Top 10 Songs From Theatre Musicals

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  1. Maurício Freitas says:

    These comments made me lose all hope that one day humanity will acquire the gift of reading comprehension. It's Top 10 songs, not Top 10 musicals.

  2. Brian Scott says:

    I don’t know how to love him. Jesus CHRIST Superstar. I was sure would make the list, but no argument about the ones chosen.

  3. eyeliner0069 says:

    and jesus chist superstar??????????????????

  4. Kamil Ostrowski says:

    Memory ❤️❤️❤️. The best and most beautiful. This song have everything !

  5. Payton Withrow says:

    I couldn’t stop thinking of Rich Girl while watching Fiddler on the Roof. I’ve been poisoned haha.

  6. Trillium Burbank says:

    Difying Gravity only got place 10?

  7. 사랑스러운 무무 // Lovely Moomoo says:

    3:08 Ariana grande is shaking

  8. Moonbeam 87 says:

    Memory has Also Been Performed By Barry Manilow, that's the Version I Listened to While Preparing for The Jellicle Ball of CATS, on top of Doing the Elves and the Shoemaker, My Schools Christmas Pageant, and the Play Write for Popcorn from the Book.

  9. Moonbeam 87 says:

    Finally THE JELLICLE BALL Beat the Phantom.

  10. Moonbeam 87 says:

    Now Imagine Missing 17 Minutes of The Phantom of The Opera For the First time You've ever Seen it, and it's the Final Showing in Theaters, What's your Response.

  11. Moonbeam 87 says:

    The Best Version of Annie if you Ask Me, I already gave My Review.

  12. Moonbeam 87 says:

    Thank You Jonathan Larson.

  13. Chunelle Maria Victoria Espanol says:

    Rent: LA VIE BOHEME!!!!!!!

  14. Diego Calderon says:

    My favourite songs from theatre musicals are "I could have danced all night" from My Fair Lady, "Feed Me" from Little Shop of Horrors and "Betrayed" from The Producers

  15. Paqui Baňos Meseguer says:

    Please Theatre not films images please, singing live

  16. Rodrigo Souza says:

    Where is Jesus christ super star?

  17. Alex Locklear says:

    how the FUCK did cats get higher than rent

  18. Penny Celine says:


  19. Bill Krayer says:

    I love the fact that you included the KIRO7 feed!!! Greetings from Seattle!!

  20. MegaMaxiepad says:

    This list is so fundamentally horrendous that it counts as fucking clickbait.

  21. TJ Wash says:

    Betty Buckley is the Memory I remember

  22. Emmanuel Marian Mathew says:

    Anna Hathaway's performance is truly breathtaking!

  23. Nina says:

    Um Les Miserables was originally a book so how is i dreamed a dream included but not for example over the rainbow?

  24. Brado Mendi says:

    Defying Gravity below Do Re Mi?!?! Your kidding right

  25. Eleven says:

    OK were the fuck was heathers : candy store

  26. Rhino Thunder says:

    Adele Nazeem is by far the greatest female vocalist of all time

  27. 5k Subs With No Vidoes says:


  28. The Jabria show says:

    Where is Hamilton

  29. Catherine Of Hamilton says:

    I think there were way better songs in Fiddler than If I Were A Rich Man; we’d kind of forgotten about it by the end of the show and the actor was great. I agree that Defying Gravity, Tomorrow, Memory, I Dreamed A Dream and Music Of The Night are great songs 👍

  30. jolymac says:

    On My Own is a better song in Les Miserables than I Dreamed a Dream. And really, if you are calling it Theatre Musicals, you should be showing theatre performances, not movies. Or the title of this should be Movie Musicals.

  31. CelesteWolf Animates says:

    Okay they need to do another one now that there are some AMAZING new musicals that are getting a bit of attention. Be More Chill, Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, In The Heights, Waitress, I could go on.

  32. MicahSps says:

    Whole bunch of misspelled entries for "Suddenly Seamour"…

  33. Rhino Thunder says:

    I hated Anne Hathaway in Les Misérables. I hated her singing of the songs as well

  34. Michelle says:

    Cell Block Tango >>> All That Jazz

  35. gillianemb says:

    I'm pretty sure it's Elaine Page who sang Memory not Ellen Page 😂 15:09

  36. windyhead 7 says:

    "Belle"from Notre Dame de Paris…. Surely one of the most enchanting songs from a musical

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