100 Replies to “Top 10 Nuclear Bomb Scenes in Movies”

  1. sucio dan says:

    T2…of course

  2. Rofz 90 says:

    Watch.my dick.com

  3. Shrikant Lal says:

    But the most depressing was the one in barefoot gen

  4. Faiq Ajmir says:

    how to survive a nuclear attack

  5. Lucas Hancock says:

    Why does anyone care who wins the match in a game of Nuketown, they will all die anyway.

  6. Deadwood18 A says:

    Man I wish I was in the private event

  7. Styling King says:

    GreAt moments for a while

  8. maxx says:

    Fun thing about The Day After : the military did not support them for some reasons with nuclear shot footage. They created the mushroom clouds within bassins of water, using hot oil. Quite impressing ( not sure if mentioned in this clip, just watched it w/o sound at office : D)

  9. Oscar Readmore says:

    Threads is great and underrated movie. And where are Hills have eyes and Hadashi no Gen?!

  10. notgrillo collector/ gamer says:

    That Indiana Jones post post post sequel was total shit, a waste of film.

  11. Carlos Sanchez says:

    R.i.p. BATMAN

  12. eric eagle says:

    Yeah I call the list bullshit as always, stop including old movies as I am sure even wolverine nuke was more pleasing to my eyes than no.1 in list.

  13. Tribute2the80s says:

    No way Day After is better than Threads. In any way.

  14. mervin marcelojr says:

    Do you know one of the map is in the game Calle pixel gun 3D on nuclear city map

  15. Dhairya Gor says:

    red 2 plain explosion is magnificent

  16. Super mason says:

    How about chernobyl

  17. Wintatronic says:

    How… HOW! Can The Day After lead over Threads???

  18. Pavel Kochba says:

    Batman, alternative ending.. https://youtu.be/FUDHcuLnMVc

  19. सनातनी सिंह says:


  20. naseltauld. Yt. says:

    And 2012

  21. Dereck Allen says:

    How did yal forget the peacemaker??

  22. SacredThawing says:

    1:40 "Nebraska test site"
    NEBRASKA??? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  23. Gav Triggs says:

    slim pickens is the fucking man

  24. Rich41 says:

    when the wind blows

  25. Wolf ! says:

    Where is thomas the ternonuclear bomb

  26. FreshPeanut • says:

    Yo you forgot about the tactical nuke in COD

  27. Rommel Sulpico says:

    Nuclear bombs needs to be forgotten in 21st century or in the future …… Humans made a big mistake ….

  28. Mike Houston says:

    W0hat About Paris Asteroid

  29. Michael Brissette says:

    Threads was one of the most darkest bleakest films I’ve ever seen. Incredibly depressing and realistic.

  30. kolaui kola says:

    Angel and demon antinatter bomb

  31. Uncreated Night says:

    Nothing tops episode 8 of Twin Peaks 3rd season

  32. Toxic GameZ says:

    The Indiana join nuclear bomb is what in spited activision to add the nuke town map in cod black ops 1

  33. frosts k19 says:

    Batman vs doomsday?
    La PT Que le pario W. M

  34. YPB Clock says:

    2:45 batman didn't die watch the movie boiz

  35. KzS Poseidon says:

    Found the one of "the crazies" really good

  36. Lisa D says:

    Number 9 dubbed nuketown

  37. creator Space says:

    It's done well.

  38. Stuart Simoneaud says:

    What about 2012

  39. Leo G says:

    this was made in 2015 so they dont have it but My favorite is from world war z

  40. Kyle Deboard says:

    Terminator 3

  41. bebzous 56 says:

    Cod mw 4

  42. Jose Hdez says:

    No te entiendo ni verga jose ingles

  43. Jaydeep Das says:

    I am seeing this after triggering the Nuclear Bomb

    In Call of Duty Mobile

  44. VeloxSparkZ says:

    The fridge is made out of a Nokia 3310

  45. Astrict YT Official says:

    Me: Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

  46. Jsv Nabsb says:

    Terminator 2 should have been #1

  47. The French Canadian says:

    Nebraska test site…maybe you meant Nevada test site haha

  48. HYPER DUDES says:

    Directed by micheal bay

  49. Preteen Dhillon says:

    Aliens actually deactivated many US nuclear hydro bombs tests. Aliens are more moral and sane than degraded human race. They are using their brain to advance their lives not to destruct it. Moreover every planet is full of resources, they can take resources from any planet with no intelligent life. They do not need to come here.

