Top 5 Common Logo Mistakes in Brand Identity Design

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hey folks and welcome to another video from myself today were going to be looking at common mistakes and logo design know if I was to ask 10 logo designers what they are 5 biggest bugbears were with logo design I'm pretty sure would all come by with quite a few similar ones today I want to talk about the 5 which I feel affect logo design the most and can basically make for a very poor logo here's my number one suitability now how often do I see logos that have been designed because it's what the business owner likes I could probably have lost count on how many times I've seen that now yes it's your business and you want to like the logo that you have which is selling your services or your products but the logos not for you the logo is to attract new customers so your logo should be designed for them shouldn't it shouldn't be designed for you so what you need to do is you need to study who is you're targeting you need to find out where they hang out what colors do the like where do the wood how do they spend the social time by building up a picture of your perfect customer then what you can do is you can build a brand identity the specifically targets then yes we want the sale our services to as many people as possible but by having a target and being very specific you'll have more success with that type of person and you will get residual sales from other people who maybe the logo isn't specifically targeted at but by building an audience then you will start to creep your brand out sideways I with that audience but by creating a logo which is designed just for you then it's precisely that it's just for you it's not going to help you attract and build a customer base so if you're a designer designing a logo for a customer or you are hiring a logo designer make sure that the logo is designed for the audience that it's aimed at and not for the business owner problem number two designing your logo as a bitmap if you design your logo as a bitmap graphic it's going to look great the size it was designed that but if you need to make your logo beggar say for some signage or for going on the side of a vehicle you're gonna run into problems because bitmaps the bigger you make them the lower the quality they start to get all pixelated and blurred you can go smaller that'd be fine but if you want to go bigger not gonna work I'm afraid so what you need to make sure is that when you have your logo designed that it's a vector graphic so an EPS file designed in Adobe Illustrator or Coral draw something like that because with a vector graphic you can resize it any size you want size of the moon and it would not lose any quality very very small size of a stamp still going to remain pin-sharp and you only need that one file that one file can be sized and saved for whatever you want with a bitmap graphic if you want different sizes you're gonna have to create that file at different sizes so it's a lot more work as well so make sure when you're having your logo design that you specify you'd like it to be designed in a vector file format problem number three making your logo design far too complex again a bit like bitmap graphics you get your logo designed and it looks great you've got everything you want on there but if you want to meet your local quite small how do you think that complex logo is going to look it's going to be really difficult to make out all of that detail at very small sizes so ideally your logo should be simple look at all the big brands look at night look at Apple they're all they're just so simple so you need to think that way to when you're having your logo created try not to over complicate things try to boil down your brand identity to its simplest form and then you could always get in the more complex messaging through your marketing you don't have to get everything into the logo it doesn't have to say exactly what you do all in one place get something which is going to be recognizable works well on a page or on a screen and you can build around it before using stock images and clipart in your logo now this isn't something that a professional local designer would do well at least I hope not but you will find that if you go to sort of the competition type websites for the local design or cheaper ones like Fiverr you run the risk of the designer and I say that loosely using stock clipart or stock images for your logo design they'll pull them off they'll add some text and they will pass on to you and you're none the wiser you're happy you love it you think it looks great and you go and start using it the problem is stock images have very tight guidelines and one of those guidelines is that you cannot use stock photography as part of a logo to trade off of so please double check that when you're having your logo designed that the designer is creating your logo from scratch now even from scratch you want to make sure that they're not copying someone else's artwork or a piece of stock because that's just as illegal it's going against copyright if they have that trademark you're in serious trouble and you could end up being fined for an awful lot of money so make sure when your logo is being designed that it is completely 100% original number five DIY logos if your truth hurts you go to the dentist if you have the need for surgery you go to hospital and you have surgery done by a surgeon if you need something designed you use a professional designer it's what we're trained for you may think you got you know you have Microsoft Word and you can knock together a design and that will do really you are you you don't value your brand at all by doing that yes it may be quick yes it will certainly be cheaper but you're just shooting yourself in the foot you should really be taking the advice and services of a professional designer who will make sure that what you end up with is exactly what you need now there's a difference between wants and needs but they will make sure they give you what you need for your brand please don't be tempted to tinker away yourself if it's not your professional career I'd say the same as well by using places like Fiverr and competition websites those tend to be populated by amateur designers and you will run into some of the problems which I've already mentioned in this video because they're not entirely up to the grade of creating a professional mobile design so please just think carefully before you jump in and try and create your own logo or go down the cheaper route of something like Fiverr reach out contact a professional designer they'll be more than happy to have a chat with you find out what it is you're looking for and you know give you a quote and let you know what the benefits are of using them as opposed to someone that doesn't quite know what they're doing so that's my top 5 common mistakes in logo and brand identity design there are a lot of others and I'm sure I'll touch on those in future videos as we go through and really explore the world of logo and brand design but if you steer clear of those five issues that I've mentioned today you're off to a really good start and your brand identity it's going to look spot-on I hope you find the video useful today if you have make sure you give it a like subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and I'd love if you could share it with your friends on social it really helps me to build that audience that I'm trying to achieve until I see you next time stay creative folks you


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  1. Bob Santos says:

    Any advice on how to find someone like yourself who can help redesign or rebrand a logo?

