Ultimate $420 Windows XP Gaming PC Build

August 1, 2019 posted by

so today giraffe is going to be
installing a samsung 128 gig solid-state drive into this Windows XP
i7 machine it’s going to be very fast because it supports SATA 3 thankfully we’ll use one of these and see how it goes so we’ve stuffed that solid-state drive as the second drive and now we’re going
to have to reinstall windows XP on the SSD we had to slipstream the drivers
into this disc for the Intel storage controller so now the ISO should work
and now it begins the Windows XP install on a solid-state drive ok very long
terms and conditions I agree I guess okay looks like we’re going to install
this on the solid state drive hmm we’ll do the quick cuz F everything yes formatting drive okay windows xp hurry up oh wow so this is going to be a very
fast installation isn’t it at least i would hope so $420 budget windows xp gaming pc theme song plays “stay connected with friends and family” with windows xp Giraffe holy fuck that startup is aesthetic holy shit that’s a Windows XP on an SSD
holy fucking shit look at that performance oh man oh yes
oh man the clicking the clicking though can make a folder in an instant while
this is the best experience ever holy shit this is amazing so now I’m gonna
highly recommend that you go grab a cold one
my recommendation is the 2015 Riesling so at least nah it’s a high-grade cold
one and you might need this because this is going to take quite a long time for
me to get done removing the shitty dell power supply 275 watts, hm well i have no use for this radeon hd 7570? okay then ah ah ah ha haaaa the only Nvidia card i own because its lit aesthetic fucking lit ah ha ha AAAAHH AH ah uh uh AAHHH ah this power supply is better I know this much is true I know this Much is true nice case a silent stripper ooh a silent stripper a silent stripper ooh a silent stripper a silent stripper ooh WINDOWS XP STARTUP BLOWS YOUR FUCKING MIND IN 2 Seconds so now that we put this thing together
we will have to install the graphics card driver we are using version 340
4.11 since it has hidden XP compatibility for the GTX 970 we will do
the Express install a warning sign let’s ignore it patiently waiting physics fantastic and that’s that let’s
see if it recognizes the card dude u got a dell #420blazit aesthetic startup 12 second boot tho GEFORCE EXPERIENCE #buildthatwall holy shit whoa that’s lit oh man so now let’s see
how it copes with some classic XP titles chips challenge seems to be running with
some blistering FPS wow that’s some fast ship
10 out of 10 best soundtrack FREECELL free cell seems to not
like me that move is not allowed I think it runs pretty well though fury 3 fury 3
seems to be taking full advantage of the GTX 970’s vram with its HD textures
thanks Nvidia and now we will update steam to test doom
let’s see if doom will run on XP we’ve set the settings to maximum to stress
out the card as much possible oh it seems to be kicking some ass and
performance so far the FPS are pretty good Wow now let’s see how it fares at other
benchmark tests so just sit back grab a cold one and enjoy the show all of these benchmarks are totally maxxed settings antialiasing is also overdone sing along with the benchmark song what are you doing you say you’re leavin and its all because she’s said that
he said that you said that i said that i got another girl im dating she said that he said that you said that i said that i love to fool around THIS TIME FOR LOVE tell me why your friends wanna break us up now THIS TIME FOR LOVE NOTHINGS GONNA STOP ME BY KEEPING ME DOWN this time for lo-ove Tell me why your friends wanna break us up now this time for love nothings gonna stop me by keeping me down epic synth riffs and guitar and it’s all wrong hearing the gossip and now you’re leavin and its all because she’s said that you said that i said that i got another girl im dating initial d version 3 is fucking lit THIS TIME FOR LOVE holy shit we goin fast in this ae86 yo THIS TIME FOR LO-OVE nothings gonna stop me by keeping me down the ae86 is going very fast nothings gonna stop me by keeping me down holy shit that drift at 253 km/h tho This Time This time This time for lo-ove this time for lovin u babe this time this time this time for lo-ove this time for weed eurobeat intensifies holy shit at those fps free hd 7570 (just pay shipping) for anyone who records themselves singing this whole song in hq acapella w/no instrumental 2333 fps so based on those benchmarks it looks
that even the most demanding titles were a total breeze for this $420 XP
gaming machine I however recommend if you do this build dual boot with Windows
7 64 bit or Windows 10 using easy BCD because some gains from after 2013 while
they look like shit or not run so download the DirectX 10 support HACK for
XP 32-bit and all the latest updates Microsoft released this year for XP I
got about 64 updates this month if you need to find the storage controller it
is available on Dell site for several of their Optiplex models slipstream it
using nlite into the Windows XP I so in a nutshell this budget build can
crush the ps4 pro and many budget builds on YouTube as well the cost for a
similarly powered new PC from Dell or HP would be about 8 hundred nine hundred
dollars minimum this PC can also do 4k lastly if you plan to install XP on a
rig like this make sure it’s running a third gen Intel processor because later
i7s will not natively work for a mere 420 dollars you can construct an
absolute beast with Windows XP suitable for running the most demanding titles
like minesweeper or crisis on Ultra settings this pipe
screensaver is fucking lit


