Top 5 BEST Indie Games on KickStarter July 2019

July 24, 2019 posted by

What’s up everybody and welcome to Get Indie
Gaming. After a little break in coverage today’s
video is going back to look at the top 5 indie games seeking your cash via KickStarter this
July 2019. While the scene isn’t as vibrant as it once
was there are still plenty of fun and exciting campaigns for us to dive into. At number 5 and looking for a neat and crispy
20 thousand US dollars. Fiction Sphere is a technical platformer with
gallery shooter and beat em up elements with it taking huge chunks of inspiration from
the classic games of the 1990s. You’ll play as the protagonist Ratio, a
wise-cracking so called hot blooded youth within a distant future where humans can manifest
and manage supernatural powers to help rebuild what’s become the shambles of humanity. With a demo to play today – I’ll link
that down in the description, Fiction Sphere is relatively new to the platform as this
video airs and is already well on the way to achieving it’s goals. Stretch targets include the ubiquitous switch
port at 24 thousand 500 with an other grand on top of this meaning the game should also
come to the Xbox and PS4. Higher up this tree we have voice acting,
more levels and additional games modes. Fiction Sphere has until August 20th before
its time runs out and if carries on bringing in the money the way it’s campaign has started,
this all feels a lock in for being successful with the game due to ship early next year. Up next and taking the number for slot for
July, Theropods is a point and click adventure game combining puzzles, a cinematic like story
all within a colorful and retro inspired aesthetic of the 1990s, a time when auguably adventure
games were in their hey day. Theropods fist saw the light of day back in
2015 during a game jam and following the overall positive response from this session led the
developer down the path of making a full game. The target for this campaign is 20 thousdand
euros which equates to just over 22 thousand us dollars. With 18 or so days to go there just under
half way in reaching this goal. In keeping with the prehistoric nature of
the content, the game wont feature any vocal dialogue or text with the characters using
grunts and visual cues to manage the overall interaction. With a demo available to play right now with
the link down in the description, Theropods is in production for the PC and Mac although
the devs have indicated they would like to take this onto the switch, theropods has a
delivery timeframe of some point in 2021. With the Sega Dreamcast turning 20 years old
later this year in North America, inspite of its age the console is very much still
alive thanks to indie homebrew developers even though the console was discontinued by
Sega in the early 2000s. At this months number three, Arcade Racing
have come to KickStarter to raise funds for a new Dreamcast racing game and with only
a few days left on the campaign they have smashed through their original goal of twenty
five thousand eruos which is roughly 28 thousand us dollars. Their goal is to pay homage to Sega’s racing
game heritage with Arcade Racing Legends set to feature similar content to the likes of
Out Run, Sega Rally and Crazy Taxi making this as some have already said one hell of
a Sega Racing Megamix. Much of the work here already seems to be
done with the game looking to ship later in the year. Stretch goals include additional cars new
race modes such as a destruction derby and if they bring in more than one hundred thousand
euros, which seems unlikely, we can expect the addition of an online playing mode. This month number two Kingdom of the Dump
really is asking for faith from its backers and while work has been ticking over on this
one for a while and while a demo will drop next year, it’s launch timeframe is way
out there in late 2022. I’ll give one thing, while we are hardly
lacking games withan 8 and 16 bit looks and aesthetics, the new trailer released as part
of this campaign really shows how the developers seem to have gotten this spot on in terms
of the overall sprite and graphic design – same goes for the audio which instantly has me
thinking this to be a game from the SNES era. Kingdoms of the Deep features 6 playable characters
each with unique abilities and fighting styles with players being able to sawp from character
to character in real time to better solve puzzles, fight off enemies and overcome obstacles. Fighting is set to be turn based via a tile
board with no random encounters and that’s just fine with me. The team are looking to bring in 60 thousand
us dollars. The game is under development for PC Mac and
Linux and has Stretch goals including bringing on the Secret of Mana composer for 5 thousand
over the original target and for an additional 20 thousand we can expect to see console ports. Kingdoms of the Dump’s campaign is set to
run until August 14th and as this video goes out with 24 days to go they team are well
on the way in bringing this one across the finishing line. So that’s just about it. Many thanks for watching and if you’ve liked
what you’ve seen please press the like button and subscribe to the channel and hit the notification
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and I look forward to seeing you all back here soon for more indie game goodness.


