Ubuntu 16.04 VS Windows 10 : Dota 2 Benchmark on an R7 260X (includes Vulkan)

July 30, 2019 posted by

Hey guys, Penguin Recordings here! And in this video we’re going to be taking a look at Dota 2 as requested. This time on AMD. Specifically this time I’m going to be running this on the R7 260X that I have. This card right here. An important thing to note is that Dota 2 is quite a big challenge to benchmark on its own already. But it’s even more challenging when it comes to the AMD scenario, because on top of the API’s that I have to go through DirectX9, Dx11, OpenGL, Vulcan. On the AMD driver’s side of Linux we have quite a fragmented scenario. There’s the open-source radeon driver. There’s the open amdgpu driver, and then there is the proprietary AMDGPU-PRO. So, I tried to benchmark as much as I can but I was unsuccessful with the RADV open-source Vulkan driver as it doesn’t work on my card currently. It looks like it’s still limited to Polaris and VI cards only at this time. So without further ado let’s go ahead and see the results. On both Ubuntu and windows I made sure to keep the graphic settings exactly the same. Starting this off with the side-by-side comparison we have default scenario which is OpenGL on Ubuntu and DirectX 9 on Windows. and we are seeing a loss of about anywhere from ten frames per second on average compared to the windows AMD drivers. So, I’m running the open-source MESA radeon drivers on ubuntu and the proprietary crimson drivers which i think is 16.11 on the windows side. So, MESA does a good job of trying to keep up here a lot better than it did in the past but it’s still not frame for frame in performance. It’s still not at a frame-for-frame performance level yet. It’s getting close but its still not good enough. So now we go to what people really want to see here and that’s the Vulkan side of things and unfortunately the only way to get Vulkan working on the Linux side right now is using the AMDGPU-PRO drivers, which is 16.40 right now and that’s what I’m using on the left side here on Ubuntu and we do see that it performs less than admirable compared to the Windows Vulkan driver and actually in fact both of these sides are performing less than what we were seeing in the default scenario which was OpenGL and directx 9. So it looks like AMD’s Vulkan performance, at least on the 260x is not that great. I would not actually recommend this if you really want to play this game properly. We are seeing stutters and frame drops that are pretty significant on both sides here. So as can be seen just now the performance of Vulkan does seem to be less than what OpenGL and DirectX offer on aAMD’s drivers. Now putting things down to minimum settings however we do see the tables turn and the Vulkan side does ever so slightly edge out over the rest. Now these frame time graphs allow us to see which have the smoothest performance over one another and what can be seen overall is that when we max things out the best or smoothest API’s are DirectX 11 and OpenGL on Ubuntu. Whereas directx 9 and OpenGL on Windows isn’t that great. we bring things down to minimum settings however things get a lot closer to one another still though it seems that directx 11 and opengl on linux take the cake and out beat the rest in terms of smooth performance. So it’s a good idea to run the game in OpenGL on Ubuntu. So we’ve come to the end of the benchmark video and it’s pretty interesting to see that Vulkan is not the all-around winner. I was expecting it to do very well on the AMD side because it is AMD’s brainchild. but apparently AMD’s drivers still have a strong love for the Direct X scene. Still it’s not all bad news though. We have the radeon open source driver catching up to AMDGPU-PRO the proprietary driver in the opengl scenario. But it still falls ever so slightly behind directx 9 and 11 when running through the AMD drivers. Unfortunately as I’ll showcase right here I tried the amdgpu open-source drivers and things didn’t work out so well. In fact, performance was abysmal I even compiled my own kernel. Brought it up to 4.9 rc5 which is the latest at the time of this video. While I was unable to get the RADV Vulkan driver working at all, the open-source Vulkan driver that is, when I was able to get amdgpu the open-source version running as i showed you just now, the performance isn’t that great. In fact it’s unplayable. So at least right now it seems like the sole choice is still the radeon open source driver over everything else. The AMDGPU-PRO driver is the choice if you want to access Vulkan on Linux but both drivers still fall short of what AMD offers on Windows. Hopefully in the future AMD buckles up and performs better than what they’re doing now but all depends on them. I really hope they give Vulkan a little bit more love than they’re showing DirectX 12 at this time. So that’s it for this video guys! I hope you enjoyed watching, and thank you for watching!


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  1. airspeedmph says:

    Thank you, that was interesting to see.

  2. Cerbereus says:

    well i tested myself, on archlinux radv with the latest mesa git(rx480), it perform very well the only down side is not rendering as the opengl for some reason but for been a fun project as radv, it' s pretty amazing how is runs. Right now if I try opengl with dota 2 for some reason freeze all the pc, so now i keep it as radv only. To me you have a good performance too bad about vulkan with the amdgpu-pro, but with the opensource you was getting just 5 difference of frames than windows that is pretty amazing.

  3. Jato says:

    Gabe Newell staring back at me makes me rather uncomfortable…. in a good way~

  4. Stiefn says:

    You should note that d3d9 has only a higher performance due to its lower render quality.
    Whereas Vulkan, opengl and d3d11 are on a par.

  5. Fast OS says:

    driver 375.20 with Improvements that help Deux EX!

  6. файрвал класрумчик says:


  7. файрвал класрумчик says:


  8. файрвал класрумчик says:


  9. Master_andreas says:

    RADV works in my GCN 1.1 what kernel did you use? (you need linux 4.9)

  10. João Victor Neto says:

    Very Good! Pls make a Minecraft Gameplay.. thnks!

  11. NPC says:

    is that the default background image on SteamOS?

  12. Ricardo Rogers says:

    What about gtx 10 series vs Windows?

  13. edocamoro says:

    AMDGPU PRO is supposed to use the same vulkan code on any os, yet on linux is slower. Wasnt vulkan supposed to run the same on any OS since the driver is thinner? What I can see is the same situation than we have had on the windows driver being better than on linux, all over again. So nvidia will keep being the only choice on linux if this situation doesnt improve.

  14. Iván RP says:

    Nvidia or AMD graphics for Linux gaming?

  15. Dildacorn says:

    Did you disable XboxDVR for these tests on Windows 10?

  16. shadowrabbit64 says:

    Okay, I'll buy an AMD graphics card when cats fly. Thanks for the Benchmark.

  17. Steve Burkhart says:

    I'm actually very impressed with the open source driver's performance. Bravo. It doesn't look like AMD can be relied on to give us solid Linux drivers.

  18. Nacho Dos Santos says:

    i have an AMD R9 270x and can't install the driver for it, my distro is Elementary 0.4 Loki wich is based on Ubuntu 16.04. Will you know a way for me to install it or a tutorial or something? Tank you bro

  19. Felipe Moreno says:

    What version of Mesa driver you used in this video?

  20. Horboi Zingkhai says:

    I have steam … but i cannot play dota 2 i downloaded everthing but they said error why is that..its ubuntu16.4

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