Trouble For RX 5700? RTX 2060 Super & RTX 2070 Super Review

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well hello good people Eber here with
Hardware Canucks and after AMD announced their Navi GPU
architecture and the new RX 5700 XT and the 5700 that is used in Nvidia team
green had the perfect opportunity to respond in some way and that’s exactly
what they’re doing now instead of cutting prices of their current RX
lineup they’re actually replacing almost the entire line up with some new GPUs so
this is the RTX super performance review so even before Navi hits the
store shelves it’ll have to compete with what Nvidia
is calling their Super Series and yeah it’s a terrible name I really want to
know your thoughts about this super branding in the comments but nonetheless
these new GPUs have more cores faster clock speeds and in some cases revised
memory layout now in Vita is also pricing these GPUs aggressively so that
could be the worst possible news for the RX 5700 XT and the 5700 now you won’t be
able to run out and pick up one of these GPUs right away and I’ll get to that
shortly first a quick word from our sponsor also I’ll be leaving timestamps
in the description down below just so you can easily navigate through the
video well no they where’d you come from it don’t matter it’s a path where I’m
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check it out below alright so let’s start with the bad news first
Nvidia is taking a page out of AMD’s Radeon playbook by paper launching the
RTX 2070 super and the RTX 2060 super reviews go alive today and you can place
an order for a founders edition but actual availability at retailers and
reviews for custom cards will be on July the 9th the RTX 2080 super will follow
later in July now if you think about it this is a great business move by Nvidia
although I’m not really a fan of it but at the same time it’ll also allow us
the opportunity to use these super series GPUs in our RX 5700 reviews so at
this point the Radeon team should be worried but there’s also some more good
news this time the founders Edition won’t
cost one penny more than nVIDIA’s reference prices now sure those cards
won’t come pre overclocked but you can do that yourselves anyways also every
rtx Super Series cards will come with two free RTX enabled games so in this
case you get control and Wolfenstein Youngblood together they’re worth about
$90 so it’s a pretty good deal so what are these super cards other than a
really weird name well let’s actually take a look at invidious lineup and what
its gonna look like right now the RTX 2080 TI will stick
to $1,000 and remain at the top of Nvidia’s stack but the rtx 2080 and
the 2070 are being discontinued they’re being replaced by the identically priced
$700 RTX 2080 super and the $500 RTX 2070 super now the rtx 2060 super is a
bit of a different approach since it costs $400 but it isn’t replacing the
rtx 2060 since that card will stick to around 350 dollars this might seem odd
but when you pop in these new cards into this you can understand what Nvidia did
by discontinuing the rtx 2070 they’re saving it from getting beaten by the RX
5700 XT while also introducing a higher performing card at the same price
now the 5700 XT slots right between the rtx 27 super and the rtx 2060 super I
can see the same thing for about the RX 5700 AMD’s $380 card was supposed to
beat the Arctic’s 2060 but now it has to compete against the RTX 2060 super and
that’s just $20 more now the 2070 super uses the t 104 core instead of the tu
106 and it has 256 more cuda cores than the RTX 2070 it also operates at much
higher core clocks and that should bring its performance right near the RTX
2080 but power consumptions has increased by about 40 watts also some of
the rumors were obviously wrong and memory frequencies have stuck to being
the same even then the RTX 2070 super should
basically give you RTX 2080 performance for 2070 prices the 2060 super still
uses CT 106 core but it’s now being unlocked to offer almost as many cores
as the older rtx 2070 probably the most important change from the rtx 2060 is
that nvidia equip this card with 8 gigabytes of gddr3 and a 256 bit
interface without that I don’t think it would have competed very well against
the rx 5700 power hasn’t even gone up by all that much either so that’s nice
so what about the cards themselves well the ones we have are the basic founders
editions which don’t look all that much different from the original 2070 and the
2060 the heatsink and shroud bill quality is just so much better than the
rx 5700 series but the only thing I don’t like is the mirror like area and
video added when the card is installed into a case it can reflect everything