  50. amigo0101 says:

    the best "the day after"

  51. Will Gutierrez says:

    Is there a tsar bomba

  52. エドワード says:


  53. Julio Gonzalez says:

    The 1st time u use the fat man on the 1st behemoth in fallout 3 is the best scene.

  54. Micah Sadosky says:

    You should have included 2012 even though it's not a nuclear bomb

  55. Ajiquin Playz says:

    Top ten nuclear video scenes
    *Shows charged creeper*

  56. Utkarsh Ganesh says:

    These scenes are so like an American wet dream…

  57. J I says:

    Number 9 about black ops map and nuke I like it

  58. Nick Navaro says:

    The wolverine one is great and seems the most realistic from the ground.

  59. Frank Allara says:

    The fact u have the crystal skull on a top ten list other than worst sequel makes u unsubscribed

  60. Michael Tapp says:


  61. gael gonzalez says:

    ME: Which map is the best hmmm
    1:36 : try me you wont ;>
    ME: ill go with nuketown -.-

  62. Alexandra Mackenzie says:

    I also like the explosion scene from when the wind blows

  63. Gary Torborg says:

    Y'all forgot "By Dawn's Early Light" Multiple scenes.

  64. ayyyquafina says:

    This nigga in nuketown

  65. Giovanni Diaz says:

    Nuke town

  66. Sam Cananua says:

    MAD is not useless
    USSR is not and was not the only threat
    Pakistan China and Russia
    Maybe NK
    It's good to make sure you have
    Enough nuke power to keep others

  67. Itz_Sc00by says:

    1:38 NUKETOWN!

  68. Johnny Lee says:

    Atomic Train should also be here…

  69. Izaya Orihara says:

    Damn, if they would just keep quiet in the good moments.

  70. Vili Paavola says:

    arnolds movie: true lies?

  71. Winter F5 gaming says:

    Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull or nuke town CALL OF DUTY BTW

  72. Bradley Schommer says:

    Haven’t watched the vid yet if I don’t see the wolverine one I’m gonna be pissed

  73. Milagros Ramos says:

    Godzilla (2014)

  74. Derrickonater says:

    I am become death destroyer of worlds

  75. RD Nelson says:

    The Day After, some of the footage was real.
    As part of my training as a 15E, Pershing Missile Crewman, I watched a short film entitled Effects Of A Nuclear Explosion. (Or something similar, it's been a while) The military built a town from various materials to see what type of buildings would hold up best when hit by the shock wave/hurricane force winds generated by a nuclear explosion. (forget it) I needed a security clearance and a PRP (Personnel Reliability Program) clearance to watch the film. I was definitely surprised to see parts of it on TV a few years later.

  76. Sander Hockey says:

    It’s 2019 and the oxygen destroyer in godzilla kotm should be number one with the blast radious of 3 miles

  77. Dr. Zalcus_ Wikkins says:

    Um, You Forgot One: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kboSmlN2XGQ

  78. Dr. Zalcus_ Wikkins says:

    7:37 Is My Favorite Moment IN This Video Btw

  79. atombombtony101 says:

    1:24 this is nuketown

  80. Gabriel Moschen says:


    It looks like my brain.

  81. Andre Luis says:

    Threads is the more realistic, deserves the first place.

  82. Michael Llewellyn says:

    Independence Day you forgot that one

  83. Glow Stick says:


  84. Misel982001 says:

    My dream is to wake up one day and learn that watch MOJO nerds have been nuked to oblivion!

  85. SAHIL YT says:

    What about Knowing

  86. Johnny Smith says:

    People: sleeps

    My brain:

  87. Ebros says:

    Damn EMP.

  88. jake42ner says:

    Indiana Jones in nuketown

  89. ExZoorD Ain says:

    Tem que tacar um desse lá em Brasília

  90. Jordan Eilbert says:

    the fact that t2 wasn't number one is disappointing. It's the most accurate depiction of what would happen in a nuclear blast.

  91. Allison Diaz says:


  92. spartjovic says:

    You gonna ignore the fact that Wolverine's pants are indestructible?

  93. Tom says:

    Threads scared the hell out of me!!! 😢

  94. bob corbs says:

    American assassin should be the #1 on the list. The creation of its scene is so damn realistic.

  95. Alkaiir says:

    What about American assassin or 2012?

  96. Henrique Cardoso says:

    American Assassin Bomb in sea

  97. Sam Gladfelter says:

    the indiana jones movie was not a nuke just a bomb

  98. Twey557 says:

    Introducing, Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

  99. Programming Things says:

    1:47 the kid in a fridge in a nutshell (if you play fallout 4 you understand)

  100. Orion 401 says:

    Pacific rim 1 final scene

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