UNSW Future of Change Scholarship | "The power of communication"

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Welcome to Digital India, a home to 300+ Million
Internet Users, 100+ Million Social Media Users & an introduction of Internet of Things, Digital Payments, Cloud computing and a plethora of technologies to the Indian masses. But the real question still remains: Has India
realized and leveraged the potential of technology? India’s prowess in information technology
is a defining element of its global brand, but so far, larger parts of the country remain
untouched by its power and what our country needs is an excellent medium to spread awareness. My stint of being a communications professional
servicing pure technology based clients gave me industry insights and helped me understand
how imperative it is for our country to learn, unlearn and relearn about technology in this
era of digital disruption. Being a bridge between the industry stalwarts
and media, helping in spreading knowledge about technology to billions of people via
myriad media tools helped me understand that my job is no less than a job of a superhero
with an art of networking being my superpower. With my desire to learn from the best, I can
say without a shadow of a doubt that UNSW will help me with my personal, creative and
social growth and set me up to be a professional with an aim, to be the future of change. But what stops me from achieving my goals
is my financial instability. Getting this scholarship would be a dream
come true as it would help me overcome the obstacles. Hi, my name is Swapnil Thapa
I am a communications professional from India and I have the desire to encourage the masses
to be technologically literate, the fire to be unstoppable and all I aspire is to be the
future of change.


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  1. Prateek Thapa says:

    Wow! Impressive!! ❤❤😃

  2. Jamuna Thapa says:

    Wow great very precise and convincing with impressive voice ..goodluck there.

  3. Impulse says:

    Good luck sis ❤️

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