100 Replies to “Ultimate $420 Windows XP Gaming PC Build”

  1. Tech YES City says:

    Love the build, also the 7:35 with subtitles on is pretty lol :p

  2. Toasted says:

    druaga3 is that you?

  3. Apparition says:

    Damn this build is great

  4. ExZite says:

    upgrade to win 10 or you will get a shit ton of viruses

  5. Verga Sombolinggi says:

    $420 Blaze It

  6. Greg says:

    Wow how you run doom 2016 on windows xp ?

  7. Kescarte DeJudica says:

    Is there some benefit to using the 32 bit version of Windows XP over the 64 bit version? I've heard the 64 bit version causes compatibility issues with 90's software, but I've never actually tested that. Do you know if this is the case, and if so why?

  8. Kescarte DeJudica says:

    So, I'm going to do this build with the Titan X Maxwell 12 GB GPU. I want to overclock it too, but I'm new to water cooling. Can you recommend a good water cooling kit or setup for the Titan X ?

  9. Kescarte DeJudica says:

    Did yours come with the Windows XP sticker on it, or did you put that on yourself?

  10. Love Cartoons And Comerdy Clol TV time says:

    Try part 2 put GTA SA IV and V

  11. Kescarte DeJudica says:

    Doesn't the inclusion of "This Time" make your video ineligible for monetization, because of copyright rules? Or does it not work that way?

  12. Jacob's Tech says:

    when his xp machine is faster than my main pc (at least in cpu not graphics i think : i have a 1050ti and a hpenom ii x6 1090t

  13. Khanh Tran says:


  14. Koledzy108 says:

    It's too much for Win XP, honestly I have a Pentium D 945 Machine with HD 4850 and 3GB ram and it runs perfectly well with every winxp era game. But i get point of this video, Lick + Sub 🙂

  15. Dibyamartanda Samanta says:

    officially something does not happen but future of xp is in hand of community check out shorthorn project which wants to bring back XP. http://shorthornproject.com/ They need some contributors if that provided XP will live forever.
    XP need to be back I hate stupid Windows 10

  16. Diego GAME says:

    overwatch not run WIN_XP idiot;o

  17. ZaKath ZaKath says:

    Build next Aros os amiga from old computer parts

  18. Sanic Hegehog says:


  19. PBSDoink says:

    48 fps

  20. dev1l says:

    MLG windows xp

  21. MrScottyPieey says:

    doom running on windows xp 11:40

  22. Ragdoll Productions Fan 2005 says:

    Omg what about gtav or gta iv

  23. Martin Szymczak says:

    Your videos are awesome.

  24. Kescarte DeJudica says:

    When choosing whether to dual boot between Windows 7 or 10, I'd be inclined to choose 10. It has the greatest amount of support from hardware and software vendors, and has a few features that are pretty darn appealing for gaming, chiefly support for the Xbox Play Anywhere feature, which allows you to play otherwise Xbox One exclusive titles on your PC.

    However, I don't use Windows 10 as stock. I change a lot of settings, block telemetry, turn off Cortana, uninstall all the deafault metro apps (except for the Store and Xbox apps) and a few other things. I also recreate the start menu using Classic Shell. I'm to produce an almost perfect replica of the Windows 7 start menu and taskbar that way, even down to the start button icon. This allows me to bring greater functionality and aero glass aesthetic appeal to an otherwise flat and painfully simpleton layout.

