35 Replies to “TURTLE ISLAND is REAL?! | The PHANTOM Menace! (DerpCraft 2019 – Part 3)”

  1. Burning Delphox says:


  2. w0otk1d says:

    The shade is real.

  3. SixFootTurtle says:

    I feel like myself and Chilled need to sit down and discuss the correct treatment of my brethren… I feel like the word 'ethical' will be used…

  4. Arceus 808 says:

    Attraction is chemical.
    Love is emotional.

  5. Sirarie Tichee says:

    Chilled, why do you think Jess is always asking you to blindfold her? Its because it helps the sx feel better with your "Big Dick Energy".

  6. NekoEcho13 says:

    Ohmygod I LOL'D pretty hard when I saw Chilled made gates instead of actual fences. X'D

  7. NekoEcho13 says:

    Chilleds face when he drops the one turtle by breaking the sand beneath it. Priceless. XD

  8. Crazyness1994 says:

    "They are phantoms, they spawn if we haven't died in a long time"…. WRONG and LIES… they spawn if you don't SLEEP for 3+ days…

  9. zebulem yager says:

    14:56 bad idea chilled

  10. TheBlackCrafter says:

    24:45 That scream tho. XD.

  11. TheBlackCrafter says:


  12. Misophor says:

    14:13 Smarty:Usually soap opera's like Days of Our Lives get a bunch of seasons
    15:20 Ze:What about a soap opera? Like Days of Our Lives or something

    Ze's transformation into Smarty continues.

  13. Galaxy89 says:

    I love how quickly Chilled changed his order to Ze in 26:50–26:56 😂😂

  14. Wolfie says:

    @chilled the turtles need seaweed to breed and sand aboveground to lay their eggs

  15. lil_unhinged_ says:

    the day that chilled gets a good headset will be a good day indeed

  16. a n says:

    this treetopia talk is really hurting me here in the meow meow

  17. Izzy Mack says:

    Great content chilled, keep it up, much love, God bless

  18. An Bhooma says:

    Hey chilled, if you place a door underwater, you get a 2×1 air pocket that you can stay in and breath in

  19. Aidan S says:

    Chilled. Please give the turtles some sand to rest and lay eggs on. Your enclosure is a literal torture chamber right now.

  20. The Dovahkiin says:

    If I ever go blind or deaf or just lose a limb I'd end myself ngl. I mean it's liveable but nah I honestly don't think I could mentally deal with that

  21. Jolly Jester says:

    The Legend of Turtle Island shall spread far and wide! Folks shall come from all over to see it!
    All for a very 'reasonable' fee, of course! Heheh! These little 'Shelled Entrepreneurs' will make us rich!

  22. Gamer 4 life says:

    25:00 They’re Irwin-Killers

  23. YoursHumbleAsian says:

    Chilled you do know that turtle lays their eggs in sand yeah?

  24. Smillingrelic GARLIC NINJA cuthUwU says:

    the longest running tv show is law and order

  25. xDropDeadMaxx says:

    Chilled’s love for Turtles is like BigJiggly’s love for Pandas

  26. I Am Ecstatic says:

    That Treetopia Comment ;-; R.I.P. The Creatures xD

  27. TimeDestroyer says:

    yeah it was totally aphex that blew you guys up in the temple, walked right over that pressure plate. tip for the future, destroy the pressure plate as soon are your in reach and pick up the TNT under the floor

  28. InterStorm says:

    "John Page: Make-A-Wish kid"
    -Tom 2k19.

  29. Vherbal Assau1t says:

    20:15 I see what you did there Tom

  30. AliBabaBlast says:

    so, uhh.. anyone gonna tell chilled that mobs despawn?

  31. Tyler Carnegie says:

    As a deaf person, I can confirm it's entirely overrated.

  32. Carly Greiner says:

    TURTLE BOAT!!!!!

  33. Zz Soso says:

    Hearts of the ocean are used to make conduits which can make you breathe under water

  34. Pain Akatsuki says:

    Where does Chilled stream?

  35. Shawn Heatherly says:

    It's very rough right now, but I think the aquarium will improve.

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