7 Replies to “Unigine Valley Benchmark – Ultra settings on GTX 1060 6GB | i7 4770k”

  1. Oxabar25 says:

    "" See also other tests of the performance of this system ""

    º Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 Test:

    º Unigine Superposition Benchmark Test:

    º 3DMark Fire Strike Benchmark Test:

    º 3DMark Sky Diver Benchmark Test:

    º Engine Unity 5: ADAM The Mirror Benchmark Test:

    º Monster Hunter World Benchmark Test:

  2. rohan yadav says:

    what is the use of bench marking?

  3. Troglodude says:

    Mine got a lower score but I'm bottlenecking really bad, I desperately need a new cpu

  4. utopiaopera says:

    How is your temp only 50 degrees? I have a single fan iTX EVGA 6G SC… the temp on this gets up to 67.

  5. Ararat Tararat says:

    Amazing channel,,, thanks you Oxabar25

  6. Finn La says:

    I got 68 fps without oc and with oc (+100mhz clock, +900mhz mem) 80fps on my 1060strix

  7. Hitz NKoff says:

    Better than my ryzen 5 but not much, this chip used is still more than mine new though which still means Intel stock is going down.

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