Unboxing the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Bundle (1TB)

January 4, 2020 posted by

[XBOX SOUND]>>Okay, here’s the thing:
I’m all digital anyway. This is the console for me. [MUSIC].>>Introducing the all-new Xbox
One S All-Digital Edition Console. Now the Xbox One S is the best value
in games and entertainment. That means you get
one terabyte of storage, you get the 4K video streaming, and of course this matching wireless controller in stunning robot white. Then what makes
this new console different? You might be asking. Glad you did. It’s the first all-digital
Xbox One console, which means it doesn’t
have a disk drive. Here’s what makes this awesome. Your games’ saves and backups
are safe in the Cloud, your content travels with you, so you can play your games
on any Xbox One, pre-install new digital games so you can play
the moment they launch. Plus, you get great digital offers
to try out Xbox Game Pass. Here’s the thing, this console is
all about giving gamers choice. Speaking of choice, you get
three full game downloads. The first: Minecraft. Create anything you can imagine, explore infinite worlds
and survive the night. Now includes cats and pandas. You also get a whole game download
of Sea of Thieves. Adventure with your friends on
the high seas, be more pirate. Arrrrgh. A full game download
of Forza Horizon 3. Go down under with
more than 350 cars. Finally, one month of
Xbox Live Gold so you can play multiplayer with your friends on the most advanced
multiplayer network. If you’re living
the digital life in your gaming, then the Xbox One S
All-Digital Edition Console is one for you. But this is mine. [XBOX SOUND] Get the Xbox One S All-Digital


88 Replies to “Unboxing the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Bundle (1TB)”

  1. TheScorpionFiles says:

    Why buy an Xbox that only works with digital games having one that supports both physical and digital?

  2. AlienatedNote says:

    "Gives players choice"

  3. quan pham hong quan says:

    Saddest ads ever!

  4. dylan james says:

    Not buying already have it at lease I can buy disc games still

  5. Abdulrehman Siddique says:

    Tell Me It's An April Fools Prank

  6. Batata 09 says:

    I don't like this version

  7. Zachary Rodriguez says:

    I like this lady

  8. Marvin A Johnson says:

    Maybe they should’ve offered the x and the s digital or with disc to save people money in the first place ?

  9. Alfonso Rubio Rioseras says:

    El mayor timo de la historia de los video juegos.

  10. AL PACINO says:

    Make fortnite free to play bruhh

  11. YEET Master says:

    What if they you have slow internet


    Why xbox have gold ? suicide

  13. Kram M says:

    “This consoles all about giving gamers choice” as they take away the freedom to use disks

  14. Hazhi Abdullah says:

    I bought buy Xbox One S 1TB for 215$ 🙄

  15. str8jaber says:

    It's clear that ms thinks that the consumers are stupid. Thanx for the heads up on how you truly view us ms. I'll be sure to return the favor next generation 😉👍🏾

  16. Mikkel Kafh says:

    Estáis locos , sacar una consola sin lector de bluray…….

  17. GalacticGamerX7 says:

    Buts scotch tape over disk drive… i have Xbox one s all digital with 3 random gamers I did not want that made the price go up 100$👽🥁👽

  18. Hurshes Kisses says:

    Sorry, I'mma stick with my og Xbox on s

  19. la Mozambique :v says:

    Boooo miérda por el precio

  20. Fun_Darth_Żow says:


  21. Tracy Russell says:

    you do know that you can make your xbox one s into an all digital console and you've still have the disk player. just dont use the disk player.

  22. Jmsetyawan Fps says:

    Dont buy xbox because you still have to buy gold

  23. AlexM 2709 says:

    Please make xbox live gold optional.

  24. Lunitaproductions says:

    1 TB? Not enough honestly

  25. Yaneth Guillermo says:


  26. Caleb Soderlund says:

    I want the xbox one s SO BADLY 🙁 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Berrlett&TheGameplay says:

    Step one towards the end of the Xbox Brand. Well done.

  28. DR Straw says:

    I'm just here to remind everyone what happened to scott pilgrum vs the world. If you don't remember that game I rest my case.

  29. Game Quard says:

    Dumme scheiße ich will für immer disc behalten

  30. Jorge Luna says:

    But that ps5 though

  31. Doodlebugdude says:

    I like the woman in the advert. Shame she's advertising… I mean unboxing something nobody wants.

