Top 15 Best and Most Realistic PC Graphics Games (08/2017) – 5K & 8K Gameplay footage

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41 Replies to “Top 15 Best and Most Realistic PC Graphics Games (08/2017) – 5K & 8K Gameplay footage”

  1. Xanvast says:

    Thanks for watching 😉
    Feel free to like comment & share it's much appreciated.

  2. Maestro Drake says:

    Hey Xanvast, how have you been? Are you still programming, working on new technology? I remember you once wrote about turning to books. I moved most of my content to Instagram. I am also turning to board games and less than a handful of AAA games this year save for those titles most people don't like but I thoroughly enjoy.

  3. ThermaL1102 says:

    far cry 5 looks like a cartoon versus this Hunter call of the Wild game , why don't these 2 companies make a new game ? lol

  4. Mosha says:

    The Only Thing Missing for me in these kind of videos is the Timeline Template in a pinned comment because I can't click on the time in the description (Android Pie -YouTube App).. don't know why?!
    Please I hope you consider it in future videos❤❤

  5. MyStiC says:

    You missed crysis 1 and 3 and Kingdom come deliverance this one is from february 2018 but is awesome in graphics. Gta v redux is pretty good as well

  6. Chris Gamer says:

    Good job on trying to do these types of videos, but viewers require time to get and only this type of videos are hardly enough for a constant audience.

  7. samplistic says:

    Watch Dogs 2

  8. Sasel Andia says:

    Ps4 exclusives games moreee ultrarealist games poligons extreams only exclusive

  9. Sasel Andia says:

    Aver ignoeanre de mil putas nerd de mierda no se puede llegar a 8k en pc tendrias se reduce los poligonos y se ve fatal inbecil de shitt

  10. KrINekroN says:

    all soundtracks in games? how find

  11. Talon says:

    I was surprised at number one as it's the only game out of these that I actually have and love

  12. The Demonized Atheist says:

    Since RTX has released, are you going to start uploading again?

  13. Allan Sh says:

    How do you record 8K? Any screen recording software would crush on my system.

  14. Aura says:

    Interesting to see what pc enthusiasts think of these sort of rankings, appreciated! I made my own list here: (no intention to self-advertise here, so if you take offense I can remove this comment, or you can).

  15. VilaTX says:

    I loved your chanel… 🙁

  16. SpyingDutchman says:

    nice but a game title would be handy … it sucks to find the few seconds at the beginning of every clip to find out what game it is

  17. Xtrivel says:

    Hey xanvast you ever play WWE 2k18? That game brings my 1080ti to its knees at 4k. It looks so good compared to the previous games. Maybe you could do some screenshots on that?

  18. chris peralta says:

    Uncharted 4 story mode actual gameplay graphics has the best graphics with the most fluid movement outta any video game out on consoles…and when comparing gta v and watch dogs 2… WD2 graphics are a lil better ..juz gta v water and waves look the. Most realistic outta any video game…but watch dogs 2 colors come to life so i give watch dogs 2 the edge over gta v…but if you know about this adjust your tv picture setting aka calibrate them and know how to use color space to your tv best ability to bring your video game colors to life

  19. LIFE is beautiful says:

    You have like comment and new subscriber :D.

    Just i want say pls back to uploads pls

  20. pokpokgei says:

    i thot the gotham background look great, i like the colors

  21. Нестандарт says:

    Hunter is simply the best for me)

  22. Нестандарт says:

    Star wars also has probably the best optimization!

  23. Lawrence Beard says:

    Please make more vids

  24. YellowCry says:

    more vid pls

  25. Watykaniak says:

    come bACK PLEASE

  26. ynoter1 says:

    You still into 8K gaming and all that? And what monitor did you use to play all these games at different resolutions? Could i just get a 2k monitor and upscale to 8k?

  27. Kos says:

    But can it run Crysis?

  28. I JOKER I says:

    What Is Your Pc's Type ?

  29. David Bentz Jr. says:

    That hunter Call of the Wild game really impressed me in this video, I never heard of it before but that scenery looks absolutely fantastic – 11:44, and the Star Ware game also really impresses me. The others are great too, but of all of them, like I can't help but imagine what Skyrim could look like with the scenery from that Call of the Wild game lmao

  30. Kevin says:

    rip channel


  31. eafxd says:

    no crysis 3, disappointed jk
    come on, pls keep doing videos, i loved to watch them. and i still want to see some games you haven't played before.

  32. Bob Marl says:

    Can you try Witcher 3 with high quality grass mod? Thank you

  33. Dimitrij Glasow says:

    Rise and shine, Mister Xanvast. Rise and… shine. Not that I… wish to imply you have been sleeping on the job. No one is more deserving of a rest… and all the effort in the world would have gone to waste until… well, let's just say your hour has… come again.

    8k Kingdome Come deliverance, PLEASE

  34. gigi gigiotto says:

    i agree with you, nfs has beautiful realistic streets. another good graphic games are wolfenstein the new colossus, bf1 and……. obviously crysis 3. i recently tryed it, it's insane realistic for it age, it was launched on 2013 right?

  35. Neegro says:

    Hiiii Where are you from so long???You haven't testing any game since 5 months…

  36. Luka Jukić says:

    what cpu are you using?

  37. Kashyap Barman says:

    Doom, Battlefield 1, AC unity ?

  38. Asia Scott says:

    Uncharted 4 & Horizon zero dawn looks better than all these games .Sony has the best game developers!!!!!!

  39. The zerastora says:

    Surly after a certain level of processing is used the graphics become useless?

    I get 1,300fps average on empire at war with 2x Titan xp and I use a 6 core 3.6ghz cpu obviously overclocked to 4ghz.

    Still no difference than normal 1080p 60fps, also metro isn’t exactly crazy good at 4K 120fps either. Just me or am I missing something?

  40. Santiago Westberg says:

    someone knows what program did he use to record 8k 60 fps videos?? thanks

  41. Sylar says:

    Watchdogs 2, Weakness : The actual game xd

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