!!! amazing what 100 megahertz can get you.

  72. Riley Less says:

    I have updated my Acer Aspire E1-571 CPU , from core i3 to core i5 and RAM from 8gb to 16gb , I can't upgrade to SSD because is too costly and low capacity 😂😂

  73. Weep Gaming says:

    Mine has an intel celeron (My motherboard wont support newer), 1gb of ram (I cant find any ddr3 for sale), and a crappy graphics card that is sautered in. On a desktop.

  74. Dreck Cula says:

    Hi sir! I have a quation. I hope you will help me:) I have a 4gb ram but I dont know if this is ddr3 or ddr4. please help me

  75. Dario DeNiro says:

    Why not just buy a decent laptop to begin with, for fucks sakes!

  76. Indigo Cat says:

    To find compatibility: first, find what chipset your motherboard uses, search what cpus are compatible with that chipset, those are your options, second type the name of your current processor into google and click the intel webpage with information on it, see if the socket and tdp matches the processor you want to upgrade to, also check what speed your ram is and see if that speed is supported by your cpu, if not you can aalso upgrade that, and also there could be bios compatibility issues, but usually updating your bios to its newest version will fix it. Also use userbenchmark to find what processors are better upvote this comment so people see this important info pls

  77. Kalyan Katwal says:

    hey, I have dell inspiron 3421 core i3 with 2GB ram. Can I upgrade it with 8GB RAM?

  78. IamKrishna says:

    Hey man ! can you sort out A problem of mine.. I actually have and amd Radeon r5 m330 graphics in laptop, I was playing a lot of games on the laptop, also Some games I run on Overclocked, But one day the AMD graphics stopped Automatically and started showing Bluescreen error I.e. Driver stuck in Thread like this, I tried a lot, I Changed the Os, I installed Many SW version of graphics Card lastly I cleaned and applied thermal paste, but. Nothing works, whenever I tried to install AMD drivers the Laptop restart and shows Bluescreen and never opened to welcome screen.. Restart again and again, lastly I booted through safe mode and deleted the AMD driver's then started. BTW Intel HD graphics works fine… So could you help me man.. what could I do ? I think my graphics Card in the laptop is damaged ! Can we Replace the dedicated AMD graphics… Show me some ways and thanks in Advance !

  79. Lost Alpha says:

    everything upgradeable, you just don't know how exactly

  80. shivam singh says:

    can we upgrade graphics card of laptop??

  81. Alexander Ivanov says:

    If I break my Asus Strix2 laptop hdmi port would i be able to change it somehow?

  82. Terminator says:

    where we get the graphics scard in lap top

  83. Terminator says:

    where we get the graphics scard in lap top

  84. MALLESH SHAVA says:

    i upgraded my 2yr old 6th gen intel i3 6006u dell inspiron 15 5000, from 4gb to 16gb and swapped the dvd bay with 250gb ssd caddy and cloned the win 10 os from hdd to ssd. i am using 750 ti as egpu instead of intel hd520 graphics. is there any chance that i can upgrade my i3 6th gen processor.

  85. Paulrick Polestico says:

    I don't know if mine is upgradeable.
    My laptop is Toshiba satellite l750d,and also i haven't seen the motherboard yet.

  86. 005 AGIMA says:

    crazy question but can you build a "laptop" from scratch. Buy a MB, HHD, Ram, Mobile CPU etc and spec it all yourself? I have a "modern retro" project in mind, but to fit it in the intended case, I'd need to use Laptop bits I'm sure.

  87. Ahmad Maulana says:

    Can i upgrade acer aspire one cpu…intel atom to i3?thnks

  88. Tomoniyuth Yuth says:

    So happy that I found this video. I was saving up money to buy a desktop then realized that my laptop still have the chance to shine once again thx dude

  89. sakib sarwat says:

    Is it possible to swap out a soldered gpu and put another one on a laptop?

  90. Manish Bhoyrub says:

    Bro is their a chance to upgrade my laptop spec to a high end one 😔👉 spec: Intel(R)Core(TM)i3-7100U CPU @ 2.40GHz and RAM 8.00 GB

  91. Dodial Fayed says:

    Which model laptop is it?

  92. Win'zstar Gazzah says:

    Are you using the same ram?

  93. AZVLOG says:

    Hi mate nice videos I have exact same laptop from different company it's called XMG with i7 6820hq and gtx970m 6gb so I was wondering if there is any possibility of upgrading the gpu and the processor as i already upgraded the ssd

  94. Fredbear14 SFM says:

    I have a question

    Can you upgrade windows 10 tablet specs

  95. 7033Joe says:

    My latest upgrade was to buy a whole new laptop. I'm clueless with these kinds of things.

  96. fara nita says:

    How do I upgrade my 4 year old pc that its cpu combined with the screen?

  97. CactiFN says:

    Can you replace the GPU

  98. Raphael Helou says:

    Can I upgrade the graphic card in my razer blade 15?

  99. TheSamX says:

    Hi, what do you think about upgrading my Lenovo b50 to a gaming laptor? I changed only harddrive from 1tb hdd to 512 gb samsung evo ssd

  100. khoa nguyen says:

    Laptop from 2007 can upgrades it ??

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