from LED strips to areas where you’ve tucked away or cables I mean at this
point I might as well classify these super cards as a beauty product it
really is because it has a mirror on it guys it really does now other than that
you have the same eight plus six pin power connector layout on the 2070 super
and we are mounted eight pin on the 2060 super I mean you guys have seen these
cars before and in my opinion for the looks I’d rather go for a founders
edition instead of a custom card from your partner but in this case I just
don’t like the mirror finish but let me know what you guys think in the comments
all right so if you’ve skip to the performance segment I do want to mention
something very important before getting into the benchmarks an actual review
isn’t really possible without having looked at the way how the RX 5700 XT
and the 5700 perform compared to these super cards so definitely stay tuned for
a lot more content around when the rx 5000 series cards finally came out let’s
do a quick rundown of our test system it features a core I 999 hundred x or
o’clock to four point nine gigahertz on all cores and Asus X299 Strix eman
the board 64 gigabytes of g.skill tried and Z clocked at thirty six hundred
megahertz NAC Sonic focus gold 850 watt power supply it’s running Windows 10
professional with all the latest updates installed now with that out of the way
let’s start with some benchmarks this one’s gonna be a little bit
different I’m actually gonna start with some of the games that people actually
play these days including overwatch Rainbow six siege and yes fortnight and
pop G and as you can see from these results the rtx 2060 super can’t
actually beat the RTX 2070 but it comes really close in some cases it also
stays out in front of the arctic’s 2060 by between 10 and 17 percent now Nvidia
claims that they 2070 super is pretty much an RTX 2080 for less money and
these first four games show that’s almost a case but not quite there’s a
huge 15 to 20 percent improvement against the RTX 2070 and that’ll be
very important when it comes to competing against the RX 5700 XT alright
so let’s move on to some more typical benchmark games with Assassin’s Creed
Odyssey and as we run through all of these results you’ll likely see the
similarities to the last benchmarks that means the RTX 2070 super pretty much
lines up just below or equal to the RTX 2080 and the RTX 2060 super almost
matches an RTX 2070 there really aren’t any exceptions to this either with the
performance scaling almost linear between the super and non super RTX
cards but will that really be enough for what’s coming from AMD I can’t say that
yet since were a little less than a week away from that launch if AMD’s published
benchmarks are any indication things that are gonna be pretty interesting
power consumption is pretty much in line with what we expected relative to
performance the RTX 2060 super doesn’t really require all that much more juice
than the 2060 but the RTX 2070 super almost needs our tix 2080 power input
levels so that’s something to keep in mind so this one’s gonna be a bit hard
to conclude since without the rx 5700 series in the charts there’s no way of
actually knowing how good these cards are having said that we can quickly go
over how they compare against Nvidia is current offerings you see right now will
the RTX 2070 super is accomplished here is bigger news because you’re paying the
exact same price as the RTX 2070 but you’re getting in return an average of
15 to 20 percent better frame rates now sure a lot of people might say that five
million dollars is still expensive and I completely agree with you it isn’t cheap
but you got to remember that the price still remain the same now with the rtx
2060 super I’m not really a fan of what NVIDIA did with this thing I mean I
appreciate that the performance levels almost matched the r-tx 2070 but do keep
in mind that they were paying an extra $50 over the rtx 2060 but in return
you’re only getting roughly 10 to 17 percent better performance now it’s
obvious that Nvidia had to introduce this card because it’s the only way that
it can outperform the rx 3700 and nothing more so for now I think I’m
gonna leave it here since a lot of these performance results don’t mean much
until we know how they line up against the rx 5000 series it’s great to see how
aim these moves pushes Nvidia to do something but we’re just gonna have to
wait and see how this is gonna help play out so definitely stick around for a lot
more content in the pipeline my meatball with hydra connects thank you so much
for watching let me know what you guys think about the new supercars from
Nvidia in the comments down below I’m signing off and I’ll see you guys in the
next one