26 Replies to “Top 5 BEST Indie Games on KickStarter July 2019”

  1. Get Indie Gaming says:

    After a few months away, I've decided to once again take a look into KickStarter to showcase 5 of the best looking games on the platform for July 2017. See anything you might like to play. Be sure to let us know and if you haven't already, subscribing right now would be awesome! Cheers all!

  2. DMC4EVERUCCI says:

    That was awesome!! Such an amazing array of games, they all look promising as hell. Thank you so much for showcasing them!! (Had no idea Away had a KS after the announcement!)

  3. eiennosenshi says:

    Always nice to see your suggestions and hear your voice! Away seems like an interesting experiment. For centuries we've been the dominating species on the planet and a change of viewpoint can be an exciting, perhaps even sobering and eye-opening experience. Though I'm a bit worried it might have fire extinguisher as a system requirement. XD

  4. Julian Hugen says:

    only 5 and 4 interest me

  5. Fearless Composer says:

    FictionSphere could use much better animation than this, other than that, its ok.

  6. legion999 says:

    AWAY reminds me of the documentary Hidden Kingdoms

  7. Amenah Cheema says:

    Theropods looks amazing! I very rarely back kickstarter games but I couldn't resist with this one!

  8. SangerZonvolt says:

    Ah, you mean "Top 5 games that won´t release for another 5 years"

  9. P Radziel says:

    No 1 Reminds me of Tokyo Jungle or whatever it was called but a lot more realistic.

  10. Chumbosaurio koset says:

    Deadly creatures 2 , sorry i mean away survival looks nice

  11. sinetwo says:

    What was the game in the intro please?

  12. Nuno Fonseca says:

    There's a big miss on this list….only found out about it today but boy am I glad I did for Supraland is one of the hidden gems of the year for me.

  13. Stuart J says:

    Good to see this series back. Do you plan to keep it going? These videos dont tend to do so well.

  14. Gabriel Major-Marothy says:

    Thanks so much for this series, I find it very interesting!

  15. SZ says:

    What's the name of the game at 0:07 ?

  16. Daria Vorobieva says:

    AWAY is a Dark Souls: Animal Planet Edition. I died like… every minute 🙂

  17. SimLeek says:

    I feel like some of these should be setting funding goals to 1 million, not 100 thousand.

    It sometimes takes a team of people years to make these games, and a reasonable amount of money for them is 100k per person per year. Also, they won't make the remaining 900k by selling the game for 10$ unless they're a top seller, and even then it's hard.

  18. RIGENSTEIN says:

    Yo dude, this time around I will give my vote to Kingdoms of the Dump, it really looks like a good RPG in the making and I saw it had a similar combat to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, love to death that game

  19. Astraldragon Gaming says:

    I like the kingdom of the Dump, got to love a little SNES game when you can get them. By the by have you played or heard of Eagle Island, was wondering on your thought about it, I like it even though it has been kicking my but, apparently it was aimed at speed runners mostly. It does have good option for player that are less skilled though

  20. tom shane says:

    Always looking forward to this channel uploads. I love your format please keep it up.

  21. Keith Lavelle says:

    More great choices.
    I have two backed already

  22. Teges973 says:

    English sub pls

  23. Reagan Dow says:

    Is it me or are most indy games better then 99% of the AAA games out there (not including Nintendo’s first party games)? When I buy an indy game I get the COMPLETE game and I don’t feel as though it’s been purposely gimped so that I have to spend lots and lots of additional money in
    Order to have a working or complete game not to mention the ever popular DLC! Releasing incomplete games has become par for the course. It’s despicable. Give me most Indy games any day!!

  24. PersianPrince12 says:

    Are you saying there are less indie kickstarters now as compared to a few years ago? Why is that?

  25. ChaosSabre says:

    Never heard of fiction sphere before this. Definitely gonna check that one out.

  26. ClemmyGames - The Best Of Indie Games says:

    Yay Kingdoms of the Dump! Love that game! Bleak Faith: Forsaken is another promising one!

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