    Personally, I think that is the best of both worlds. To have the increased functionality and support of Windows 10, and still have the greater layout, orderliness and visyal stimulation that Windows 7 offers.

  25. Dibyamartanda Samanta says:

    I am planning to upgrade my i7 3770k pc gfx card . I want to run on 1080p . Please can you suggest me a good cheap gfx card

  26. Cameron Hall says:

    Let's see how it copes with some classic XP titles.
    Plays a Windows 3.1 game from the 90s

  27. Cameron Hall says:

    How do you run Doom? That requires a 64-bit OS.

  28. Ragdoll Productions Fan 2005 says:

    XP is the fastest and i got it working 100% on my pc

  29. R.a. Wheeler says:

    I got the next to newer model rocking an i7 and 8 gb ram and Windows 7. Very fast computer. I have Windows XP Media Center for Dell too.

  30. Mr Sheep says:

    all the computer i had with windows XP had either 2 or 1 gigs of ram and a pentium 4/D

  31. 【La Reina Conejo】✚【Mafia】❤ says:

    "THE MOST DEMANDING TITLES" on my GTX 760TI can´t run Space cadet on 10000FPS is amazing, i reach close to 5000 FPS, it´s unplayable for me, same for cells, 5000FPS, is very, very unplayable, looks horrible, and i feel sick. need your graphics card, i don´t wanna play a game to 5000FPS never, these frames is for console peasants.

  32. Frostyy says:

    windows XP is the best

  33. overpc1995 says:

    GTX 970 on winxp lol 😀 ???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. XxGamerulxX says:


  35. Cheetah says:

    GTA V – I think 200 fps, Because the map of this game isnt big, and map loading takes down fps too.

    GTA IV – 600 FPS I have seen multiple i7's run at 600+ fps in gta IV. The graphics are not that good and the map is medium

    GTA: San Andreas – 1200 FPS First of all, this is a super lightweight game. What was it again? 3 gb, and its not that graphical. Storyline is good tho:3

    GTA III – 2000 fps. Why? This game is just old and light.

    GTA II – I think this game limits 60 fps but without limit i think you will get 6500 fps

    GTA I- 9500 fps. This is almost as light as pinball. trust me lol.

    Battlefield 1942 – 2400 FPS
    Minecraft – 2000 fps
    FSX – 2000 fps
    Roblox – 3500 fps
    Warface – 1200 fps
    NASA Sim – 40 fps
    Blank Dot Flash – 10000 fps

  36. smooky says:

    Hello psychoticgiraffe
    I want build the computer in this ways cause my sister have my old computer but he fuck up it so i want build news one . is posible having the number mother board . and all other piece

  37. Citroen Games says:

    That is not a xp pc a gaming pc it is freaking better then my windiws 98/xp destop i would make it dual boot with windows 7 my main pc is faster (ofcourse xD) i play games but that pc i a freaking beast i got mine for 188 euro (around 200$) it can play CoD Black Ops 3 on medium setting 40-60 fps imagen it on that pc omg i think you can run it on med-high setting 60-90 fps

  38. Ragdoll Productions Fan 2005 says:

    Sonic adventure 2 I'd the fastest that does not slow down

  39. Ömer Koyuncu says:

    nice build bro

  40. Alpha Male says:

    windows xp could actually have a higher fps than windows 10

  41. 64 bit says:

    why the fuck home edition ????!!!!

  42. Outtheredude says:

    Wow! An i7 that can still run Windows XP.

