Top 10 Best UI Design & Animations – week 30

July 29, 2019 posted by

hello everyone and welcome to your weekly interaction inspiration be sure to watch until the end to see this week's winner and first up is this cruise Tech's lighter by a gene for un oh and next is this landing page design by out loud and here we have another landing page by afterglow this design is called Monday commute and it's by Sauron up next is called posts on Instagram by needless and here we've got this awesome travel website by Katan for mind inventory and a UI kit by Anton for ui8 next up is a design by advance team and here is a screen transition concept by brave wings and the winner of our top ten animations for the week is this awesome animation called the box family by Tony here we can really see how the design can bring boring forms to life this animation is playful and fun and makes signing up for something an enjoyable experience what was your favorite design comment below and share this video if you enjoyed any of these designs for the week you can find all the links to our social media platforms as well as the future designs down below don't forget to like comment and subscribe and we'll see you next Monday for your inspiration of the week

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  1. Orizon Design says:

    Let us know what was your favorite design of the week!

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