22 Replies to “ULTIMATE 2018 SET UP VIDEO! Twitch Streaming, Graphic Design, Gaming, Video Editing, Podcast & MORE!”

  1. Daniel Snaith says:

    Looks so clean!

  2. MxValentine says:

    Why is this intro and opening cuts so good? Like you do editing and cuts is like a man with a 100k+ subs.

  3. Ssenzy- San says:

    Super jealous! That setup is AMAZING

  4. Mofera says:

    The decisions are almost 85% not ours.

  5. Adventure Labs says:

    Dope setup! Super jealous! Love these gear videos, just found ya on the tube of you. Cheers man, would appreciate it if you checked out my channel. -new sub

  6. Gnome Familia says:

    amazing bro <3

  7. AresZeus says:

    Looking to recruit graphic designers and u would be perfect if not can u link me to some guys that are interested dm @Nera_Supremacy

  8. Harbin Plays says:

    Fuck my bro, your videos keep getting better!

  9. OverTheTop Live says:

    Super Clean Setup

  10. ScepterKZ says:

    Woah 👀

  11. KaZoo says:

    Looks Dope Man, what about the Tables? Ive been looking for some nice Tables/Desk for my setup.

  12. FLOWTUTS says:

    that's sick man keep it up more in the future 😇

  13. Mr. Ogi says:

    Absolute beast of a setup.

  14. KarlaValentina says:

    Looks great

  15. Josh Deakin says:

    For real though, if you're a designer and/ or a chilled individual. I'd, highly suggest you give Aaron's stream a go. So chill and always gives back to people who support him! https://www.twitch.tv/aaron_endicott

  16. Not In Use says:

    I love what you have done with the setup BIG MOVES

  17. Big E Live says:

    If you want to share your set up, be sure to join up the Discord server!

  18. Vasco FX says:


  19. Dr Dunn says:

    Congrats man. It all looks great!

  20. Christian Seymour says:

    If you want your logo you can find someone who does sandblasting. it'll make it like kind of frosted.

  21. EnticedArts says:

    Big moves!

  22. Christian Seymour says:

    Notification squad 🙂

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