    My 8GB Q9650 / 2GB 750 Ti XP/8.1 dual boot machine's a tad jealous. Just a tad mind. 😉

    Full Specs:

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 3.0GHz Quad Core CPU
    Gigabyte EP35-DS3R motherboard
    8GB (4x2GB) G.Skill DDR2 1000 5-5-5-15 1T @ 2.1v memory
    2GB EVGA 750 Ti SC PCIe graphics card (with additional backplate)
    Sound Blaster Audigy SB0090 PCI audio card (with firewire port)
    SanDisk X400 128GB SSD (for XP)
    SanDisk X400 256GB SSD (for 8.1)
    Western Digital Black 1TB HDD (for games)
    Western Digital Black 2TB HDD (for data & more games)
    Two Lite-On iHAS124-14 DVD Writer drives
    Sony 1.44MB floppy drive
    Cooler Master Elite 370 Case
    EVGA SuperNova 550G2 PSU
    Scythe Kaze Master KM01-BK fan controller
    Anidees AI Halo Cosmic Blue 140mm front & 120mm rear case fans
    BeQuiet Shadow Rock LP CPU cooler
    Serial/Parallel case backplate
    Midi case backplate
    2-port USB case backplate
    eSATA case backplate

  43. El DiabloGaming says:

    wow this was made on my birthday last year. holy shit.

  44. Gamer Ground says:

    Когда понял что комменты будут английские))

  45. Frostyy says:

    WOW so cheap for so good computer

  46. medo988881 says:

    i installed a fresh copy of windows xp on my old and rusty dell optiplex gx270, the thing has a pentium 4 3.2ghz 512kb cache and 512mb ddr-400 ram (for all of you tech savvy people). i installed it on a seagate 160 gb SATA HDD (yes you read that right) and the thing just boots in a mere 12 seconds!

    tried it on a core 2 quad machine… , suprisingly it takes a little over a minute to boot and sometimes even the explorer stutters for a split second when browsing and opening folders.

    compatibility at it's finest, i'd say.

  47. rainy says:

    laggy video

  48. Dibyamartanda Samanta says:

    Why people are leaving XP ? Stay on XP . Don't kill it

  49. Sir. Burbonburg says:

    Deutscher Prädikatswein ich lach mich schrott LOL XD THIS IS VAPORWAVE

  50. RadiNation says:

    Aint really a Windows Xp build because of the specs a Windows xp build is the era from its start to end

  51. Lil Deadman says:

    That pc isn't made for windows xp

  52. Nova Tiberium says:

    –now install macOS–

  53. Victor Figueroa says:

    This video was Fucking awesome!

  54. AmanIskandar says:

    lol is this initial d song? at12:20

  55. N says:

    win XP + 3GB ram + dual core + 120gb ssd = windows 10 + 64GB ram + i9 extreme + m2 ssd

  56. Nintendo Man says:

    I have an all in one acer desktop am i able to replace the graphics card it has an Intel celeron CPU N3150 @1.60GHz i want to replace it with the same graphics card you used in this video.

  57. Hydruś says:

    12:38 This is Minecraft FPS on GTX 1060, lel

  58. Christopher Tichanuk says:

    i have an ivy bridge i5 and a GTX970, I should try this sometime and run all those sick 16-bit apps

  59. GodOfGamingBG says:

    Ultimate winXP gaming PC would involve Asus P9X79-WS mobo, Xeon E5-1680v2 cpu (8 cores 16 threads and unlocked multiplier, mmmboy!) and Gigabyte Titan X Xtreme (maxwell, with custom cooler and oc) and of course an Auzen X-Fi HomeTheater HD sound card

  60. Asian_Boy 77774 says:

    If install a gtx 970 on xp, do I use the drivers from a gtx 960

  61. David Davidsonn says:

    next step
    install xp on NVMe SSD

  62. Forever BSOD [OFFICIAL CHANNEL] says:

    Whats the song name?

    P.S For those who says "Darude Sandstorm" I WILL REPORT YOUR REPLIES

  63. Bradley aka patty says:

    Now you need g-sync montior

  64. Simon Guppy says:

    Install 64 bit xp otherwise the gtx 970 memory and system ram can't be addressed fully.

  65. Nathaniel Smith says:

    Nice windows xp music lol

  66. samfkt says:

    how did you manage to use the GTX 970 on Windows XP 32bit? There are no XÜ drivers for that spacific GPU on the official nVidia site.

  67. Gott says:

    crap video!

  68. Daniel Hill says:

    My optiplex just got an ssd, Windows XP boots stupid fast

  69. Burak Demir says:


  70. Sputnik says:

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/216844005781214 Windows XP Access & Updates 2018 and Beyond! FB group. Id love to see more here!