100 Replies to “Trouble For RX 5700? RTX 2060 Super & RTX 2070 Super Review”

  1. kuagelo says:

    i'm not here for the graphics cards, i was just hoping to see the talking mouse again

  2. Techtosterone says:

    Eu and Americas: the super variants will cost the same as their non super counterparts.

    Asia: it (2070 super) will perform better than a 2080, so it will cost more than a 2080!

    Fvcks sake asia.

  3. eric laurel says:

    This means prices being lowered so I'm happy

  4. Thomas V. says:

    My GTX2070 just came in the mail yesterday 🙁

  5. beachboy boobybuilder says:

    This guy is justifying the $500 price for RTX2070super, when in fact the standard RTX2070 should have been notably cheaper. Even the 2070S edition is still expensive. If it were $450, that would begin to be more reasonable.

  6. Michal O. says:

    "The mouse you didn't see coming." 😀 ROFL

  7. Jo Ordinate says:

    500 dollars means like 900 Euros in my country's market. GPUs suck.

  8. Evan M. Fabiano says:

    5700 is DOA

  9. carringbushpet says:

    I love the RTX FE Shrounds. I really like the reflective part. Cards are so powerful they even
    Ray Trace themselves!

  10. Ah Dindu Nuffin says:

    I'm drooling for that RTX 2060 Super.

  11. Banura Jayakody says:

    The mirror is so you can have rtx even when the pc is off

  12. Mr_Beezlebub says:

    These look good. I would buy an AIB model though. Better cooling than the FE from Nvidia

  13. Klust413 says:

    Navi is doa.

  14. Liam Cleary says:

    AMD will just be in the race providing the sell 5700xt cheaper. 2070 super 10% dearer for probably 10% more performance. Seems to me these two companies are just squeezing all they can out of customers. Lets be honest INTEL are never going to compete on 'bang for buck'.

  15. Windupmykilt says:

    Ryzen 9 box in the background!!! 😀

  16. Samuel Du says:

    So many people complaining about a 300+ gpu what do you guys care you probably play on 1080p60fps

  17. danish mahran says:

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  18. primerx says:

    Mirror is something I like looks great in my opinion

  19. Shani Geine says:

    So much hate for 1080p gaming. You guys know 240hz monitors are a thing, right ?

  20. AsPe Rxyz says:

    To clear some things up can someone please tell what the most powerful gpu in the world
    And can some rank these gpu most powerful to weakest
    Rtx 2080ti, rtx 2080 super, titan rtx, GeForce quadro

  21. xXAsianGuyXx says:

    just goes to show that they could've had the prices way lower good thing amd created some competition, maybe… hopefully navi will be good

  22. SuperCapuka says:

    Still Usurping Punters Every Revision = SUPER

  23. Antony Martin says:

    Does the July 9th release date mean it'll replace the non-super laptop rtx cards around that time also?

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    The "Super" badge looks super cheap I am so happy they did not make a 2080ti super edition lol.

  26. Jishnu R says:

    Are u indian

  27. DJHeroMasta says:

    I hope AMD’s GPU’s shit on them just for the hell of it. Nvidia’s indeed playing a dirty game but on bright side, consumers are winning in the end. At least the ones who haven’t already purchased an RTX 2070/2080. If I were in that position I’d return it and get a “Super” model. I purchased a used 1080 Ti last year and while I could’ve waited….I couldn’t at the same time. Now, I’ll ride this card out until in need an upgrade for a next gen VR HMD.

  28. Frederic Vangsoua says:

    Rip offs. It's the same cards! Nvidia nerfed 2060 and make the Super look faster. Why are there so many nvidia driver updates…. explains alot.

  29. Arnold Christian says:

    At least Nvidia is fighting back, which is good for us the consumer. Intel is in deep doo doo…lol they had nutin

  30. Andrew K. says:

    Golden review but where can I download SUPER add-on and more clock speed?

  31. ANDREW STOUT says:

    The "Super" name is a GOOD choice: the Turing line was already confusing because the "RTX" moniker was already split between the RT Core and the non RT Core varients, confusingly called the 1160, etc. The best way to refresh and clearify the tiers involved was to add nomenclature setting it aside, not to complicate the numbering schemes, which would have muddied the tier structure.

  32. blakedmc1989RaveHD says:

    but….. CAN IT RUN CRYSIS? lol

  33. Alexandre MIVEDOR says:

    Fuck fuck fuck, I bought a 2070 basically a month ago

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    for a vertical gpu setup the founder edition with the mirror will look good i think

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    Wish they had just called them "S" or RTX 20×5 but the teaser wouldn't have worked like it did.

