Tree sprout logo design inkscape tutorial

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hi guys it's Laurie a target designs dot CA I created this cute little tree graphic and I'm going to show you today how you can do that using simple shapes and a little bit of the pen tool so let's get started I'll just move this off to the side here I'm gonna keep it for color references these are the colors that I've chosen and we're going to go to the squares and rectangles tool we're going to create this shape right here go to the squares and rectangles tool press shift in control will create a perfect square okay so you see that we have these these these handles here this and we need to change it to a path so we can edit it so let's select it we'll go path object to path and we'll go back to the nodes and now we have nodes that we can edit I'm gonna press I'm gonna click on both these opposite nodes here and I'm gonna press delete okay press shift to select both of them and then delete them so I'm gonna select this using the arrow key select and select it again to get the rotation press ctrl till the points go up and down like so we'll go back to these nodes here I'm just gonna shape it up a little better because it's a little bit too square still for my liking so I'm going to move these handles up a little bit and out a little bit okay so that's that's pretty good I'm gonna go with that and we're going to duplicate it so that we can get this outer portion here so right click duplicate we'll give it another color for now so maybe I'll just use this this color over here now we're going to shrink it down using shifting control so it does something like that I'm gonna bring the pasady up on line go to fill and stroke and I'll bring the opacity all the way up now we can see that pretty good so we're gonna create this a little bit of shine here that's gonna go on the top so if the Sun was you know up here it would obviously shine here alternatively if you wanted to do the opposite down here you would add a darker piece change the color of that see the darker color as well now let's select this top object here we'll press right click and duplicate ctrl D as your shortcut and let's make this one white and then I'm going to do the same thing again we'll duplicate and I'll turn it it doesn't matter what color any color and make it slightly bigger and then I'm going to move it over using control I'll zoom in here about there okay so pressed with the pink object selected press shift and select the white object so you have both of them selected and we'll go path difference and there's our shine now I'm going to select this object I'm going to select it again and I'll rotate it just a little bit like maybe that and now we're going to use the pen tool so let's click on the pen and I'm going to turn these snaps on up here so I'll click on this here I've got three of them on they just automatically come on when you choose one so I'm going to click on the edge of this it should automatically snap and then I'm going to come down here and click and pull okay so now we have this curve but we want a straight corner so let's press shift and the letter L and you'll see that we get that straight corner there I'll click about here and again I'm just gonna snap right there and I'll press shift L I'm actually gonna take these off now and then I'll come back to the beginning so let's go to the Select tool to select this object that we've created here and I'll press f7 to get the dropper tool and I'll fill it in the same color of green go back to the Select tool we'll come up to the fill and Stroke tab and we're gonna turn the stroke off okay so now it looks like one seamless object okay so we've got pretty much all we need we're going to duplicate this control D to duplicate I'll pull it over here and I'll click it again to get the rotation handles I'm gonna rotate it with our sorry flip it's horizontally using this button right here we're just going to position these where we like them maybe this one I'll put down quite a bit more and then control D we'll duplicate it again and then we'll flip it again okay so we've got a position but now we've got a trick create this trunk here which again we can either use the pen tool I'm actually going to group this one together ctrl G to group and your group button is right here control G is group that's on group I'm just grouping these together I should have done that first and then group the last one it just makes the objects easier to to put in place as you see fit okay so I was I did use the pen tool initially I'm just going to use a square box here you can do as you like I'm just going to create a box like so and again you'll see that we have to change that to a path object to path then we'll go back to the nodes here let's move this one in using the right arrow key or you can just press ctrl and drag it in actually I'll turn these snaps on so that it snaps on our edge here and let's see put this one up here and then I'll turn those off again and I'm just pressing selecting the note here and I'm just gonna move it over I'll push this in to give it kind of a rounder appearance here I'll tuck that behind a little bit okay so that's how you can create this graphic using Inkscape if you liked the tutorial please do hit the like and subscribe button and thank you for watching you


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  1. Graphic Vision says:

    This is a great logo design. I really liked your design. Keep going….

  2. Rafael Breno says:

    so cute!

  3. Şahmirzəli Hüseynov says:

    thanks a lot for inkscape tutorials 🙂

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