  32. El juego loco says:

    En mi infancia tuve un ps1 y la pase muy mal con los discos porque de raya

  33. Social Gamer says:

    Bay bay left for dead

  34. Jean Pol says:

    "It's all about giving gamers choice"

    Can't play my xbox one game discs :/

  35. bluepeng889 says:

    0:57 by not giving us have the choice to use blu rays?

  36. PokeAaron says:

    I’m a physical kid

  37. DeckedAthlete 60 says:

    Xbox WTF?

  38. Lucas Lucco fox says:


  39. Emre Topic says:

    When I get hacked Error my Account and Games are deletet…

  40. Paul Foxie says:

    How to destroy:
    2)Classic Gaming
    3)Collectors Editions

    Do you know anything else?
    (Gaming… maybe?)

  41. FeplayZ007 says:

    Why did they take out the disk drive and closed the door, completely unnecessary 😛

  42. Lucas Nascimento says:

    Xbox piratao

  43. Jánosné Bartucz says:

    Love u, Kate <3

  44. AMIR HOSSEIN says:

    I got mine 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  45. Barrett Carter says:

    What the hell am I supposed to do with all my discs you bull d7Ke

  46. koukosdreamer says:

    It would be made smaller and with a 2 tb drive! Then we will talk about flying off the shelves stupid morons of Microsoft you ve made an icon of gaming an underdog!

  47. The Sweaty Yeti says:

    I love how you try to make having less options be trendy. Hilarious, Xbox

  48. Martyn P says:

    You failed at the first price-point hurdle guys, reduce it

  49. Idiotic Tirades says:

    Prime example of just because you can doesn't mean you should.

  50. Idiotic Tirades says:

    I'll take things that nobody will buy for $250, Alex.

  51. MaurizioEmanueleFerri says:


  52. J. Deku says:

    What’s the point?

  53. Danandy 2468 says:

    I want it more Slim or little than the original Xbox One S

  54. Ben K says:

    0:03 don't you wanna slap her face ?

  55. Random Junior says:

    Whats the musik

  56. Riku Miku says:

    Thats sad, downfall incoming for Xbox.

  57. Cheezy310 says:

    The people that liked this video are on drugs

  58. Sebastian X says:

    SJW confirmed

  59. L says:

    "choice", well I would also like to play my physical games

  60. Random Junior says:

    Best i buy my this!🤗

  61. Y9Power says:

    She's annoying..

  62. Michael Morris says:

    R.I.P Gamestop

  63. B FC says:

    Why doesn’t mine work

  64. Fernando Caballero says:

    Obligatory Adam Jensen quote: "I never asked for this."

  65. Joy k says:

    I agree

  66. Y9Power says:

    I'm surprised with the amount of likes as opposed to dislikes..

  67. Iphone_ Mobile_God says:

    Do u have to buy the games then download em or are some of the games free like let’s say I wanna get rainbow six siege how am I supposed to get the game or GTA5

  68. Cristian Vega Chacon says:


  69. игровой atom says:

    I russian player and this bundle realy good. I best player xbox 360 with 2014.

    Microsoft you best company. I really like xbox. Thank you. I love you)))))))))))))))))

  70. ghostboy2133 says:

    I want to pick up the Xbox one s all digital edition being that I own Xbox one and 360 digital games

  71. Rushikas homecare says:

    Will we get all 3 games downloaded

  72. kartikey mishra says:

    Minecraft and for Forza are my favourite

  73. spark Bear says:

    Why did you did than npt all can have internet all time

  74. Churyzerd combOhss says:

    this reminded me exactly why i don’t want to buy this

  75. Mike J Bowker says:

    Xbox one s all SAAAAAAAAAAD Edition Console

  76. Urban Delinquent says:

    If I can install physical on my XOS then I can play those on this console image I can buy as much games as I want on GameStop then return them that’s free games not gold

  77. Joaquin Penafiel says:

    Really Microsoft?

  78. Oscar Procter says:

    I got one of these but the bundle was sea of thieves, Minecraft, Fortnite and 1 month Xbox live gold with the Xbox gamepass

  79. Oscar Procter says:

    I seen additional disk drives for this

  80. Lacko Pan says:

    I have it and it's great

  81. Στρατης Ψωμας says:

    can i download fortnite on this console?

  82. Shish says:

    hell yeah I'm getting this for Black Friday!!

  83. Jonathan Hernandez says:

    How do you even download games

  84. Jonathan Hernandez says:

    Its super hard

  85. Bich Phuc says:

    Well I got it for 115€ that’s how it always should’ve been worth it

  86. Alfie Rogers says:

    i bought this accidentally rip

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