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    As if the RX 5700 price won't drop with it.

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    What genius in the marketing department thought of ‘super’?
    Are we all 12? What’s next 3080super duper?

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    Amd will lose again , rx 5700 will be no match for rtx 2060 super

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    lets see does PCIe 4.0 make any difference…

  41. IrelandVonVicious says:

    AMD released high pricing on purpose. Nvidia gets aggressive and lowers prices finally.
    AMD soon to under cut and ruin Nvidia's gouge the consumer business model.
    Reverse trap played by AMD. Nvidia stuck at lower margins while AMD enjoys the CPU side of business.

  42. Craig Hinkle says:

    Ya, the naming sucks, but it has all the reviewers saying 'SUPER' every ten seconds and talking about the name.

  43. MEanME says:

    Team Red!

  44. Game Cooker US Rocks VR says:

    You should have thrown in the 1660ti…..That card is probably worth buying rather than the RX5700. I'd like to see how that stacks up. It is relevent since Navi has no ray tracing support from hardware. You should have put that in this video to compare to the line up.

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    Another copy paste super review no different from all the others

  46. CubanMafia says:

    AMD is doing a great job this time with this new card

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    How do you think, 5700XT is another jet engine disaster sound?

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    rtx super = ti but in same price

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    rtx 2060 super beat 5700 xt……

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    Thanks for including the online game benchmarks

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    they have these navi cards for review… whats with the speculations ? what scam you trying to pull boi?

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    1,1mln subs – 59k views
    Hardware Unboxed
    0,37mln subs – 100k views

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    You don't have the new AMD cards but you can easily slot in a Vega 64/56. I've got mine (64) five days ago for 320 euros. If it truly can reach 2070 performances with a bit of tinkering…

  59. DarkMikaruX says:

    Kinda torn on these Super cards. I'll likely hold on to my GTX1070 for quite some time it seems. Especially since I picked it up from a coworker after the mining crash for just 250 bones. I'd love to go full AMD but… really happy with my Ryzen 1700 / 1070 combo.

  60. Daniel Truffa says:

    i am not very happy guys, just bought an RTX 2080 non super 1 month ago and nvidia comes out with cheaper and better RTX 2080 super?!?!?!?!?!!?!? I feel fooled by nvidia

  61. Gheddon says:

    If I had bought an RTX card, I would be pissed, clearly these cards were always capable of this but nvidia chose to drip feed the technology for extortionate prices.

  62. Mr AMD says:

    Stop at 00:33, those are not new cards. Everything has a reason, NVIDIA stops selling the "old" 2060 and 2070 (old is relative, i mean 7 months is not old imho). They will re-use the 2070, they cut down the GPU used for 2070 and renamed it super 2060 and the 2080 GPU has now finally a cutdown version that is now the super 2070.

    There is more inside the 2060, my guess is they rebrand it another time. Oh and they lifted the price of the super 2060 to $400,- dollar, that is insane for a mainstream card. I get the feeling HardwareCanucks is payed by NVIDOA

  63. turd ferguson says:

    am i the only one that actually likes the super name and logo? has an 80s vibe to it.

  64. Self Aware Devices / Bilinçli Cihazlar says:

    I wanted more ram, they ignored, I'm waiting for the RTX Ultra series in 2020

  65. Max Damage says:

    Nvidia release a refresh or ex RMA GPU convert to super and people buy LOL

  66. Andrew MacFayden says:

    4:07 Boose Clock

  67. TRNTR CTZN says:

    The Super is for Super Expensive

  68. lostn65 says:

    will these new cards be sold by other OEMs or is the reference (mirror) design your only choice?

  69. Ondagubben says:

    i can by a xboxs for that price..

  70. Neerupan Ganeshaan says:


  71. Aigis Chan says:

    it mean nvidia had this thing all along and just holding it for maximizing profit
    tsk tsk nvidia

  72. Ritwick says:

    400 WATTS

  73. Charles Yeo says:

    Judging on the pricing, I am guessing that the 2070 Super is gonna beat the 5700xt. And the 5700xt is gonna beat the old 2070. And the 5700 is gonna be parity with 2060.

