Unknown: Strategies and Solutions in Shaping the Built Environment

July 28, 2019 posted by

my name is melody Leo I'm from Zaha Hadid Architects and with Melissa Wilfred who is the founder and director of Museum of architecture we've co-curated a conference this year for the London festival of architecture the title is unknown strategies and solutions and shaping the built environment it was really important for us to create a female lead conference and the reason behind that is that we've spoken with different women about their experiences in the room with just women and a lot of them feel more comfortable to be sort of open and honest to project their voice to actually speak up and say something so we understand that it's important to have both sides of the perspective from the male and female point of view but we did want to create a space for women to have this conversation on their own with things we'd like to support architects and designers in different initiatives we like to kind of engage and see how they work and what they think they collaborated between each other and if we can be part of it that's what we do what really resonated with me today was that it wasn't actually talking about this local hearts they were talking about the future for me it's a dream to come together like this that is cross-disciplinary and cross country all borders because I believe in the solution battery in between as result of these kind of things I'm feeling very privileged we find that it's increasingly important to create a space for cross-disciplinary conversations to really open up our perspectives to how other people think and approach and feel and experience the world the conversation today has been centered around the idea of longer-term planning so how can we as a group of people here today start thinking about ways to implement our projects future thinking and sort of create projects for the next generation that helped to potentially solve the problems that we see today

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