  2. Steven Perceval says:

    I am about to have a new logo created and I was thinking about a very simple icon style logo. This clip was very helpful, thank you, I will pursue a professional logo designer.

  3. Pollen Radebe says:

    Had to send this to a client so they listen

  4. rey harun says:

    For review i use bitmap very very low quality😅

  5. Ben Scarpellino says:

    love scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  6. PRENTIS JR says:

    Thank you

  7. Freeman Marcus says:

    Does anybody here make custom logos?

  8. Jonatan L says:

    "#2 Designing the logo as a bitmap" Really!? Ok bye… Thought this was a serious video aimed for designers.

  9. Aysha Karunathilake says:

    Really useful tips for me as a designer❤

  10. Laert Fuga says:

    Just one question about the point Five: How can a beginner designer gets better when no one is coming to buy to him like at site Fiverr or something like that, maybe beginner is very good at it like a professional one? So i dont agree with you one this point because every professional designer was a beginner too and they have learned from their mistakes this is why Fiverr has a option to refund your money. Thanks for the time !

  11. Rigo Suarez says:

    Great video!

  12. KristophTy Gaming says:

    Awesome Video man… Just the sort of advice I was looking for. Thank you!

  13. Peter Lewis says:

    This is the kind of common sense information that can cut through 90% of the junk we design (including my own stuff). Thanks!

  14. Teofil Dobroiu says:

    Thank you, again, man! I really appreciate! Greetings from Romania!

  15. maymaylingling says:

    good point, has to be easy to recognize

  16. Soul4Sail Productions says:

    Great points & many I'd already felt & discussed with partners. If need be, I want to also vet potential designers. Maybe some advice on how to do that would be helpful.

  17. Hridoy Hasan says:

    Thank you sir.

  18. Alison Gouws says:

    Thank you. I wish all clients understood this. Nothing worse than a shoe brand wanting a shoe in their logo. Or someone selling pipes wanting a pipe.

  19. KAWAII OBAMA says:

    i got money. no option but to do it myself…

  20. katlego clement says:

    The Logo is for clients not owner

  21. Austine Naylo says:

    This is an honest review for designers. Very helpful and opening. I’m an aspiring designer myself, but due to lack of sources I only depend on what tools I have in my hands, trying to be more creative in many ways. I’m also amazed that comments are honest too, There is a country I know if they see this post they will probably react like perfectionists and it really pains me because they’re my country men 😩

  22. Kacper Duniewicz says:

    How can i know if logo that i designed for my company/friend/client isn`t a copy of someones other design (I`m talking about simple logo designs). There is a chance that I create something that has been already created, are there some ways to check if my design is kind of unique?

    And maybe you have a tip to semi amateur how to become real proffesional and feel right when recommending my self as graphic designer?

    Great video, keep up good work!

  23. Brandon Olson says:

    How much do you charge for a logo sir? Would love to get your thoughts on the logo I have been trying to develop.

  24. imtiaz Ahmad says:

    great tips and very help full

  25. Rebecca Sargla says:

    I have been thinking about a logo for 3 weeks now, this was super helpful!

  26. CallMeLum says:

    The logo is not for you. That is such great advice

  27. 贝墨 says:

    I kept staring at your beard. I wanna cut it.

  28. Toni Larimore says:

    New subscriber. You have convinced me that I need a professional designer. How does an individual find a true professional? What kinds of questions should be asked? I need complete branding assistance so how do I spot a professional from someone that has a good pitch? Thank you for your assistance!

  29. Viacheslav Naumov says:

    The 5th mistake is the most common =) Thumb up!

  30. Cristina Zarnescu says:

    I feel inspired after this video so thank you very much for your tips

  31. xXxXxCGPBxXxXx says:

    The knock off sites like Fiverr are whoring out designers … and I use the term ‘designer’ loosely… most of them are completely unqualified, ripping off and copying … and know jack s*** about the psychology involved in great design.

  32. Mark Xenic says:

    Very good tips.

  33. Raymond Sawe says:

    Colossal beard..way awesome…and Great tips…

  34. rsl mzdr says:

    sir I want learn from you.can you teach me? then I work for you.I hope you answer my question.thank you.

  35. Joseph Collins says:

    Some people or designers just get it. other people or designers will never get it. I see it, I'm no paid designer, but I see what's wrong with so many logo designs everyday!

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  37. mase it says:

    great, thank you sir

  38. Tech world says:

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    I appreciate this as a person slowly trying to do my own thing…

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