  71. Sputnik says:

    Someone should make a XP Pro – Self Installing Gaming ISO (With games in the installer)

  72. Sputnik says:

    I did make a Game Installer for XP. Using Vista and XP Games in the installer.

  73. Sputnik says:

    Here should be all the XP & Vista game installers http://web.archive.org/web/20130805141549/http://winxp76.net/index.php?dir=Games/

  74. Sputnik says:

    Oh remind me in the FB group. I have a right click feature. It allows you to run some vista/7 exe_ files and other features into the R-Click menu. Plus other goods and I use that on my OS with other mods-if you will. I stayed with this since (OS) installer [which has a 'zero' key] Which you have to add when WGA verifies your install. N-Lite you can customize your own XP ISO legally. I have a case of custom XP custom ISO. Some over 2gb! (Yes big for XP but doesnt bog down) Its more than a theme I assure you. Thanks for this video!

  75. Sputnik says:

    Psychoticgiraffe – Did you want the Universal Drivers ISO?

  76. Sputnik says:

    This is the 100,000 XP driver pack. Not the 150,000 but here: https://www.4shared.com/rar/O3gCnKdQee/Universal_XP_Driver_Pack.html Have you tried packing the older card files for that card mentioned? I put them in the program folder. So the DLL folder doesnt over write other ones. The 1800 MAY work with the previous drivers.

  77. Ragdoll Productions Fan 2005 says:

    Did you truer GTA SA or GTA IV

  78. MrScottyPieey says:

    Hey DOOM 4 it's running on Microsoft Windows XP?

  79. Andre 1999 says:

    Where did you get the drivers for GTX 970. Officially GTX 960 is the latest GPU supported by windows xp . No ?

  80. Jeremiah huertas says:

    Can i have some of your gpu’s plsss that u dont like or u dont use plssss

  81. Tom Price says:

    Awesome video man. Keep on making videos like this.

  82. Dragon Ball Universe says:

    Nice Work!!

  83. iiJammy says:

    Does this work on Fortnite?

  84. Matt Hunter says:

    i bought an old acer veriton 1155 system i'm currently working on a windows xp sp4 build using an i5 2400 and gtx 950 hoping to play some old windows 98 games along with some direct x 10 supported games just to see windows xp shine like it should

  85. Mr. Mayo says:

    can you smoke it?

  86. jelly gaming says:

    Windows XP on ssd
    OMG ! it is so lightning fast
    Windows 10 on m.2 ssd
    It is fast but sata ssd is good option

  87. Ragdoll Productions Fan 2005 says:

    The one if the sobgs is gone?

  88. Ragdoll Productions Fan 2005 says:

    You should get GTA sa GTA v and GTA iv for your PC test if its windows 200 xp vista 7 8 or 10

  89. VideoMaxYT Pearson says:

    this is fake, overwatch is not compatible on windows xp

  90. pc that runs xp says:

    i have the same monitor

  91. Animalyze71 says:

    The 970 you have was made to fit into store bought PC's and also very "SMALL" form factor systems. Works out great in these old Optiplex machines which I have several lying around. Been running 2 Gtx 580's SLI in mine been doing great!

  92. Chloe H says:

    Doom doesn’t work on xp…

  93. mOddEdLiKeHeLL says:

    I had that same problem with the blue screen starting to install XP on one of those optiplex’s with a C2D. I would get the BSOD everytime at the end of the when the files are loaded. Don’t remember is I was using a SSD or HDD though

  94. UnLTDGamingHD says:

    No Crysis?? LOL

  95. Nicolas CervantesLorenzo says:

    I having a install Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 CD-ROM Disc 3, Cyberlink PowerDVD XP For Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition, Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition And Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3.

  96. zky nime says:

    Cs 1.6

  97. Wrong Way says:

    0:41 shit lag !

  98. WellBeSerious12 says:

    Press F…

    To continue Setup.

    > I think this man has a Windows XP fetish.

  99. WellBeSerious12 says:

    Song? 5:00

  100. despacito 2 says:

    Windows Vista is for the Crippling Depresson Club.

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