    Which means the 5700 is the best bang for buck at 1080p for raw gpu performance. While the 2060 super is gonna be the best bang for buck at 1080p with RTX.

    While the 5700xt is gonna be the best bang for buck at 1440p for raw gpu performance. While the 2070 Super is gonna be the best bang for buck at 1440p with RTX.

  74. Zanster says:

    the prices are waaay to high and it's ruining build budgets. either have good evreything but gpu or just a good gpu. the 2060 is not to bad but the preformence for that price is abysmal.

  75. issaciams says:

    That was a terrible yet still funny mouse ad you guys made 😂

  76. Cole Paradis says:

    Amazing. The performance we should have gotten with the original 2060 and 2070. AMD needs to wipe the floor with Nvidia soon. They're not progressing GPU tech as fast as they were.

  77. Anima a says:

    There is NO company exept for nvidia and Apple, when it comes how to fool and rip off their customers… I mean If I was a rtx buyer and saw this i would Ban nvidia for life. Damn leeches, i Wonder how rtx 2080 buyers must feel

  78. Maanus Mei says:

    Screw Nvidia, I'm staying with AMD Radeon brand. Helping those in need.

  79. Patrick Brault says:

    If you are a hard core gamer then RTX cards are for you except the 2060 that I feel is not powerful enough to provide good frame rates with ray tracing on. The 2060S might be another story depending on resolution and refresh you use. If you are just a casual gamer then I do not feel you need to spend the premium for RTX. Maybe NAVI or the 16xx series are plenty as far as new cards are concerned.

  80. Husain Husain says:

    rx 5700 series gpus are less powerful then nvdia super series

  81. Dj Mccullough says:

    One factual error in this video. Nvidia is not pricing its cards agressivly, They are only slightly making their cards more appealing. If they want to price things "agressivly" they need to slash 50% off the price from the top of the stack to the bottom.

  82. Maarten says:

    He didn't see it. The mirror reflection is actually the raytracing. That's what the RTX stands for. so your monitor is reflected in the graphicscard. That's the whole idea.

    As far as graphicscards go. A good graphicscard should be about 200 euros A great graphicscard maybe 350. That puts al the nvidea supercards in the luxury department. So basically a whole TITAN lineup. good for people who like to do bad investments in electronic gadgets because they dont know what to do with their money.

    And AMD's pricing as far as I'm concerned is still 50 dollo's or eulars overpriced. So. We'll have to wait for the prices to come down just a bit more and AMD Navi comes in range of a sensible upgrade. Although you probably have to upgrade your powersupply as well.

    And you can buy a cheap mirror sticker and put in on the RX 5700 and make it raytracing too.

  83. vinvinudu77 says:

    AMD ALL THE WAY !!!!

  84. carl kidd says:

    when comparing prices, the monitor and motherboard costs should also be included. So far, only AMD has PCie 4.0 as well. We will also need to wait until Partner cards and the comparable to the 2080 cards release. I have built 5 Intel – Nvidia systems and anticipate my next build will be AMD. 4.0 and monitor cost will be the deciding factor

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    Seriously… Youtube says this was 5 hours ago, but comments were like 5 days ago. Don't know how HC managed to mix this up with the AMD launch reviews.

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  90. cacarey01 says:

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  91. Lucky B says:

    I like how the description of this video includes fake news

    "Basically the RTX 2060 Super vs RX 5700 should see the GeForce card win and that's the same with the RTX 2070 Super vs RX 5700 XT."

    So basically without even testing both cards, you've written off the 5700 series cards. Shill much??

    The results posted since this video prove otherwise. Legit channel or just a mouthpiece for Nvidia, you decide.

  92. mightymegatron says:

    AMD is the way to go. Team Green needs a hard lesson concerning customer satisfaction and retention. Anyone who writes off AMD is most likely a paid shill.

  93. Ixiah27 says:

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  95. Richard Boss Lee says:


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  98. Workout Jirza says:

    Rtx supers release is good because normal rtx card prizes will come down a lot (attleast in my country rtx 2070 450-600€ and rtx 2070 super 580-750€)

  99. Cobra Strike Down says:

    I am disappointed. The boost clock isn't even over 9000.

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